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Pallet is a tool for efficient transportation

Pallet is an auxiliary tool that helps to significantly simplify the processes of processing and transporting goods of the same shape and size. Its use made it possible to save considerable time and labor during loading and unloading operations. It is impossible to achieve such efficiency and speed when placing individual enlarged cargo packages manually.

Transport Unit

In the warehouse technology of the pallet - it is an independent transport unit, the main purpose of which is transportation, assembly, warehousing and storage of products. This means of packaging, which is a multi-turn transport container with a rigid platform and standardized dimensions, sufficient for certain enlarged cargo units.

The basis of the constructions we are considering are rectangular flat supports or pallets. Pallets are manufactured with special grooves provided for Under the grips of a forklift or rug, as well as with lugs for fastening slings (in case of moving loads in a suspended state). Goods placed on pallets are fastened to it with fastening tapes or wrapped in shrink and stretch films.

Classification and features

The pallets are divided into two and four-way. Their designs, respectively, allow for the insertion of a rug or fork from two or four opposite sides. The latter provide a comprehensive girth and allow you to conduct loading and unloading operations without the risk of damage to the cargo during ascent or descent.

Depending on the number of sites for product placement, pallets can be single- or double-decker. The first allow you to place the load only on one side of the pallet, the second - on two decks, which makes it possible to take additional goods.

According to the terms of use, pallets can be multi-turn, designed for long-term operation, and disposable, designed only for the delivery of goods in one direction with subsequent disposal.

Material selection

The choice of material for pallets depends on the nomenclature of the cargo and its weight characteristics. Most often wooden pallets are used. They are easy to repair, environmentally friendly and fairly cheap. Plastic pallets are also common. They are distinguished by their durability, low weight, easy maintenance.

High strength, long service life is characteristic for metal pallets. But because of their heavy weight, their use is rather limited.

The advantages of each of these options combine pallets made from combined materials. For their production, recyclables have also recently been used.


When sending manufactured goods abroad, certified Finnish and European pallets made in accordance with the standards accepted in European countries and bearing the appropriate brand name, burned on the right carrying legs of each of the means are more often used. This EUR-pallet size 800 × 1200 × 145 mm, EUR-box size 800h1200h800 mm and FIN-pallet with the size of 1000x1200x145 mm. On pallets there is also a marking indicating the manufacturer and digital information. Cargo pallets are identical in design to the Finnish one and coincide with them in size. According to the status, these aids are divided into 3 varieties: the second, the first and the higher.

For work in the domestic market, the choice of grade and type of pallets entirely depends on the manufacturer.

Dimensions of single use pallets are not regulated.

Efficient transportation technology

Pallet is a special kind of transport packaging. Together with the containers they are referred to as tarot equipment. They are indispensable for the delivery of products from warehouses or manufacturing enterprises directly to the points of wholesale or retail. At the same time, pallets create considerable conveniences not only for the transportation of goods, but also for their sale. They often have to play the role of commercial equipment.

For transportation of non-standard, valuable, fragile goods special pallets are used. For this, their standard types are supplemented by boxes, racks, frames, shelves, lattice walls, corner profiles with the help of sets of special items. They are often used for rail freight.

A similar special pallet is a huge pallet corresponding to the dimensions of the cargo platform and equipped with fasteners (fittings) for the load. As an example, you can mention flats, bolsters, tilt. Depending on the purpose, they can have frame superstructures, edge boards, full or collapsible walls, the height of which reaches half the standard sized container.

The use of pallets is subject to stringent requirements. The most careful selection of pallets takes place in the organization of international transport of dangerous goods.

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