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Family Comedy for Kids: List of the Best

What movies for family viewing with children are suitable for? Comedy, of course. Modern cinema has already produced many such paintings. Yearly films of this genre becomes even greater. In this article we will consider interesting films.

"Oh, who would say"

We begin to describe the comedy for family viewing with children, we are with the picture "Who would have said." The scriptwriter and director of the film is Amy Heckerling. The main character is a young single-parent named Molly.

A woman wants to meet a man who will become a worthy father for her boy. While she is engaged in searches, goes on dates, with the kid her friend-taxi driver sits.

"My friend Father Frost"

What are some interesting family comedies for watching with children? 2015 - this is the year when the film "My friend Santa Claus" was released. The main character of the picture is a six-year-old boy, Antoine. He had a hunch that Santa Claus does not exist, and his parents bring gifts to him under the tree. But life presents surprises. One day he notices that on Christmas Eve someone in a red fur coat is climbing into the house. The child thinks that this is Santa Claus. But the good-natured in a red fur coat and with a bag behind his back turns out to be an ordinary "burglar".

Lizzie Maguire

Which family comedies are suitable for viewing with children? "Disney" released a picture called "Lizzie Maguire." After leaving school, Lizzie is waiting for a wonderful vacation in Rome. There she goes with her classmates.

Having reached the place of rest, Lizzie and her friends are accommodated in the hotel, then they go to see the sights. Walking, they stop at the Trevi Fountain, which fulfills the wishes. Lizzie makes a wish, throws a coin. She does it simply because of interest, not hoping that it will come true. Soon, during a walk, Lizzie gets to know a guy named Paolo. During the conversation with him, she learns that she looks like her companion in singing. He recently quarreled with her, so he needs a talented girl who could speak with him at a concert, where they give a prestigious award.

Doctor Dolittle

This is truly a terrific comedy. The picture was played by the famous actor Eddie Murphy. The protagonist is a successful veterinarian. In addition to his career, he is successful in his personal life, because he has daughters and a beautiful wife. Suddenly, Dr. Doolittle has a talent - he begins to understand what the beasts say. After that, his life becomes even more interesting.

Poor Sasha

What other family comedies are suitable for viewing with children? Russian paintings are no worse than films of foreign production. For example, let's describe the comedy "Poor Sasha". In this film, my daughter does not have enough mother's love. The girl decides to take a serious step, she wants to clean her own mother. As a result, everything becomes entangled as much as no one expected. But good will still defeat evil.


Most recently, Yuri was an aircraft designer, but now, after a car accident, he became a ghost. But he needs to do everything to finish the work of his life.

The only person who sees a ghost is the seventh grader Vanya Kuznetsov. This boy is hyperopeptic mother, he is the object of ridicule of classmates. In addition, he secretly in love with one girl, who does not dare to speak.

Yura appeals for help to Vanya, so that he finished the work of his life and lifted the plane into the air. To this, the former aircraft designer has only a week.

"More than life"

What other interesting family comedies to watch with children? The list will continue the picture "More than life." As a legacy from his father, Jack got an elephant. Such a "gift" he plans to sell.

But in the process of transportation he understands what a beautiful animal he got. After that, he changes direction. The final of the story is rather sad.

Turner and Hooch

The main character is Scott Turner. He's a professional detective who can not stand the mess. Everything in his life is planned in advance.

Huch is a troubled, not particularly well-bred dog. To whom he falls, no luck. By the way, the "lucky" owner of the dog is Scott Turner. He lets him into the house for a while. No noisy quarrels do not help the detective to cope with the dog. There is only one way - to make friends with him.

"Difficult child"

Continuing to describe family comedies for viewing with children, we will tell about the film "The Difficult Child". This good movie of the nineties, which is perfect for a family evening. The plot is banal. A young couple does not get to conceive their child.

Then they decide to take the boy from the shelter. A couple gets a real little imp, which is all around meanness villainy. Soon they decide to bring the child back, but the kind father already fell in love with the boy, and mutually.

"Curly Sue" - a picture in which everyone will find funny moments

This is a very funny family comedy. It has elements of melodrama. The film tells the story of a homeless girl and her dad who came up with a pretty clever scheme for scamming money from wealthy people.

By chance they get acquainted with the business lady. A woman takes homeless people to her apartment. She does not even suspect that this man and the little girl will settle in the heart, turn over the habitual way. Against the background of sparkling jokes, funny situations, dramatic events unfold.

"Road home: an incredible journey"

What comedy for family viewing will suit children who love animals? The picture tells about the fidelity of pets. Then they talk in human voices.

In this picture it all begins with the owners going to leave to rest, they do not take animals. They take the animals to the orphanage. But the animals are very bored, even despite the excellent care. When it seemed to the pets that something had happened to the owners, they decided to flee. This is how their journey begins.

"One at home" - an exciting picture of the nineties

A family from Chicago travels to Europe. In a hurry, they forget one child at home. The boy who stayed in Chicago is very inventive and cunning. It is these qualities that help him, when robbers come into the house. Thieves will have more than once to regret that they climbed here.


Which is better to choose family-friendly comedies with children? For example, "Casper". The main character is a famous kind and sweet ghost. Casper is not at all like other ghosts (typical such creatures are evil).

Therefore, he makes friends with the girl Kat. She recently moved to a new house with her father named Harvey. Good ghost Casper helps the family, in particular, the girl Cat, to fight evil ghosts.

"Garfield" - the history of the red cat

If you are an interesting fascinating comedy for family viewing with children, then pay attention to this picture. The film demonstrates the eternal war of dogs and cats. One fine day a small red-haired kitten appears in the house of the protagonist. This cute pet was loved by all family members. They indulged the kitten.

After a while the baby grew up, became a proud and wayward cat. His life was truly a paradise in the house. After all, do everything only for him alone. But one day everything changes, habitual life turns upside down. A small handsome puppy appears in the house. Now the owner's attention has shifted to a new pet, which is not liked by an adult red cat. He wants to get rid of the puppy. To do this, he takes different ways. This interesting film will especially appeal to young children.

"Night at the Museum"

This funny comedy was released in 2006. An unusual story and a wonderful play of actors - that's what won the audience. Larry is the main character, a man who arranges to the museum as a security guard. He wanted to find a quiet work at night. But it turned out quite the opposite. The new work brought cardinal changes in life.

In the collective Larry took heat. Before leaving, the old watchmen gave him a rather strange instruction. Working in the museum, Lari must, regardless of his desire, be included in the life of the exhibits. When the morning comes, everything falls into place. In the daytime one can not even think that during the night various interesting events take place in the museum.

A new job for Lari was a real test, which he needed to withstand.

"Marley and I" - an exciting picture of a true friend

If you are looking for the best family comedies to watch with children, then pay attention to this one. This film describes the life of a married couple of journalists who have completely gone to work. But they do not have to be bored, because with them a loyal, mischievous friend - the dog of Marley.

Everything seems to be good, except for the character of the dog. This cute labradorchik literally carries everything to pieces. But it is very fond of the owners, so all of its antics suffer. Life goes on as usual, after a while a child appears in the family, while the faithful dog Marli occupies an important place in the life of the couple. But one day everything changes ...

"Red Dog" is a film based on real events

The main character of this interesting picture is a red-haired dog, who enters the village. He is still nobody. But the dog, of course, chooses the owner himself. Also at this time he helps everyone in the village. But soon with the red friend happens misfortune. This interesting picture has been removed from real events. Such a dog really was. In memory of her, a monument was erected.

A small conclusion

Now you know the fascinating films for family viewing with children. Comedies occupy a place of honor in the list of such paintings. And this is not in vain. After all, it is these films that allow you to relax in a close family circle. Enjoy watching!

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