Orthosis on the ankle

Orthosis is a fairly new fixative, which serves to restore lost functions and forms of the organs of the musculoskeletal system of man. It is designed to relieve joint pain associated with various injuries and pathologies. Orthosis restricts mobility in the damaged joint, in order to reduce the load on it, prevents the development or progression of joint deformation, prevents stretching of the ligaments, contributes to faster recovery.

Applied orthoses for domestic and sports injuries, arthritis, arthrosis, in the period after surgery and other unstable conditions of joints and ligaments.

As is known, the ankle joint takes the greatest burden . Despite the fact that nature has created a reliable and stable "design", the ankle nowadays is prone to injury more often than other joints. This is due to a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, overweight. Any pothole on the road, stairs, high heels, ice, and just awkward movement, even on level ground, can lead to an ankle injury. It is especially easy to injure an elderly person who has an imbalance, weakened muscles, ligaments, and vision.

An ankle injury often leads to disability. In order for the injury to heal faster, the correct fixation of the joint is necessary. Until recently, a tight bandage was applied to the damaged joint, which was not always done correctly. In addition, the bandage could at any time move. Today it has been replaced by a more effective and convenient means - an ankle brace, which perfectly limits mobility in the joint and leaves it in the correct position for as long as necessary. And this is the main condition for an early recovery. In addition, the orthosis significantly reduces pain.

Orthosis on the ankle joint is used for domestic and sports injuries, for the prevention of injuries in sports and at work associated with high loads on the ankle.

With the orthosis, the ruptured ligaments coalesce faster, scar tissue forms and tissue healing takes place. The treatment of an ankle injury with the use of orthosis takes about two to three weeks, and this is twice as fast as without it. Thanks to an orthosis, after a fracture it is possible to walk without crutches almost immediately.

The cutting for the ankle joint is made according to the latest technologies from durable elastic materials. In form, it can look like a golf, a sock or a boot. The orthosis is hard or semi-rigid. The design can be reinforced with plastic inserts and metal tires. There are models with lacing and straps, performing the role of bandage. Orthosis on the ankle is an easy, well ventilated design that does not cause allergies. It completely repeats the anatomical shape of the foot, which makes it possible to achieve the most comfortable degree of fixation. Orthosis has a coagulating effect, which only accelerates recovery. The dense fabric of the orthosis keeps the joint from all sides well. Orthosis well limits mobility in the joint. It is reliable, convenient to use and greatly facilitates the life of the patient, injured ankle.

With swelling in the ankle, stretching of ligaments, mild instability of the ankle ligaments, for the prevention of sports injuries, use an ankle ankle semi-rigid.

In case of flaccid paralysis, serious damage to ligaments, in the rehabilitation after fractures, rigid structures are used. The orthosis structure allows wearing ordinary shoes along with the orthosis.

Orthosis on the ankle joint is not recommended for combined injuries.

One of the largest manufacturers of orthopedic and compression products is the German company Medi.

Orthosis on the ankle joint Medi is a professional design made of high-strength materials that pass air well. To manufacture products, the company uses strong alloys and special joints.

Orthoses are sold in special orthopedic salons. Sellers of such salons have the necessary qualifications, allowing to take measurements, sample, correctly pick up the product, explain to the buyer how to use it.

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