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Mushroom places, Leningrad region. Map of mushroom sites

The Leningrad Region is the north-western region. An amateur mushroomer and even professional "hunters" are important to know the mushroom places. The Leningrad region is large, and therefore such information is necessary so that time is not wasted in searching for nonexistent "riches". The map of the mushroom spots will help the detectives to collect whole baskets of different hats for a large friendly family and for sale. Professionals, for whom a decent profit is important, prefer to load large body cars. To gain this amount, you need to go around a lot of places with a whole team of searchers. All this takes a lot of time, and therefore it is important to know the places rich in mushrooms in order to determine in advance the most optimal route. To the lover such a map will help to find the nearest place where to pick mushrooms, and in each of them there will be different kinds of hats, and therefore you can determine the best point, given your preferences.

The region is located in temperate latitudes, at the junction of taiga zones and mixed forests. The map of the forests of the Leningrad Region shows how the territorial features of the places affect the formation of large mycelium. To search at certain times of the year, you need to be guided by the mushroom picker calendar and local knowledge. The annual harvest of mushrooms collected by the searchers is not the same. Every season it changes, and it remains to rely only on luck. However, mushroom places do not go anywhere, Leningrad can go round more than once a year.

Priozersky district

Starting from the north, it is rich in mushrooms in the Priozersky district. Here you can not only collect a large crop, but also pleasantly and profitably spend time. Along with a quiet hunt, the trip will bring pleasure to the views of the beautiful woodlands and the lake-river system of Vuoksi. Really picturesque corners will bring joy to amateurs to be photographed and to study each bush. Peaceful scenery, which is so beautiful with the dawn of the sun, will give unforgettable moments in the Priozersky district.

From North to East

On the eyes of the map immediately comes to the village Kuznechnoe. The island territory of this place is famous for its mushroom variety. Most often there are chanterelles. Since they grow usually in birch and mixed light forests, the village is an ideal place for the development of mycelium. Characteristic for the islands and podberezoviki, and boletus. No wonder they are so called. You can meet and white mushrooms. It is necessary to get to the village on 4 wheels, but you have to swim up to the mushrooms. There are local boatmen who will help to move to the coast of the islands for a small fee. Well, if you carefully prepare for the campaign, it will not hurt and take an inflatable boat with you.

The village of Kommunara is located to the east and slightly to the south. In the east of Milumpelto station, you can find whole families of different mushrooms. High yields attract more and more "hunters" every year. It is not easy to get there, so it is better to have your own transport.

To the south and east are settlements Michurinsky and Borisovo. The forests between them are famous for their mushrooms and chanterelles. In the village there is a bus from Sosnovo. This method will help you get to the point of a simple lover, because brigades need a lot of equipment.

Moving further south and east, you can get to the village Losevo. Vuoksa is the largest river in the Leningrad Region, originating in Finland. On its shore, near the village, a mixed forest grows. It is often found podberezoviki and boletus. Moss and chanterelles are also characteristic for this place. Here there is a bus from Sosnovo and an electric train from Finland Station.

Coniferous predominance in the mixed forest of the village Snegirevki gives the opportunity to develop families of mosses and russules. Strangely enough, but the chanterelles are not less. The place surprises the mushroom pickers with its variety. The bus will help you get to the village.

The amazing village of Sosnovo

The most amazing place in the Priozersky district from the point of view of the mushroom picker is the village of Sosnovo - in the south. Before it is easy to drive by train from Finland Station. The place is large and completely surrounded by a mixed forest array. Named the village so it is not accidental. The predominance of pine, spruce and dry air characterize the forest. The variety of mushrooms is a real joy for the detective. Chanterelles, mushrooms, colorful russula, white, boletus are just a part of the natural wealth of this territory.


That ended the Priozersky district - the richest in mushrooms, but on this trip the map does not stop. In the west is located Vyborg. Pure pine forests of the Leningrad Region, surrounding the city, mirror lakes, mountains make this place a truly beautiful place of nature. Transport links here are much better developed, and therefore get to the mushroom places will not be difficult. In the dense forests find many podberezovikov, boletus and white mushrooms. Moving in the thickets should be extremely circumspect, since among them runs the border of Finland, it is desirable not to cross it. It does not hurt to take a map of the area, a compass or a navigator.

Resort area

South of Priozersk is the resort area. The mild climate of the Baltic states, a relief terrain, many lakes are a great place for a mushroom kingdom. The area is rich in wide beaches and sand dunes, where you can relax with pleasure after a walk through the forest for mushrooms. The nature here is not so picturesque, but real connoisseurs of hikes will find their joys in many ways. Grow in these places russules, chanterelles, mushrooms, boletus. In a good year, you can get away from here with crowded baskets of amicable hats.

Vsevolozhsky District

Vsevolozhsky district is a very beautiful place of the Karelian Isthmus between the cultural capital and Ladoga Lake, where mushrooms are gathered in St. Petersburg. Picturesque hills and groves create beautiful landscapes. Hats grow in the village of Novy Devyatkino and Bengardivka. The first is closer to the city of Vsevolozhsk. White mushrooms are more common here. In the forests of the second place are found podberezoviki, chanterelles and boletus. White grows less often.

Other areas

The marshy area of the Gatchina district is covered with dense mixed and coniferous forests. Around the village of Vyritsa finders will find chanterelles and ceps. Less common are bitter. By the way, geysers-fountains, beating from under the earth - a miracle of this place.

Kirovsky district is located to the east. The items of the mushroom picker are the village of Sinyavino and the village of Mountains. Near the villages - forests, in which grow a variety of mushrooms: oily, russula, chanterelles, bitter and load. White can also be found. To Sinyavino you need to get a bus from the metro station "Dybenko", to the village of Gory - by train from Ladoga station. In the Kirov region mixed forests dominate. There are groves and pine forests. Local lakes are a great place to relax.

Unfortunately, there is no passenger transport in the village of Kolchanovo in Volkhov district. From the nearest station you will have to get yourself a few kilometers to the river Syas. Behind it is a forest where you can pick up boletus, russula, and moss.

East of the Leningrad Region

The easternmost area, where mushrooms are collected in St. Petersburg - Lodeinopolsky. The village of Alekhovschina is on the bank of the river Oyat, this is one of the few places in the Leningrad region where you can find a purely deciduous forest. Here come across different mushrooms. In the deep pine forest grows boarocks. The nature is interesting, it provides secluded places where you can relax from the city noise for your favorite pastime - quiet hunting.

Mushroom pleasure

So the travel on the map ended, where the mushroom places are indicated. The Leningrad region is open for searching. Collecting a forest delicacy, it is necessary not to forget about the precaution, which is often forgotten from the overflowing joy of the find. Collect only the familiar mushrooms, so as not to harm life and health, primarily their own, and in the second - their families and customers.

The mycelium is a network of small tubules connecting the teams of hats in one small area, and therefore, if there is one good mushroom in the clearing, then for sure there is a bunch of his friends somewhere nearby. The main quality of the mushroom picker, and any hunter, is mindfulness.

For harvesting it is better to use a container where there will be free air exchange, for example a basket or a grid. So the forest mushrooms are not spoiled until they reach the house, and lovers of tasty food can enjoy an excellent treat at the table.

Mushroom places are famous for such productivity. The Leningrad region and its forests are characterized by the presence of different tree species: alder, rowan, spruce, aspen, pine, birch, bird cherry. This diversity gives the forest the opportunity to expand the species set of mushrooms. The marshland is another factor affecting the formation of large mycelium. Considering the map of the places in the Leningrad region, it is worth concluding that this is one of the richest natural places where gathering mushrooms is a special pleasure.

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