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Herpes Zoster

Many diseases manifest themselves not immediately. Usually this is due to the period of incubation or aging. But herpes not only "lives" in many people, it also "waits" for a successful moment. One of the most dangerous species is herpes zoster. He for a long time does not manifest himself at all, and only under certain conditions actively spreads through the body, sometimes causing irreparable damage to health. This is the main insidiousness of this disease, which is extremely important in time to recognize and begin treatment.

Herpes Zoster, the symptoms of which may be different, depending on the species, affects the nervous system. That is why visible manifestations are concentrated in the area of accumulation of nerve fibers. First of all, these are rashes that cause pain. As already mentioned, they focus on nervous clusters. Another name - herpes zoster or herpes zoster more accurately characterizes herpes Zoster. Symptoms that occur several days before the rash: pain burning character (can be acute), increased sensitivity of the skin, which is particularly noticeable when touched. After that, the rashes appear themselves in the form of vesicles. After a while, they burst and liquid is released from them.

Herpes Zoster has several types, which differ not only in manifestations, but also in the nature of the effect on the body. If the usual variant of the rash is concentrated in the region of the nerve accumulations of the spinal cord, then with ocular or ear infection, they spread to the mucosa and can lead to damage to it or paresis of the eye and auditory nerves. After this, it is possible to reduce visual acuity or hearing loss or their complete loss.

Hemorrhagic herpes Zoster is characterized by rashes of red color, colored so precisely because of the discharge of blood. With Bullous Herpes Zoster progression of the disease will occur more quickly. Rashes are suppurating.

Gangrenous variant is more dangerous than previous ones, because In addition to the severe course of the disease, necrosis of tissues located under the vesicles is also present. After the final recovery, scars remain on the body.

Zooster's abortive herpes is even more dangerous. It has no external manifestations, which complicates the diagnosis. However, the defeat of the nerves still occurs, but already inside the body.

Among the causes of this disease is especially to emphasize the weakened immunity, which can arise for various reasons and stress. The most common of them: hypothermia, a complicated course of colds, old age, cancer tumors, subsequent chemotherapy, AIDS and other immunodeficiencies. Herpes Zoster is caused by a latent varicella-zoster virus. When a person becomes infected first, a person develops chickenpox, and then this virus remains for life in his body in a latent, that is, "dormant" state, but under certain conditions listed above, it can become aggravated.

Herpes Zoster, whose treatment , although it takes a lot of time, is well known to specialists. That is why the disease is completely curable and the drugs can easily be found in pharmacies. First of all, medicines are used to reduce pain. Also along with them is very important reception immunostimulants, tk. It is the lowered immunity that causes herpes Zoster to "wake up". The treatment of the virus itself is just as necessary. It can not be completely removed from the body, but its activity and concentration in the blood can be reduced. Therefore, antiviral drugs of a certain spectrum of action are prescribed. Traditional medicine can only strengthen immunity or relieve pain, but these measures are not enough and, often, they are ineffective.

Treatment of herpes Zoster should occur exclusively in a stationary mode and, preferably, excluding a variety of visits. Usually the patient is placed in an insulator. A thorough examination and diagnosis is required by everyone who has been in contact with the patient for 21 days. Isolation of the recovered one ends after 5 days after the disappearance of the last focus of the rash.

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