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Miroslav Klose: biography, personal life, rating and matches

Miroslav Klose was born in Poland, in a sports family. His father was a football player, and his mother - a handball player, who acted as part of the national Polish team as a goalkeeper. Miroslava is often called a Pole, but this is partly a delusion. His mother is really an ethnic Polish, but his father is a true German. The great football player in the biography has a lot of interesting facts. Well, it is necessary to tell in detail about them all.

Adaptation to Germany

Miroslav Klose in 1981, together with his family moved to France. There at that time, the father of the boy had been playing for three years, and six years later they moved to Germany. Miroslav had a hard time. Adaptation period for him was a real test. He was very difficult to learn German, and because of this, he was even transferred to the second class from the fourth. Even now the adult Klose admits that it is much easier for him to speak Polish, although he knows German well. So at home he and his family communicate in Polish, and his twin sons learn the language of Germany in the kindergarten.

Miroslav Klose, whose biography is very interesting, still learned German, and also became close to the culture of the country and its people - it was football that helped. Peers saw him at school because he showed himself to be the best in this sport. So he managed to find comrades. Klose admits that for some reason he always knew: he will manage to achieve something meaningful in football, and he will definitely play for the German national team. This became his motivation for everything.

Carier start

The boy's parents insisted that their son get a decent education. Therefore, Miroslav Klose finished school and entered the school. Few people know that now the most famous and greatest modern football player in Germany actually learned from a carpenter! However, he did not forget about his favorite occupation. The first team was a club from Blaubach-Diedelkopf. But he was in the seventh German league! But Miroslav Klose was not very worried about this. Very soon he was noticed by "Homburg" - from the fifth league. As part of this club, Miro scored 11 goals, after which he almost immediately attracted the attention of the representatives of the "Kaiserslautern". This - the club is not the third division and not even the second. "Kaiserslautern" was the champion of the Bundesliga! So Miroslav Klose quickly and without a shadow of doubt signed a contract with his new team.

The first steps to success

How did he show himself in the new club Miroslav Klose? The striker first played for the second line-up. He scored 11 goals in the first season. And this is for 36 matches! An excellent indicator. Miroslav was not left without attention after such successes, and the head coach immediately attracted him to training with the main line-up. And in 2000, Miro was released on the field with the first team. He came on as a substitute in the 75th minute, and it was a match against Eintracht. Then the club won with a minimum victory (1: 0). It was the debut game for Miroslav, which laid the foundation for his further successes.

Season 2000/01

It was possible to say one thing, looking at such an attacker as Miroslav Klose: football is clearly his sport. In the 2000/01 season, his coach began to regularly release on the field as a player "basis." The first matches ended not entirely successfully. In the losses, the coach was accused, and it was decided to poison him. The new leader put Miroslav in the position that was familiar to him, and it played into the hands. He soon began to score, and often beautiful goals. On October 20, for the first time, he celebrated his star-studded goal Miroslav Klose. The somersault is ahead - this is the original celebration footballer came up with. Since then, it has become his original business card.

Eurocups, guest and home games of the Bundesliga - Klose scored always and everywhere. He repeatedly and not two rescued his team, saving from defeat and bringing the club forward. He scored beautiful goals, made out doubles, did incredible things on the field. For this he was loved by everyone - the coach, club-mates, fans. He quickly flew to Olympus Glory. He was called the hope of German football, and, I must say, today we can see that this was a prophecy. Only for one season the salary of Miroslava increased 10 times, as well as the transfer amount.

Debut in the national team

Do not have to think long to understand, as shown in the German soccer team Miroslav Klose. Biography rating shows us very impressive. However, it is worth talking about later. For starters - a few words about his debut. In general, a very interesting situation turned out. First, Miroslav received an invitation from the Polish national team. The head coach of the team even came to Germany in order to persuade the attacker to agree. However, Miroslav's dream has always been one goal - to achieve a place in the German national team. And it came true. Already on March 24, 2001, Klose first came out as part of the German team against the Greek national team and won 2: 1. Yes, he scored a goal! Miroslava Klose then, you can say, all took the national team finally - and the amazed fans, and grateful players, and joyful coach. Last admiringly praised the young player of the national team, claiming that Miro has all the qualities necessary for a successful player: high speed, and a great head and technique game. Not surprisingly, Klose was immediately included in the team's bid for the World Cup.

Further career

In the first match of the World Championship in 2002, Miroslav designed a hat-trick in the game with Saudi Arabia. In general, in this tournament the striker demonstrated an excellent game. It is not surprising that after this many more respected clubs became interested in them than Kaiserslautern. Dortmund "Borussia", Munich "Bavaria", "Manchester United", Turin "Juventus" ... everyone wanted to get the talented player himself. His previous club had major financial problems, so they wanted to sell it in this regard. But left the ranks of the "Red Devils" Miroslav only in 2004, going to "Werder Bremen". With this club Klose also achieved a lot. So, in the 2005/06 season he became the best scorer of the Bundesliga, having issued 27 goals. Doubles, hat tricks, a beautiful game - Miroslav continued to maintain the reputation of a good football player.

Hunting for an attacker

Speaking for the German national team, pleased the fans. So, on his birthday, in the gates of Costa Rica in the World Cup 2006 he took a double. Playing for the national team, he became the absolute leader in the rating of the goalscorer when he scored two goals against Ecuador's team. After this championship all the famous clubs began to hunt for a football player like Klose Miroslav. Statistics, biography, matches, his successes and a real football gift - all this caused an incredible appetite for different clubs on the striker. But Miroslav out of respect for the "Bremen" kept his promise and played the deadline. And in 2007, fans of German football saw him in the ranks of the greatest club in Germany - in the Munich "Bavaria".

World Cup 2010 and the Munich "Bavaria"

In this club, Miroslav spent most of his time. And, by the way, he himself declares that the years spent with "Bavaria" will forever remain in his memory as the warmest and brightest. Not surprisingly, because half of the staff playing for the Munich club are the players of the German national team.

According to the already established tradition, in the very first match Klose made a double. It was a game against the "Hansa", held on August 11th. In general, in Klose, he showed himself very well, really professionally, scoring 20 goals for his new team.

In 2007, Miroslav first appeared on the field as a member of the national team with a captain's armband and, of course, scored a goal. The German striker continued to please the fans. But in 2010, the match with the Serbs lost 0: 1. Klose himself was removed from the field. The qualifying round was very nervous. And 1/8 is not easier. But here ¼ helped to overcome his teammates Klose, finishing off the Argentine national team. That match they won with a score of 4: 0, going into the semifinals. But, unfortunately, in that championship they took only the third place. And then Miroslav said this phrase: "I believe that even now I am able to play at a decent level and formulate goals. I'm only 32 years old, so why not perform in Brazil? " Well, the result of 2014 is well known to all of us. However, this topic is the most interesting, it can not be omitted. That's just the first time it is worth talking about how the club career developed after the football player left the "Bavaria".

Moving to Italy

The striker wanted to stay in the "Bavaria". However, the leadership could not agree on the terms, so in the summer of 2011 Miro moved to Lazio. The Romans promised the German attacker a salary of two million euros per season. Both the player and the coach were satisfied with the perfect deal. The head of "Lazio" shared that he needed such a football player. On July 16, he already made his debut with the new team and scored five goals at the gate of "Auronzo di Cadore". It was an enchanting result, with which the coach and all the rest remained, naturally, happy. In that season, the player played 27 games, having issued 12 goals and 5 assists. Due to such successes, "Lazio" was on the fourth place in the rating of clubs "Serie A". Let Klose and planned to win back for the Romans until 2014, but already in the yard almost the end of 2015, and he still stands for the Italians. Well, it pleases.

Miroslav Klose: personal life of the great football player

The German striker has his own friendly family. They, like football, are very fond of Miroslav Klose. Wife and two twin boys always follow his achievements and support in difficult times.

In general, it is interesting to note several other facts, quite entertaining. So, for example, in all matches, where Klose scored goals, the German team never lost. Once more, he managed to persuade the referee not to put a penalty in the gates of his own rivals. Then he was awarded a prize for this as the most honest player of the Bundesliga. Then, being a player of "Lazio", he persuaded the referee not to count the goal to the team, which he managed to send to the opponents' goal with his hand. And he, along with Mario Gomez and Philippe Lam, took part in the filming of the Room 77 clip called Hope.

Klose has 21 personal awards. You do not even have to list everything to understand - he really is the best. After all, looking at his game, it can be understood from the first minute.

2012 and 2014

The European and World Championships are the last international tournaments for Miroslav. It's sad, but the striker did not experience much, because he was determined. He continued to score goals, issued a hat-trick to the Kazakhstan national team's goal at the European Championships, then scored another in another round. In six games, he designed 9 goals! Each goal of Miroslav Klose was something enchanting and special. Not without his help, the Germans managed to qualify for the European Championship finals, finishing with all 12 matches. True, in the semifinals they still lost, again taking the already familiar third place.

But the World Cup, held in 2014 in Brazil, was the most significant event for Klose. Then he scored two goals. And the last of them, sent to the gate of the hosts of the Championship, was truly the most important in his life. Because it was the 16th goal for all the final stages of the World Championships. Klose broke Ronaldo's record - "Toothache", setting an absolute success rate. And, of course, the best reward that such a football player deserves is the victory of his native team at the most important world-class championship. It was the dream of Miroslav. And it came true. Footballer completed his career in the national team happy and satisfied with his result and achievements of his team.

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