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Cafe Baton Podolsk: overview, features, menu and reviews

Cafe Baton in Podolsk was opened only recently, but already managed to win the hearts of regular and loyal visitors. The catering establishment positions itself as a vital bar-cafe. Here, and a nice confectionery with its own baking, and events that are regularly held for regular visitors.

What's so good about "Baton"?

Owners of the cafe "Baton" in Podolsk admit that the well-known saying that they have bread to the whole head, they took for their main slogan. After all, it is accurately noticed that without bread there is not a single feast. It is necessary for breakfast to cook a rosy toast, and for lunch, otherwise the soup will not be so tasty, and for dinner. If you, for example, decided to manage only with a vegetable salad in the evening, the edge of the Borodino bread will decorate your meal. Even a large piece of bread, smeared with butter and jam, can be called a good snack.

But how many more variations of bread and bakery products exist in the world. This confectionery, cheesecakes, pretzels and much more. With all this variety you are offered to get acquainted in the cafe "Baton" in Podolsk.

How to find?

In order to get to this pleasant institution, you first need to come to one of the satellite cities of Moscow. There is a cafe "Baton" in Podolsk, its address is the Revolutionary Avenue, 47/1. Nearby, by the way, there are a few nice catering establishments. For example, a bar "For beer" or a cafe "Pronto". Nearby is the Glory Square with eternal fire, Neskuchny Park and the Pakhra River.

If there is a need to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the institution or clarify the mode of work of the café "Baton" in Podolsk, the administrator's contacts can be found on the official site of the institution.

Main menu

Cafe-bar "Baton" in Podolsk can offer its visitors several options for the menu. First of all, of course, it is worth paying attention to the basic. It includes cold and hot snacks, pastas, soups, hot dishes, grills, pizza, salads, rice, noodles, rolls and desserts.

Among cold snacks, there are several types of bruschetta. For example, with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese or with different kinds of sausages. For gourmets it is offered bruschetta with smoked salmon and avocado.

In the hot dishes section of the cafe "Baton" (Podolsk) you are ready to enjoy a burger with a 100% beef burger, open julienne, Hungarian goulash, a meatball with pork or beef or medallions of beef tenderloin.

In this cafe, everyone will find food to their liking. We also took care of the fans of Italian cuisine. Several types of pastes are presented. Classic pasta carbonara, pasta with chicken and asparagus, with mushrooms and ham, with creamy salmon or with meatballs, parmesan and greens.

Sushi menu

Fans of not only Italian, but Japanese cuisine will be comfortable in the cafe "Baton" in Podolsk. The menu for them is made up exclusively of sushi and rolls.

Here, and favorite with many rolls with eel, rolls with smoked salmon, rolls with avocado. Sets of hot rolls and sets.

The waiter can advise you on a hot set, which includes warm rolls with salmon, another with shrimp and the third with eel, and "California tempura."

Set for the company consists of a roll "California", bonito eel, shrimp with soft cheese, as well as sushi with salmon, eel and shrimp.

There is also a sharp set. Fans hotter can taste roll with smoked salmon, gunkan spicy salmon, gunkan spice eel and gunkan spice shrimp.

Children's menu

As a real family institution, it has a children's menu of the café "Baton". Young guests can choose tasty and nutritious salads with original names and unusual serving.

For example, this is "Vegetable rainbow" (straws from fresh vegetables), "Caesarek" - a version of an adult salad "Caesar", consisting of tender chicken fillet, lettuce leaves and wheaten toast.

Kids can taste delicious soups. "Funny floats" - a chicken soup with meatballs, "Magic Mushroom" - a delicate creamy soup based on champignons.

Children can eat more thoroughly. They are offered a mini-shashlik from chicken, sausages, spaghetti with cheese, nuggets from chicken fillet with french fries and ketchup, pelmeni or meatballs, which also rely on French fries.

There are for young visitors cafe "Baton" and small pizzas. Classical "Margarita", pizza with mushrooms and a variant with ham, sauce and cheese. As you can see, nothing superfluous.

Of course, there is a large selection of desserts. After all, children, as you know, are great sweeties. These are cheese cakes with jam and sour cream, honey, vanilla or chocolate eclair, air mini-profiteroles with chocolate. Among the drinks you can choose lemonade, milkshakes, mors, and also compote, prepared personally by the chef.


Cafe-bar "Baton" attracts not only a pleasant interior and delicious food, but also regular promotions and special offers for regular customers.

For example, for a true gourmet, a special burger menu was launched. It includes such unusual burgers as "Yadrin-baton", which includes beef cutlet, hot mustard sauce, capers, iceberg salad with cream cheese and salted cucumber. Or the Burger "The One" - in addition to the beef patty in this dish, sauce with sesame, an iceberg salad, tomatoes, pickles and cheese. All burgers are served with French fries and sauce.

And the pride of the establishment is the burger "The Hungry Dad." It includes two beef patties, sweet-hot sauce, fresh tomatoes, salted cucumber and cheese.

From time to time in the institution declare gluttonous days. For example, every Monday every second sushi is given as a gift, on Tuesdays two drinks can be obtained at the price of one, and on Wednesdays you can collect every second pizza for free.

For the birthday, there is a permanent discount of 25% of the order. And from 12 to 15 hours on weekdays everyone is waiting for a business lunch. At this time, a discount of 15% on the whole menu, and you can use a special offer. For example, order a salad and soup for 195 rubles, soup and hot for 295 rubles, salad and hot for 320 rubles.

Guest Reviews

Visitors to the café "Baton" in Podolsk give the reviews mostly positive. They note a cozy atmosphere. True, they find shortcomings. For example, one of the guests brought a cooled pizza, and in rolls caught the unpleasant smell of fish.

But there are enough people who were satisfied with absolutely everything. Including beautifully designed menus, delicious business lunches and a rich entertainment program, organized on Fridays and Saturdays, inviting dancers and live musicians.

It is pleasant, according to many guests, that a very diverse menu. From grilled meat to snacks, from rolls and sushi to pasta and pizza. And with ease go to meet customers, if someone does not like the sauce in the salad, it is easily replaced with oil. Most dishes are served with delicious buns from their own bakery.

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