Quick Setup Window 8

Now we will discuss how Window 8 is configured. There is nothing particularly complicated in this process, but newcomers may experience some difficulties. Based on this, we will try to give some advice on this topic.

Desktop: Setting up Windows 8 on a laptop and computer

Let's start our conversation with personalization issues. To begin with, it should be noted that the tips described below can be implemented on both a personal computer and a laptop. The "Personalization" menu is invoked by right-clicking on the free space on the desktop. Next, in the list of the context menu that appears, find the item with the same name, to which you must press the left mouse button.

Here you can add or exclude special desktop icons "User files", "Network", "Trash", "Computer". It is also possible to change the icon of one or more of the listed shortcuts.

Background Selection

After the completion of certain actions that include setting up Window 8, do not forget to click on the "OK" button, or "Apply", so that the entered parameters were fixed by the operating system. Next, we'll figure out the background setting. To do this, go to the item of the same name from the above window. A special window opens that allows you to specify the location of the image, select a single or multiple images for the background. If you specify more than one, each image will be able to replace the previous one after the set time. Here you can tell the system how to place the selected wallpaper (stretch, display in the center, transfer the original proportions, duplicate). The order of changing pictures also depends on your preferences.

Choose a picture for the desktop can be much faster. Open the folder that contains the desired image, and click on the picture with the right mouse button. Select the item on the resulting menu about placing the image on the desktop.


Note that the setting of Window 8 includes the selection of the main skin theme. Personalization allows you to create, and then save your own theme. To this end, you need to set a certain number of pictures for the desktop and set the color for the windows. Then click on the "Save theme" button. This style of design will always be available in the future. Here you can set or change the theme. By default, there are three topics that you can use. It is enough to click once on the selected layout with the left mouse button. In addition, you can download additional topics online. Conveniently, the setting of Window 8 provides an instant transition from the personalization window to the official Microsoft site. On this resource, new themes for the Windows system appear regularly. You can download them for free by adding to your system.

In our power also change the color in the design of the themes. To do this, select the item called "Color" in the personalization. A window appears in which you can make changes to the colors of the taskbar and window borders. To change the color, select the preferred sample square, determine the intensity of the color, add the desired settings to the hue, among which the brightness and saturation.


You can also change the factory settings of Windows 8 in relation to the screen saver. The saver button is located in the lower right corner of the "Personalization" window. We can choose a screen saver, set the interval of its appearance.

Next, set the parameters of the screensaver, if necessary. At the final stage, we make adjustments to the power supply. Specify, after what time the display will turn off, and also the computer will be put into a sleeping state.

Windows 8 - Network Configuration: Details

First of all, find the icon for access to the Internet in the system tray. After that, right-click the mouse to launch the context menu. We find there an item that will open the network control center, as well as public access. In the window that appears, we can go directly to the Internet setup.

In case you want to make certain settings in the basic parameters of the adapter (specify a mask, DNS, IP), first refer to "Parameter changes". However, if the data is already entered, or you do not need to specify it, select the item that is responsible for creating, as well as setting up a new connection or network. Then follow all the instructions of the system.

As a result, you will go to the indication of the password and login for access to the Internet (if your connection needs such parameters). All data for access to you must specify the Internet provider, while some of them you can find by visiting the official website of the company that provides this service.


To begin with, you can configure various system sounds. Open the "Personalization", go to the link "Sound". We choose the sound scheme, if necessary we save ours. Next, listen to the available sounds, if you want, replacing some of them with your own.

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