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Registration and registration: what's the difference? Is there a difference between residence registration and registration?

Many citizens of the Russian Federation think about registration and registration. What is the difference between these concepts? Is there anyway? How can I register and register under certain circumstances? Today we have to find out the answers to these questions. In reality, everything is much simpler than it seems. The main thing is to carefully study the existing legislation of the Russian Federation.

Historical reference

In Russia, with the term "propiska," citizens met in Soviet times. It was during this period that the institution of propiska appeared in the country. He was connected with the control of movement of the population on the territory of the USSR and the RSFSR. At the same time, active issuance of passports began.

In 1974, the majority of the population already had identity cards and a residence permit. Previously, this term served as a guarantor of good living conditions, work and pointed to a special position in society. They were proud of the residence permit, many sought to obtain it. In order to acquire such a document, it was necessary to work for several years on unattractive and even rough work. Therefore, the term mentioned a lot.

Changes in the new time

But times change. Registration and registration - what's the difference? What do these concepts mean?

Previously, the place of permanent residence of a citizen was called a residence permit. You can say this is the home address specified in the passport. Registration, as already said, gave different privileges.

Registration called temporary residence. She allowed to register in the housing for a certain period and indicated the temporary residence of the citizen. This is a less honorable variant of registration.

Only in time everything changed. In modern Russia the concept of "propiska" has almost outlived itself. Now this term is replaced by registration. It follows that, in general, registration and registration are the same. But among the population these concepts are still shared. Why? What are the similarities and differences of these terms?

Types of registration

To understand this, we need to thoroughly study the current housing structure of the Russian Federation. Today, there are several types of registration. Namely:

  • Temporary;
  • Constant.

Under the permanent accepted to imply a residence permit, that is, registration at the place of permanent residence of a citizen. And temporary registration is often called simply registration. It indicates the housing in which a person lives temporarily.


Registration and registration - what's the difference? As you can already see, these terms are similar to each other. What do they have in common?

To date, both registration and registration have the following common features:

  • Allow citizens to reside in a particular territory;
  • Provide for payment by residents of utility bills;
  • Allow to receive services at the place of residence;
  • Only with the permission of the owner of the apartment;
  • Are displayed on paper (in the form of a stamp in the passport or a separate certificate);
  • Have a close relationship with housing.

Nevertheless, there is also a difference between these concepts. And you need to know about it before you register (or temporarily register) new tenants in your housing.

Legislation of the Russian Federation

The difference between residence registration and registration is not too big. But there are some key points that every citizen needs to know about.

The thing is that according to the established legislation all citizens of the Russian Federation must have a permanent residence permit. Without it, you will not manage.

But registration can be absent. It should be for everyone who lives in the territory of the Russian Federation without a permanent place of residence for more than 90 days. Therefore, in the presence of a residence permit, it is not necessary to register temporarily in a dwelling.

By law, you can have a permanent place of residence, and temporary. Usually such a variant of the development of events is found among citizens who have left for work in another city, but in whose plans they will return home.

For non-privatized housing

Is there a difference between residence registration and registration? Yes, especially if it is a question of living in a non-privatized dwelling. In this case, it is necessary to take extremely careful consideration of the concepts under study.

This is due to the fact that citizens who have a permanent residence permit have more rights. Such persons can act as participants in privatization. This means that they will be allocated a share in the apartment / house.

Simultaneously, temporary registration does not give any special rights to those who are registered on the territory. Such a tenant will not be able to participate in privatization until he has a permanent residence permit in the privatized area.

About eviction

For today in Russia it is not so difficult to explain the difference between registration and residence registration. The main thing is to carefully study the current legislation.

Evicting a citizen from an apartment in the presence of temporary registration is easier than registered in a dwelling on an ongoing basis. The legislation of the Russian Federation so far prohibits depriving the population of a single roof over their heads. And if the registered person is still the owner of everything, there can be no question of eviction. Only in exceptional cases will it be possible to translate the idea into reality.

If there is a temporary registration, tenants must leave the territory after the expiry of the issued document. Either the owner of the housing can evict citizens in court.

A responsibility

Registration and registration - what's the difference? One of the main differences is the citizen's responsibility for the absence of a particular document.

If a person does not have a temporary registration, he may face a fine of up to 5,000 rubles. A foreigner also has the right to expel from the Russian Federation as an "illegal" person. If the citizen does not have a permanent residence permit, law enforcement bodies have the right to detain such a person for up to 3 days.


Registration and registration - what's the difference? Many note that another difference is the provision of a particular document.

Registration is usually issued in the form of a small certificate, which the citizen must always carry with him. It will provide state and municipal services. It is not indicated anywhere else.

The residence permit is expressed by a stamp, which is stamped in the passport of the citizen. No references, extracts or other interpretations.

When a permanent place of residence is changed, a new stamp is put to the person, and the old one is marked invalid. If a citizen changes his temporary place of residence, he is simply issued a new certificate, in which some corrections will be made.

Duration of action

The difference between registration and registration is also the duration of their operation. What is it about?

Temporary registration is issued for a certain period. A maximum of 5 years. Further it is necessary either to be re-registered, or to search for a new place of residence.

The residence permit gives the right to permanent residence on a particular territory. It is renewed at the request of the owner of the premises and has no restrictions on the duration of the action.

Where to apply

Registration and registration - what's the difference? The main features of these concepts have already been studied. It should be remembered that you can get a temporary or permanent residence only with the permission of the owner of the dwelling. Also the registration of these documents takes place in the same place.

Where exactly? Today, the registration and registration issues are dealt with by:

  • FMS;
  • Migration departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • MFC (in some regions).

You can also apply for registration / registration through the portal of the "State Service", but this scenario is extremely rare in practice.

Documents for registration and registration

It is clear how the registration is different from the registration. What is the difference between these concepts? The answer is no longer a hassle and will not put a person in an embarrassing situation. In general, these terms do not differ much from each other.

Registration and registration are approximately the same. The landlord must apply to the FMS with the appropriate application and some list of documents. Namely:

  • Passports of future tenants;
  • Own identity card;
  • Leaves and departure;
  • An extract from the BTI;
  • Certificate of family composition;
  • A statement indicating the type of registration (temporary or permanent will be registered);
  • The consent of all homeowners for the operation;
  • Migration cards (for foreigners);
  • Birth certificates of children (if you plan to register a child).

Hence, registration and registration do not really differ much. After some time, a citizen will either be given a passport in which there will be a stamp with the address of the permanent residence or they will issue a certificate of temporary registration. Does a citizen register instead of a residence permit? What is the difference? The answer to this question will not cause any more trouble!

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