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Oksana Skakun, actress: biography, career in film and personal life

Oksana Skakun is an actress whose biography is of interest to her numerous admirers. In a short time the blond beauty managed to build a brilliant film career. Are you interested in her marital status? Do you want to know which films Oksana Skakun starred in? We are ready to satisfy your curiosity. We wish everyone a pleasant reading!

Oksana Skakun, actress: biography, childhood

On February 6, 1986 our heroine appeared. Her native and beloved city is St. Petersburg. She is from an educated and respected family.

Friends, colleagues and some relatives call the girl Oksana. Although her passport has a different name - Xenia. So her parents called it not accidentally. After all, the actress was born on the day of Xenia Blessed.

The future star of serials and movies grew active, inquisitive and sociable girl. At school she was not bad at school. Teachers praised her for diligence, diligence and exemplary behavior. Oksana visited the drama circle, practiced dancing and swimming.


Our heroine has always had a spectacular appearance (expressive eyes, charming smile, slim figure). When Ksenia was 14 years old, she was approached by employees of the modeling agency Cats. They offered a young beauty cooperation. The girl asked permission from her parents. The father and mother agreed that their daughter would try herself in the modeling industry. Oksana Skakun took part in fashion shows and photo sessions. Half of the fee the girl gave to her parents, and the rest of the money was postponed for study.

Student years

After graduation, Ksyusha planned to enter SPbGU. But the director of the modeling agency Natalia Purvin, offered her another option - to submit documents to SPbGATI. And the girl listened to her advice. She from the first time entered the university. She was enrolled in the course to Y. Krasovsky.

Oksana Skakun: films with her participation

The film debut of our heroine took place in 2004. She, as a third-year student, played a small role in the television series "Streets of Broken Lights-6". Then followed the shooting in the short film "Toporyche" (2005). The director liked working with such a talented and hardworking artist, as Oksana Skakun. The roles she played in 2005-2007 were small. But the girl believed that soon her finest hour would come.

The first major role Ksusha received in 2008. In the detective tape "Answer Me" she successfully transformed herself into the role of Elizabeth. Spectators, professionals and critics praised the game of a young actress.

Below are listed her other film works for the period from 2009 to 2015:

  • "Marriage contract" (2009) - Victoria;
  • "Hairpins-2" (2009) - strippers Jeanne;
  • "Secrets of the investigation-9" (2010) - Kopylova;
  • "To the ends of the world" (2011) - Angela;
  • "The Alien District" (2012) - Vera;
  • "Two with a gun" (2013) - Veronica;
  • "Cradle Above the Abyss" (2014) - Xenia;
  • "Such work" (28 series) (2015) - Tamara.

Today, many know who Oksana Skakun is. Films with this actress continue to appear on the screens. For example, in 2017 we will be able to see it in the tape "Everything will be over soon".

Personal life

Many fans want to know if Oksana Skakun is free today? The actress, whose biography Indicates that there was great love in her life, she is not ready for a new relationship today. Let's take a closer look at this.

Several years ago, while relaxing in Thailand, the actress met with the Frenchman William. They immediately liked each other. Oksana thought that this is just a holiday romance. After all, after the vacation the beautiful woman returned to Russia, and William - to France. But the impressive European regularly contacted the girl on Skype, he rang the phone. Our heroine flew several times to him in Marseille. William took his beloved to the best restaurants, invited to walk under the moon, gave flowers. Russian beauty lost her head from such romance.

During the sailing on the yacht William made Ksenia proposal. She agreed. After some time, the actress moved to the groom in France. That's just a happy family life did not work. When Oksana told William about pregnancy, he proposed to postpone the wedding so far. The couple constantly scandalized. The Chosen One even raised his hand to our heroine.

On the sixth month of pregnancy Oksana fled home to St. Petersburg. At the appointed time she had a daughter, whom she called Nicoletta.

Currently, Skakun is a single mother. A former French husband attempted to establish relations with her. But after Oksana denied William, he began to threaten her. A well-known actress is afraid that her husband can steal their common daughter and take the baby to France.


We reported on where Oksana Skakun (an actress) was born and what kind of education she got. Biography, career and her personal life - all this was discussed in detail in the article. Let's wish this beautiful and talented girl more bright roles and female happiness!

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