Rest, Sverdlovsk region: recreation centers Khrustalnaya, Baltym, Chusovaya, Beloyarka, Nezabudka

Every corner of Russia, whether it is north, south, west or east, has its charm. To a large extent this applies to the mountainous and flat areas of the Urals. On the rivers flowing here and on the blue lakes stretching you can get a delightful holiday. Sverdlovsk region, whose recreation bases meet the highest requirements, hospitably open the doors in summer and winter. Let's get acquainted with some of them.

Nature of the Sverdlovsk Region

Almost across the entire territory of the country from the north to the south stretched the Ural Mountains, dividing it into the West and East. Although they are not high, they create special natural and climatic conditions on the adjacent plains and provide an excellent rest. The Sverdlovsk region, whose recreation centers provide an opportunity to spend a full vacation or recharge energy on weekends, are located on the West Siberian Plain, the middle and northern slopes of the Urals. These places are famous for the boundless forests, majestic rocks, wonderful rivers, lakes, man-made reservoirs. In the district of the city of Yekaterinburg are the Chusovaya, Pyshma, Sysert, Iset and Lake Baltym, Krasilovo, Shartash, Shuvakish and others. Rest on them can be a family, a fun noisy company or just the two.


The climate in the Trans-Urals is sharply continental, which means long frosty winters with a lush snow cover and moderately warm but not hot summer months. For the residents of the region and all comers, the Sverdlovsk region offers year-round recreation. Recreation centers in the cold months offer their guests winter fishing, snowboarding, skating, skiing, sleigh rides. In the summer, vacationers with pleasure ride on boats, catamarans, fish, horse and walk around the neighborhood, swim in the reservoirs, collect mushrooms, berries. And of course, all year round, all from small to large, enjoy the beautiful scenery and receive huge health benefits from the healing aromas of pine needles.


With this name in the Sverdlovsk region there is a wonderful lake and a village that grew on its banks. The area of the pond is 7.5 km 2 . Located 20 minutes from the capital of the Urals - Ekaterinburg, it is surrounded by a forest of pine, fir, cedar, birch. In the waters of the lake there are bream, pike, crucian carp, perch. On the banks of the Baltym there are beautiful gentle slopes, beaches, piers from which you can fish. Recreation center of the Baltym of Sverdlovsk region provides for tourists the most diverse - from modest, with budgetary housing, to elite, not inferior to the best world resorts. And on the basis of the "Forest Fairy Tale" there are several options at once: Russian cottages with a capacity of 6 to 10 people, Alpine cottages for two and wigwams. Another highlight of the base - winter swimming in ice holes and snowmobile riding, and in the summer training in extreme driving sports cars. For lovers of steam there is a Russian, Finnish and Scandinavian baths, for children - a children's town, for celebrations - small and large banquet halls.

Fabulous "Lukomorye"

This recreation center in the Sverdlovsk Region on Baltim gives guests a wake up to the singing of birds in the birch grove, in the afternoon the opportunity to hunt for mushrooms and berries, to fish, at night to enjoy their own cooked shish kebabs or relax in a cozy cafe, and at night watch the constellations and nebulae. That's right, because in Lukomorye there is a real telescope. The number of rooms in the base is presented by buildings with spacious rooms, furnished with good furniture. For the convenience of guests, they have televisions, bathrooms and showers. For kids on the territory are equipped with children's playgrounds, for adults gazebo, barbecues, sauna, free parking.

The best "Fun"

On the picturesque shores of the hospitable Lake Baltim there are many places where you can spend a weekend or celebrate a celebration. One of the most comfortable is called "Fun", a recreation center in the Sverdlovsk region. It is in the pine forest, which greatly increases the benefit of being here for the whole organism, and especially for the lungs and nervous system. This base can simultaneously accept only about 50 people, which contributes to a cozy home environment. There are 17 different rooms for accommodation, including standard double and single, superior, family double and triple rooms, and a room for those with a honeymoon. The newlyweds "Zabava" gives champagne, flowers and fruits. All rooms have TVs, refrigerators, hygiene rooms, comfortable furniture, paintings on the walls. For those who want to live in seclusion, on the base there are summer houses designed for two and four people. In addition to rest, you can hold corporate parties, weddings, celebrate anniversaries and other events. For this purpose, there is a banquet hall.

Who is happy in Baltim

Provides the most diverse vacation Sverdlovsk region. Recreation bases that grew on the banks of its rivers and lakes were built with the expectation of people with any level of income and requests. So, the hostel "Baltym" is designed for the middle class. Place guests here in two buildings (rooms for 2, 3 and 4 people). In territory there is a dining room, paid parking place, a sauna, sports grounds, a hall for conferences and celebrations, arbours, barbecues, a climbing wall. And on the basis of "Shishka" among 25 rooms with all the amenities of the 11th class VIP, guests of which have fresh fruit as a gift. In "Shishki" there is a hookah, billiard, sports grounds, a conference hall, a chic restaurant (2 halls), parking, a Finnish sauna, a Russian bathhouse with birch whiskers, barbecues, arbours, a tent, a children's town. Children up to 12 years rest on this base for free.

Recreation center "Chusovaya", Sverdlovsk region

Near the village of Sloboda there is the Chusovaya River. She became famous for her sights, "participation" in filming movies and mention in novels, but most of all for her unique beauty. Flows Chusovaya among the mountain spurs, overgrown with spruce, fir, cedar and birch. In its waters, roach, ruff, pike, chub, bream are swimming, muskrats and beavers live on the shores, and in the vicinity you can find foxes, chipmunks, squirrels, hares, even moose, lynx and bears. This is the unique place where the recreation center "Chusovaya" is located. Its comfortable residential buildings and cottages stand on the rock "Dog Ribs", original and unique. The rooms are provided in standard, deluxe, junior suites, apartments. The base works in winter and summer. Leisure activities include fishing, horseback riding, boating, water skiing, excursions, snowmobiling, skating, skiing. It is also possible to hold various ceremonial events on the base.

Rest on the Beloyarsk Reservoir

Beloyarsky is the largest reservoir in the Sverdlovsk region. It is located on the river Pyshma, famous for its always successful fishing and very beautiful beaches. Here bream and podleschiki, burbot and pike-perch, perches and lines, carp and ruff, are caught, and once they even caught a piranha, which got there by accident. In addition to fishing, the reservoir is sailing, windsurfing and racing on the ice. Here is the fairytale location of the recreation center Beloyarka (Sverdlovsk region). From Ekaterinburg it is about 50 km. For accommodation are offered year-round rooms in the building, designed for 2 or 3 people. In summer it is possible to rent detached houses. They have rooms for 8 people and there is an option to install an extra bed. Shower cabins and a toilet are located on the floor. At the base you can rent a boat, water ski, banana, play tennis, volleyball or football, go horseback riding and hiking, and go fishing. There is also a sauna and a cafe with a disco.

Unforgettable vacation in Nezabudka

There is another wonderful place on the shore of the Beloyarsk Reservoir, surrounded by age-old pines and cedars. This is the recreation center "Nezabudka" (Sverdlovsk region). Absolutely everything is provided here for a perfect pastime - cozy detached cottages with amenities designed for a company or family, grounds with barbecues, pavilions and children's pools, a Finnish sauna, a Russian bathhouse with whiskers, playgrounds for kids, a billiard room, fishing, tennis, Even an artesian well with amazing water. Leisure here also includes activities such as yoga lessons, special curative programs to relieve stress, correct weight, and get rid of problems with the spine.

Where to rest a big company

About 67 km from the city of Yekaterinburg, along the road, not far from the junction to Verkh-Nejvinsk, Serov, there is a small but very picturesque forest lake Krasilovo. The water in it is clean, there are a lot of fish, trees approach almost to the water itself, but there are also several excellent piers. It is in this place is located recreation center "Krasilovo" (Sverdlovsk region). It is a few cozy houses that are heated in winter. Each room can accommodate up to 20 people. The living conditions in the rooms are quite simple (beds bunk or double, a stove, a set of dishes, a wash basin), but everything is done with love and diligence. Before each of these houses are equipped with a barbecue area and a gazebo. On the territory there is a sauna, sports grounds, parking. "Krasilovo" is ideal for recreation by a large youth company, as there are often discos, open-airs, to which the most popular DJs of the country are invited. It is good here and for corporate clients. For events on the base there is a roomy pavilion in which heating works in winter.

Holidays in Upper Sysert

Not far from Yekaterinburg (about 45 km) is the village of Upper Sysert. The name came from the river, on the banks of which it grew. In this village there is a large pond, formed in the middle of the XIX century. Until now, an old dam has been preserved there. It has fabulously beautiful peninsulas, covered with coniferous and deciduous trees. He divides the pond into two gulfs - the North, with a length of about 5 km, and the South, respectively 4 km. Around this beautiful place there are numerous recreation centers of the Sverdlovsk region. Sysert has a depth of up to 4.5 m. In the clear waters splashing of perches, ruffs, chebachies, live and bream, pike, which is very appreciated by anglers. The highest ratings are the bases "Salute", "White Sail", "Niotan". In "Salute" are offered comfortable rooms in the building and detached VIP-cottages. Each of them has its own name - "Family", "Fisherman", "Hunting". In the summer, there are two additional buildings. In the "White Sail" there are spacious and very cozy houses for rest in winter and summer. For leisure at the bases are provided barbecues, gazebos, saunas, sports grounds, summer and winter fishing, skiing, snowmobiles, boats, catamarans are organized. In "Salute" there is a gym. In the "White Sail" billiard room. "Nyotan" is a base-center of ecological rest, where all products are only natural, the houses are built of eco-raw materials, the rooms are made according to a special design. On the base there is a stable, so you can make horseback rides. A lot of interesting events are held here, for example, "Evening of haute cuisine" with culinary master classes.

Recreational centers: Zarechny, Sverdlovskaya oblast

Zarechny is a city of orange lanterns. It is located on the Pyshma River, about 40 km from Yekaterinburg. There are many recreation centers built here. One of them is "Wave", small but cozy. On the "Wave" there is only one 4-storey building (for 17 people) with a dining room, a kitchen equipped with everything necessary, cozy bedrooms, there is a sauna, a sauna, barbecues, a wonderful beach with a clean sand, a paintball court. Provides equipment for underwater and ordinary fishing. On the "Wave" is often held youth festivals and parties with the best DJs. There is in Zarechny an excellent base "Native farmstead" where the most democratic prices and the best service, a recreation center "Zeleny Bor", boarding houses "Lesnoy", "Polevskoy", "Renda" and many others are waiting for the guests.

Rest on the "Crystal" base

In the district of Yekaterinburg, guests are always welcome to many recreation centers. "Crystal" of the Sverdlovsk region, located only 30 km from the capital of the Urals and 15 km from the city of Pervouralsk, will undoubtedly be remembered by everyone. This base has grown among the birch grove, far from the city bustle. Guests here are waiting for rooms from economy to VIP-class, located in the hotel, cottage and dormitories. The cottage is two-storey. On the first floor there is a large hall with a banquet hall, a TV, a refrigerator, a microwave oven. On the territory of the base there is a dining room, a cafe, a bar, a shop, pavilions with barbecue facilities, sports grounds, a sauna with a small pool, a separate pool with 5 lanes, a sauna, a relaxation center, a solarium, a shooting range, creative workshops, a SPA salon. There is a base year-round.

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