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Pancakes from courgettes: a recipe for every day

Remember the phrase from the cult Soviet comedy film: "Caviar roe! Overseas! "? Respect, which shows in these words about the dish at the feast of Ivan the Terrible, is close to historical truth. Europeans got to know this exotic relative of a pumpkin only in the 16th century and quickly appreciated its useful properties. In addition, it is perfectly stored and can (if the skin is not damaged) lie throughout the winter. And for those who are overweight, it will certainly be interesting to know that zucchini contains extremely few calories. But this is not the main thing. Caviar is not the only thing that can be cooked from this vegetable. No less tasty zucchini pancakes, the recipe of which is given below.

Such pancakes are tasty both hot and cold, which is very convenient for packing lunch on the road. For their preparation, both young and old fruits are suitable. Only with young vegetables to peel is not needed, and zucchini, collected in late autumn, should be cleaned from the outside, as well as from the seeds inside. Depending on what you include in the dish, the recipe will also change. Photo "Pancakes from courgettes", which you see, is a classic pancakes, without any admixtures.

We grind two medium fruits on a very small grater. We leave for a quarter of an hour. When the mass drains the juice, gently decant the liquid. In the remaining puree, drive two eggs and pour five spoons of flour. Solim and pepper dough. If necessary, pour the flour, so that the mass was like a pancake. Fry pancakes from zucchini recipes offered in vegetable oil. You need to warm it up well, and then put a dough into a frying pan with a spoon. As soon as a golden, appetizing crust is formed, we turn it over. Serve the dish best with sour cream.

Tired of classic pancakes from courgettes? Recipe can be modified by including onions and garlic. These two ingredients will add a piquant dish. The cooking process has not changed much. But I have to cry. Together with a medium-sized zucchini you also need to rub and clean the bulb. But two cloves of garlic can be passed through the press. In the dough, an egg is hammered, a glass of flour, red pepper and salt is added. Looks good there and finely chopped greens of dill. Fry, as usual, in sunflower oil.

And the next dish is not a simple snack. Perfectly satisfy the feeling of hunger meat pancakes from courgettes. The recipe prescribes 300 grams of ground meat for one fruit. Any - pig, beef, chicken and even fish. The remaining ingredients for the dough remain the same - two eggs, two onions, flour and spices. But such pancakes are tasty only in a hot kind, with a heat, with a heat.

Do you know that you can make dessert pancakes from zucchini? The recipe suggests taking young zucchini, cutting them off the cuticle, cutting first into washers, salt. When they let the water drain, and wash the fruit under running water to remove excess salt. Then rub the squash on the grater. Add to the mass of two spoons with a sugar slide for a pound of zucchini, one egg, soda on the point of the knife. Flour pour portionwise, sifting it through a sieve, to avoid the formation of lumps. Whisk the dough again with a fork and spoon it in a well-heated vegetable oil. On the table such pancakes are served with honey, jam, sour cream with sugar or some other sweet sauce.

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