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Pancake electric: reviews and price. How to choose electric pancake?

The process of cooking pancakes like not every hostess, as it requires quite a lot of time. But there are modern devices that greatly facilitate the work of women, one of the most urgent today is the electric pancake, the reviews of which are only good.

For amateurs and professionals

Pancake is an amazing device that will appeal to beginners and experienced gourmets. Why did electric models become so popular? This is explained simply:

  1. Electric models use the same cast iron, thanks to which the heat is stored and evenly distributed.
  2. The frying surface heats up evenly, so the dough will be well baked, and the pancakes will not stick to the surface of the frying pan.
  3. Pancake electric reviews got good and thanks to the ease of operation: it's enough to just plug the device into the net and cook pancakes in the usual way, only much easier and faster.

How to choose?

Electric pomnitsa - a very convenient device that can be used in everyday life. Modern models are pleased with the variety, but in order to make the right choice, you need to consider several points:

  1. On what family the device is bought. Pancake electric for home can be different - for 3-4 pancakes or 6 pancakes, which can be cooked simultaneously.
  2. Size plays a role, since it affects the overall dimensions of the device as a whole. Most models are compact, so they do not take up much space in the kitchen, either during cooking or while storing.
  3. Choose models that have non-stick coating: this not only makes the cooking process easier, but also ensures easy maintenance of the device.
  4. The speed of cooking pancakes depends on the power of the heating element. As a rule, it is 1-1.3 kV.
  5. Removable work surfaces do not interfere, however, it will cost a bit more expensive similar electric pancake. Reviews of many are reduced to the fact that removable surfaces allow you to prepare pancakes of different diameters.
  6. The timer on the pancakes is found, but mostly in expensive models. This feature is good in that the timer will automatically turn off the device as soon as the pancake is ready.
  7. Security. Qualitative instruments have stable and non-slip rubberized legs and heat-resistant handles, which ensures the safety of their operation.

What set?

What is the most convenient and functional electric pancake tool? Customer feedback indicates that in most cases, spoon-scoops are used to fill the dough. Using them, you can pour the right portion of the dough to make the pancakes equal in size and thickness. Are convenient to use blades made of wood, plastic, which have sufficient heat resistance and allow you to easily turn and remove pancakes, and evenly distribute the dough on the surface of the pancake.

Severin CM2198 or Smile PM 810?

These two models are united under one heading not by chance: they have approximately the same technical characteristics and cost within 1000 rubles. Pancake electric Severin CM 2198, according to users, is convenient in that it allows you to bake large pancakes with a diameter of up to 30 cm. Therefore, in such pancakes you can wrap almost any stuffing. The distinctive features of this model include the following:

  • The possibility of setting a timer, which allows you to monitor the temperature of baking;
  • In the kit is a convenient stick-spatula, which allows you to evenly distribute the dough on the surface of the pallet;
  • Small weight and compact dimensions provide convenient storage;
  • Depending on the selected filling, you can monitor the degree of surface heating.

Among the advantages of this crepe maker users note the plastic case, which is more resistant to temperature changes and provides ease of the whole device.

Pancake Electric Smile PM 810 is an affordable household appliance that has a stainless steel casing that is resistant to mechanical influences. Mistresses say that the surface is heated evenly, pancakes are not burned due to the presence of non-stick coating. Among the positive aspects of this device, you can note the possibility of adjusting the baking temperature, which allows you to prepare pancakes that you like.

Ariete 181 Disney

Pancake brand of this brand is suitable for moms who sometimes can not feed capricious babies. The bright device is complemented by a shape in the form of Mickey Mouse, so you can bake pancakes of unusual shape, which even the choosiest child will not refuse. At one time you can cook only one pancake. The heat-resistant plastic from which the model was created allows cooking at controlled baking temperatures. Mistresses who have Ariete 181 Disney, say that the preliminary lubrication of the surface of the oil is not required, which is even more convenient and safe. The cost of the model is from 990 rubles.

Clatronic 3372-2221 CM Bomann

This classic household pancake bakes one pancake each. In appearance, the device resembles a small electric plate, the surface warms evenly, so the pancakes are smooth and neat at the edges. The working surface is deepened by 29 cm, so frying is performed not only quickly, but also as simply as possible. That's why only good received this pancake electric reviews. The price of the model, oddly enough, is not the lowest - from 2400 rubles, but in terms of functionality and ease of use, it is considered one of the best. Users note that the know-how of this household appliance is the presence of special light bulbs on the panel that allow you to monitor the progress of the crepe maker.

Tefal PY 5510

This model is the most convenient to use, especially appreciated by beginners mistresses. This electric pancake is designed for 6 pancakes, so the process of baking them will pass much faster. Thanks to a quality non-stick coating, turning pancakes is easy, they do not stick, while the built-in thermal sensors allow you to set the temperature you need for baking. The cost of the device is about 2500 rubles.

In the feedback of users it is noted that the ladle is equipped with a ladle, comfortable blades, which are stored under its hull. The body is made of heat-resistant plastic, so it weighs quite a bit. The clever design does not slip on the table surface, which guarantees the safety of its operation.

Tefal PY 3001

This device costs about 3000 rubles. Tefal PY 3001 is an electric pancake for 4 pancakes. With this device, the process of making pancakes will be easier and faster. In the kit there are universal blades, ladle for pouring dough. The surface does not need oil lubrication, because due to the improved non-stick coating it is possible to bake even on an ungreased surface.

Simple or submersible?

Modern manufacturers offer a variety of appliances that make housewives work in the kitchen easier. But how to choose a pancake electric, if there are a huge number of models? Someone prefers classical options that look like ordinary frying pans, but someone more likes submersible models. But whatever type of pancake you choose, they all have a number of advantages:

  1. The surface of the pancake is warmed evenly, so the whole product will be fried equally.
  2. With such an instrument, you can not worry that the first pancake will be a lump.
  3. Pancakes can be baked in a variety of sizes, and sometimes in different shapes.
  4. Quality non-stick coating allows you to make pastries without using oil.
  5. Pancakes are functional instruments, which, in addition to the main dish, can also cook scrambled eggs, thin cakes, and also heat food.

It is also important that these devices do not require high power consumption, so you can fry pancakes not only quickly and useful, but also efficiently in terms of energy saving.

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