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Memo for tourists: documents for the Schengen visa

Before the vacation that you have been waiting for, there are very few left! And if this time you decided to go to Europe, then it's time to think about the visa. Collect documents for the Schengen visa should be in advance, because the time it takes is two weeks to a month. Well, in the tourist season, this period of time can grow significantly.

It is worth noting that since January 2013 all countries that are members of the Schengen area have entered a single list of documents for the Schengen visa. And for tourists, the advantages of such an agreement are obvious. Previously, each state had its own requirements for documents that could be authorized to enter. Now, regardless of where you keep going - to Germany, or, say, to France - the documents for the Schengen visa are the same.

The requirements of the consulates of European countries have not been very different before, but this approach will save tourists from finding out the nuances of obtaining a visa to a particular European country. For example, earlier for entry to some states a child's permission for export was required, certified by a notary and signed by both parents, while others needed only papers with the hotel's reservation, and for a visa in third countries it was necessary to pay in advance.

So, now the consulate tourists need to provide the following documents for obtaining a Schengen visa:

  • A statement of the agreed form, which must be signed and filled with the applicant's hand. At the same time, for minor children, guardians or parents fill it up.
  • International passport. Do not forget that the terms of its validity remain the same - it must be valid for a period of three months after you return home. Also, it should contain at least two blank pages.
  • Two photos of a tourist who must necessarily meet all the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization.
  • A copy of the Russian passport.
  • Medical travel insurance. At the same time, its validity period must last until the end of the trip, it must cover absolutely all expenses that can be in the provision of urgent assistance, as well as operate in all Schengen countries.
  • Confirmation of the place of residence in a European country. What does it mean? Such an affirmation can be an invitation from relatives or hotel reservations. If there are no such documents, then a description of the proposed journey will be required.
  • Confirmation of the route planned by the tourist. They can become booked tickets or a tour package. If they do not exist, you will be asked to write a written description of your plans.
  • Confirmation that the traveler is working. Information on wages will also be required. If the tourist does not have a permanent place of employment, then another confirmation is needed that he has financial means for living and that he plans to return to Russia. This can be an extract from a bank account, the availability of real estate in the country.

Documents for a Schengen visa in the event that it is received by a child are slightly different. The consulate is required to request a copy of the birth certificate of the young tourist, the consent of the parent or guardian if he is selected abroad without them.

If you prepare all the documents for the Schengen visa, you can be sure that the process of obtaining an entry permit will pass quickly and without trouble. Successful travel and bright impressions!

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