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Restaurant "Terrace", St. Petersburg: photo, prices and reviews

If you make a rating of St. Petersburg's restaurants, then "Terrace", perhaps, will take one of the leading positions. In the Northern capital there are almost no restaurants with a panoramic view. Of course, on the last floors of some hotels there are restaurants with a view of the city. However, there were no separate panoramic restaurants, besides those located on terraces, before the opening of "Terrassa" in the city. The idea of its foundation belongs to the international holding company Ginza project - one of the most successful restaurant companies in Russia.

Restaurant "Terrace" (St. Petersburg) opened its hospitable door to the first visitors in the summer of 2007 and very quickly gained the sympathy of many Petersburgers and guests of the city. Today at any time of the day or even night it is difficult to find a free table. The secret of the restaurant's success lies not only in its successful location and its wonderful cuisine, which offers truly culinary masterpieces to the visitors, but also in a diverse show program that includes a master-class of the chef.

Restaurant "Terrace", St. Petersburg: address and location

This original institution is located on the roof of the house number 3 on Kazanskaya street next to the Gostiny Dvor. This house is one of the highest in this part of the city, therefore the cityscape opening from here amazes with its splendor. Right next to the entrance to the gallery of the Gostiny Dvor boutiques you can see a banner with the menu of the restaurant "Terrace". A polite young man who is here in a strict pair directs everyone who wants to visit the restaurant to the elevator, which in a matter of seconds will take guests to the front door, where they will be met by an equally polite hostess. By the way, the restaurant "Terrace" (St. Petersburg) works all days of the week, on weekdays - from 11.00 to the last visitor, and on weekends - from 12.00 and also until the departure of the last client.

general description

The restaurant Terrassa is located almost on the entire perimeter of the roof of the building, and its area is 350 square meters. M. The whole territory is divided into two zones: an indoor hall with a fully open kitchen and a spacious terrace overlooking the Kazan Cathedral and Nevsky Prospekt. In the interior of the restaurant pastel colors are used, some tables, thanks to special pedestals, rise slightly above others, which illusively makes them more solitary and cozy. On the terrace, the tables are arranged at an angle to each other in several rows. Of course, the row, which is located closer to the edge of the terrace, is considered elite. From here you can see a panoramic view, and visitors can enjoy the city's meals at their meals without getting up from their seats. From the central places the view is no longer the same. Restaurant "Terrace" (St. Petersburg) is one of the most sought-after establishments in the city. There are always a lot of people here, and this place can hardly be suitable for solitary meetings and negotiations. In addition, the quick waiters, hurrying to the visitors with the executed order, create an atmosphere of vanity, which also does not have a relaxing rest. But for gourmets here is a real paradise.


As already noted above, in the restaurant "Terrace" the kitchen is open to visitors, and this is the biggest "chip" of this institution. After all, many are wondering how these or other culinary masterpieces are prepared. The menu of the restaurant includes original dishes of cuisines of practically all the peoples of the world: French, American, Caucasian, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Thai, etc. If you are a real gourmet, interested in trying unfamiliar and original dishes, You definitely need to visit the restaurant "Terrace" (St. Petersburg). Photos of dishes that can be seen on the menu, when they are only looking at them, cause appetite, and the true kind of dishes, and most importantly, their divine flavor and taste, can drive even the most sophisticated eater.


The main merit of the popularity of the restaurant "Terrassa", of course, belongs to his boss - Alexander Belkovich. This young talented chef is a true ace of his craft. Every Thursday, three of the evening visitors to the restaurant become participants in the master class of Mr. Belkovich. This truly grand spectacle - not only to watch how the guru of culinary art prepares its unique dishes, but also to help him in this.


Advertising banner with the names of the main dishes of this institution, as already mentioned above, is installed in front of the entrance to the building, on the roof of which is the restaurant "Terrace" (St. Petersburg). Prices listed in the menu, perhaps many seem overestimated. However, after they taste culinary masterpieces created by the master's hand of Alexander Belkovich, they, of course, will change their mind. Even the most ordinary fried eggs, cooked by him, seem to you some special dish. However, the restaurant is not all expensive. Here you can find dishes for quite reasonable prices. For example, fried egg "Glazunya" of two eggs costs 180 rubles, a sandwich with chicken (VIP shaverma) - 350 rubles, a salad with a duck breast costs about 500 rubles, rolls with an eel - 410 rubles. etc. Well, the cost of exotic dishes from seafood can reach several thousand rubles. By the way, food can also be ordered at home, with the cost of the order must be at least 1000 rubles.


An interesting and diverse show program is another of the "chips" that attracts visitors to the restaurant "Terrace". St. Petersburg has centuries-old traditions in the organization of restaurant business and show programs. Modern restaurateurs, focusing on the current trends in the development of restaurant business, do not forget to look back at the interesting experience of the past. Within the walls of this restaurant you can see bright incendiary performances by variety artists, music groups, etc. The administration also organizes interesting club parties, corporate events, to which famous DJs and musicians are invited. But the most original solution is the winter transformation of the summer terrace into a giant ice rink, and this, of course, makes this restaurant the most exclusive institution in the city. At the same time, visitors can rent sports equipment and warm jackets for skating on an improvised ice rink, and then warm in the warm hall of the restaurant and make up for the calories consumed with the help of some delicious food.

Children's entertainment

For young visitors in the restaurant "Terrassa" there is a separate children's menu, a children's club and babysitting services. During the whole stay at the restaurant, parents can be calm, that their kids are in safe hands, that they do not have to be bored with idleness, etc.

Terrace Restaurant, St. Petersburg: reviews and ratings of customers

Well, what could be the feedback about a restaurant of this level? Of course, positive and even enthusiastic. However, some visitors in their reviews point out some inconveniences about too closely located tables, which prevents them from feeling relaxed and cozy. In addition, some of them complain about the unfriendly attitude of managers and waiters. Of course, these are subjective opinions, but thanks to them the restaurant management can make adjustments in the internal arrangement of the restaurant and raise the service to a higher level.

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