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Myostimulation of the body - what is it? Myostimulation: contraindications and indications

This procedure appeared in beauty salons and clinics for a long time. But there are still a lot of questions, not knowing the answers to which, people are afraid to go and something to stimulate there. We volunteered to dispel all myths and raise a veil of secrecy. Tell about such procedure as myostimulation of the body, what it is, and how it can solve some of your problems.

A bit about gymnastics for lazy people

Myostimulation is the procedure of influencing muscles with the help of an electric current of low power with the aim of strengthening them. Today, it is used to correct the figure, when fighting overweight, to restore muscle tone, during the postoperative period, etc.

Because the patient does not need any effort during the procedure, and the effect often exceeds the wildest expectations, myostimulation is usually called "gymnastics for the lazy" (as muscle contraction with the help of a current is equivalent to their active work). However, this procedure is used not only by those who are really lazy to give a traditional load to the muscles, but also those for whom this is impossible due to objective circumstances (health, for example).

There are two main types of myostimulation:

  1. Neuromuscular - restores muscles that have lost strength as a result, for example, of medical operations on the body;
  2. Transcutaneous - helps relieve pain.

What impact is necessary for you, it is better to ask a specialist about this. And, in general, this procedure should not be rushed headlong. For the beginning pass examination, after all what remarkable neither was myostimulation of a body, contra-indications nevertheless are available.

Many problems - one solution: myostimulation

To go through the procedure of myostimulation does not hurt, if you find yourself following the following indications:

  • Overweight (obesity);
  • Flabbiness of the skin of the body or face;
  • Lipodystrophy;
  • Chronic fatigue of the legs;
  • Poor vascular status;
  • Disturbed blood circulation.

Many people know how the myostimulation of the body happens, what it is for the body, and what the possible consequences are. But still, new information will not be superfluous.

Preparation for the procedure

Special preparation for the procedure is not required, but in order to achieve a greater effect, it is recommended that skin exfoliating agents be used before it so that the electrodes have a good grip.

The scrub can be prepared independently using honey and ground coffee. Instead of honey, you can take any cream or shower gel.

Magic device for your muscles

The procedure is carried out using special devices. These are devices for myostimulating the body. They act on the body with an impulse current.

Myostimulator is a block with electrodes attached to it. The unit generates an electric current and, in the form of pulses, supplies it to the electrodes. The clinics mainly use myostimulators of the brand Bodyter, Slendertone, Vupiesse, ESMA (Russia) and others.

Before each new procedure, the electrodes must be disinfected for hygiene purposes, as well as to remove sweat and fat remnants (for greater electrical conductivity). The number of electrodes connected to the device can be different: from 4 (at home models) to 56 (for professional).

There is also another massager for the body. Ultrasound, myostimulation - both of these effects are twice as effective. Such devices give excellent results, but also cost much more.

Duration of the course

It usually consists of 5-10 procedures with 1-2-day breaks. In some cases, the daily passage of the procedure is allowed. Then, as a rule, so-called "supportive" sessions are appointed: 1-2 procedures every 1.5-2 months.

Special attention should be paid to the procedure of myostimulation of the face, it helps to correct the shape, get rid of dangling cheeks, mimic wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes. This type of myostimulation lasts no more than 20 minutes, and the effect of it exceeds the wildest expectations.

When you can not go through the procedure

Any procedure can have serious consequences, if you hold it all in a row. Myostimulation of the body is not an exception, contra-indications to which form a considerable list:

  • Skin diseases;
  • Cancerous tumors;
  • Blood diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • An implanted pacemaker;
  • Heart and kidney disease;
  • Sinusitis (during the procedure on the face).

It is not recommended to carry out myostimulation during the course of infectious and viral diseases, including influenza and ARVI. In the presence of any chronic diseases it is necessary to consult a specialist. In addition, the doctor will tell you in more detail about the usefulness of the procedure (myostimulation of the body), what it is, and whether you need it.

The effect of myostimulation

The procedure gives a tangible effect, incomparable with the usual physical loads. After all, with myostimulation, the muscle structure is fully involved, whereas in physical training only separate muscle groups work (depending on the kind of load).

In addition to the general muscle tone, blood circulation and metabolism in general improve. Derived slag and toxins, fats are split. Myostimulation can solve the problem of cellulite in women.

With this procedure, you can achieve better stretch, and even sit on the twine, but you should do this carefully, gradually affecting the stretch muscle. Regular exposure to current can help even in building muscle mass, so myostimulators are popular not only in women, but also in men.

Where to go through this procedure

You can go through myostimulation in medical clinics, as well as in some beauty and health salons. It should be specified in advance in a particular institution, whether they have such a procedure in the list of services offered, so as not to waste their time in vain. Be sure to ask for a certificate in order to be sure that you will be engaged by specialists.

You can go through myostimulation at home. For this it is sufficient to have a special apparatus.

Myostimulation of the body at home

To conduct the procedure yourself, you need to purchase a special home myostimulator (it has less power, in comparison with a professional device). It is recommended nevertheless to take the help of professionals to avoid negative consequences of self-treatment and to receive effective help.

Nevertheless, the popularity of home miostimulators in our time is gaining momentum. Why waste time and money on the gym, if you can lose weight and strengthen your muscles without getting up from the couch. So for sure reason many buyers of these devices. After all, if you buy a device for myostimulation for the body, the price of each home session will be incomparable with the cost of visiting the salon. Manufacturers, in turn, also tried: in the market you can find myostimulators for every taste and purse. The price of the devices has a wide range - from 2 to 800 thousand. It all depends on what purpose the myostimulator is designed for.

There are models in the form of shorts, butterflies. Such devices operate most often on batteries or from accumulators that are charged from the network. Larger models, including professional ones, also operate on a common electrical network.

Points of influence, methods

For maximum efficiency, it is not enough to apply current to all areas of the skin in disorder. It is important to know the main points of myostimulation of the body. If positioned correctly, the electrodes must act on the motor points of the muscles, you can determine them using the Erb table.

Distinguish between single-pole and bipolar effect. In the first case, the negative electrode is located at the motor point, and the larger electrode is located along the midline of the body, at the site of the corresponding department.
In the second case, with bipolar stimulation, one electrode will be located at the motor point, and the second - at the place where the muscle passes into the tendon.

Myostimulation allows you to use such muscles, which usually remain at rest, even with intensive sports (pectoral muscles, inner thighs).

Recommendations for the application of electrodes and current intensity:

  • Exclude this procedure in intimate places, it can be dangerous to health;
  • Myostimulation of pectoral muscles in women can be recommended only after examination by a doctor;
  • Apply electrodes only to healthy areas of the body (without any abnormalities or disturbances in the integrity of the skin);
  • It is not recommended to use myostimulation on the throat and neck;
  • When strengthening the muscles of the abdominal press, the procedure is performed no earlier than 1.5 hours after eating.

Use Erb's tables to correctly apply the electrodes, but remember that for each person they can be displaced, so the point must be found individually, and the impact on it should not cause discomfort. Thus, for each person it is necessary to choose their own schemes of myostimulation of the body.

The frequency of current during the procedure varies from 30 to 150 Hz. It is recommended to start the procedure with the lowest intensity of the current (so that the muscles can adapt to its effects), then gradually increase it. On the other hand, in order for myostimulation to have the desired effect, the muscles must constantly experience intense effects, but not get used to it, so the procedure should be limited to 30-45 minutes.

Prices for the procedure: Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar

If you needed myostimulation of the body, the price of this procedure should not frighten you. In Moscow, ten myostimulation procedures lasting 45 minutes (for any zones) will cost approximately 17-19 thousand rubles. Single sessions on separate parts of the body will cost more - from 800 to 2500 rubles (for the same 45 minutes). Anti-cellulite program will cost from 1 to 2.5 thousand rubles per visit. In Yekaterinburg, the price for one procedure of myostimulation is from 750 rubles to one and a half thousand. In Krasnodar - from 600 to 1300 rubles per procedure.

Quite a high price for this procedure (from 600 to 4.5 thousand in Russia) is justified, because the results will not take long: after five visits you will notice a positive dynamics. It should be remembered that myostimulation will not solve all your health problems, but in combination with other methods it will be quite effective.

Now you will not be afraid of such a procedure as myostimulation of the body. What it is, how it happens and how much it costs - you now know everything! But remember that only one procedure is not enough to get good results. Do not put too high hopes on her, then not to be disappointed.

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