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Pictures for bedrooms - stylish solutions in the interior

Pictures for bedrooms and other stylish solutions in the interior cause a lot of questions. The bedroom is a place where the soul and body of a person rest, so when designing the interior of the room, you must carefully think through all the smallest details. When the design of the room suits the owner, then it is nice, comfortable and cozy in it, and most importantly, he can relax and have fun. After all, a good rest is health and cheerfulness of spirit.

Many are invited to design their home designers. And this, of course, is correct. A good designer is a professional in his field. He knows all the styles, has his portfolio, always tells you how and what to do better. But their services are expensive, and not everyone can afford it. This article is aimed at giving small recommendations to those who change or want to change the interior of the bedroom.

Pictures for bedrooms

After the walls are painted, furniture is bought and arranged, the bed linen and curtains are selected in the tone of the walls, the time comes for selecting paintings for bedrooms, living room, kitchen. And other items, pleasing to the eye and successfully complementing the interior. Pictures for bedrooms can be purchased at the store, and you can make yourself. And when you get the first, you can not stop. You will have a desire to continue to create the bedroom interior with your own hands.

In the bedroom, one or several large pictures of one story will look beautiful . It is undesirable to hang pictures for bedrooms of aggressive nature, which depict natural disasters, wars, episodes of battles. It's better if they are gentle flowers, a calm landscape, an abstraction.

Very fashionable now are such paintings for bedrooms, as diptychs (two parts), triptychs (three parts), polyptychs (from 4 parts). They look stylish and unusual. They can be printed on canvas or textured paper in large-scale print shops. Just do not forget to leave the allowance for the stretcher on the fabric. It's very easy to make them. Reiki are sold in hardware stores. It is necessary to measure the necessary length of the rails, saw off and join the four corners with nails. Fabric or wallpaper stretch on the stretchers or on the chipboard, fiberboard, polystyrene and fix it with a furniture stapler. It is desirable to combine fabrics with colors of walls, furniture, bedspreads, curtains.

The bedroom is in high-tech style. Nothing superfluous, everything is simple, noble, elegant, and the pictures resonate with the color range of the whole bedroom.

Another version of the picture

Beautifully look the same textiles on one of the bedroom walls, on the curtains and paintings with this fabric. The stretcher to the painting can be made from a polyurethane profile (styrofoam) and paint it in the color you need.

The paintings in this nursery are made of the same material as the bed linen. The fabric is stretched on a stretcher (or on polystyrene, fiberboard, chipboard). Pillows also decorate the bedroom interior. In one color solution and a curtain. In the complex, all this looks very aesthetically pleasing and cozy.

The design of the apartment with their own hands is very nice. Tastefully selected paintings change the look of the bedroom and give it a special charm. Do not be afraid to change the interior of the rooms with your own hands, boldly find new solutions, bring yourself joy. There are many ideas with pictures, only some recommendations are given here, let them be useful to you!

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