Motivation by Reeve Ghosh.

There are three ways of motivating staff . The most obvious of these is financial motivation. Worthy salaries, bonuses and bonuses stimulate activity of employees, inspiring them to self-improvement and finding ways to achieve their goals in all available ways. However, this kind of motivation is quite short-lived and requires regular adjustments, and it also affects not all employees.

The other two types of motivation are social and psychological. The first implies satisfying the social needs of the staff, that is, requiring managers to allow employees to communicate at work, create team spirit, hold regular meetings, not destroy informal ties, etc. Psychological motivation is addressed to the person's personal values: the ability to rejoice at the goals achieved, quickly and correctly solve the tasks and so on.

A complex way to solve all the problems posed in the three aspects of motivation, has been using the " Reeve Ghosh " network for several years. The method is simple, effective and aimed at building a unified corporate spirit among network staff, improving the quality of life of employees, their self-realization and the pursuit of professional growth. This method is the contest "Miss Riv Gosh" - a unique event in its format that allows not only to identify and reward the best employees of the year in an informal way, but also to motivate staff to achieve the best performance in their work.

The contest " Miss Riv Gosh " has been held for the fourth consecutive year. This year it will be held on December 7. This is a competition of professional skills, and the ten best in all parameters of store employees become candidates for the title of "Miss Riv Gosh 2011" and "Vice Miss Rive Gauche 2011". The winners will receive valuable material prizes.

" Miss Reeve Ghosh " is one of those ways of motivation, when all aspects that influence the stimulation of personnel are involved : the desire for victory, professional self-realization, a spirit for improving the results of labor, etc. In addition, the event itself is very spectacular, it is attended by company employees, and judges the competition of the jury, which includes management and foreign partners of the company. In other words, the contest " Miss Riv Gosh " allows employees not only to show and prove themselves from a professional and creative point of view, but also to communicate with colleagues and management, which, of course, unites the team and sets up a fruitful joint work.

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