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Maxi Cosi baby stroller - a worthy choice of a modern mom

It is very important for modern moms and dads how exactly they will travel with the child along the street. Especially in a noisy city, where not all objects are suitable for small residents. But with the comfortable stroller Maxi Cosi, all obstacles (for example, stairs or high curbs) will be overcome. If you choose the right model, of course.

About the manufacturer

Maxi Cosi strollers have long been discussed on parental themed sites and blogs, they have become the subject of heated debate and debate. Some parents do not consider it necessary to purchase such expensive items for very young children, others are sure that the cost of goods should not be some sort of restrictor.

The company "Maxi Kozi" began its work in 1984 in Holland and today it is considered one of the best firms for the production of baby carriages and car seats. More than once its products were awarded various awards and awards for safety, practicality and creative design. Employees of the company when creating new models try to take into account all possible aspects that will make the movement with the baby around the city as comfortable and convenient as possible.

The lineup

The Dutch company has done everything to modern moms and dads was comfortable in the harsh urban conditions. And in this regard, the model range of wheelchairs is very extensive. But the most popular are the Maxi Cosi 3 stroller in 1 and 2 in 1, that is, the transformers. This allows you to use them for a long time as the baby grows. Therefore, some dissatisfied exclamations towards the cost of wheelchairs from parents can be considered insolvent! After all, there is no need to purchase several types of transport for toddlers - all of them are replaced by one product.

Model "3 in 1"

The Maxi Cosi "3 in 1" stroller is one of the most popular models on the market. And there are several reasons for this. Firstly, the stroller is suitable for walking with a child from birth to four years. Secondly, she has a relatively small weight - 15 kg. For the transformer, this is indeed the average. Dimensions, however, it's not the smallest, for example, it's problematic to call a standard elevator. Thirdly, what attracts parents, despite the impressive dimensions of the stroller can easily be folded up to a compact appearance. It can even fit in the trunk of the car if necessary. The merits of the model include:

  • Passability (due to stable and wide tires it is possible to easily ride both on asphalt and off-road in snow, rain and slush);
  • design;
  • Maneuverability (easily unfolds on a small patch);
  • Two seating positions - facing the parents and from them;
  • A comfortable raincoat that closes the child completely;
  • Removable cradle on a plastic stand;
  • Height-adjustable carry handle.

Thus, the "3 in 1" option is a good combination for urban conditions. Maxi Cosi stroller, which is most often chosen by parents, is a triple transformer. Of the shortcomings can be noted only the size, which is not always compatible with the dimensions of some objects (elevator, shop doors or ramps to them).

Model "2 in 1"

Maxi Cosi strollers in this kit are also no less popular with parents. They are more mobile and convenient, smaller in size than the "3 in 1", but they also have their own shortcomings. So, the "2 in 1" model is equipped with a short hood that does not always completely cover the child from rain, wind and sun. In addition, the stroller has very wide chassis, which also does not always go along the dimensions of the ramps. On the other hand, the stroller is mobile, easy to transport due to its low weight (10-12 kg). It can be safely recommended to parents when choosing transport for the baby. The age limit is from birth to three years.

Parents' opinions

Maxi Cosi's modern strollers, which are positive reviews, are already liked by customers in more than 80 countries around the world. They fully comply with the European standards of safety and quality, so they are recommended by specialists. Parents who have already purchased models of this company, remain most satisfied, despite the fact that the strollers are quite expensive (about 30-40 thousand rubles per model). Moms note the mobility and ease of transportation, the popes - compactness in the folded form. Babies are just nice to be in such a bright and beautiful stroller during a walk.

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