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A gift to a newborn boy - three ideas for a holiday

At the birth of children, as a rule, relatives and friends give soft toys and beautiful sets of first clothes for the baby. Of course, it's touching, but sometimes it's absolutely not necessary, because parents now prepare their dowry in advance for their miracle. And so you should think about how to make a gift to a newborn boy not only beautiful, but also useful.

The idea first. "Pampers cake"

Not to say that the idea is original in itself, but it can be beaten with taste and, most importantly, with benefit. The first thing you need is packing diapers. Next, you should include fantasy and determine which content and decor will please your parents. You can use the sets of the first toys, children's towels, sets of clothes for growth, children's cosmetics.

How to make such a gift to a newborn with their own hands? The technology is pretty simple. To begin with, you should carefully fold all the diapers into separate tubes, fastening them with elastic bands. After forming the tiers of the "cake", using as a center, for example, feeding bottles. And the height of the latter in this case should be 4/3 of the height of the diaper. By the way, for a three-tier cake of these bottles will need two pieces.

To decorate such a gift to a newborn boy, blue, blue or green terry towels are required. They will disguise diapers. And for decoration, you can use rattles, small teddy bears or rolled-up socks.

The second idea. «Album of the first year»

Such a gift to the newborn boy can also be purchased at the store. However, if the donor has at least the initial skills of scrapbooking, then it can be created independently.

So, in order to determine what kind of creative album will take, you should think in advance which sections to include in it. The easiest way to do this is to have already held parents. If the donor does not have such an experience, the hint should be sought in store options.

The album itself is easiest to make out in the form of a stylized notebook, but with the high skill of owning scrapbooking it can be shaped like a stroller or a car.

Advice: that this gift to the newborn boy, created by his own hands, was not only aesthetic, but also practical in nature, it should provide for stylized branches under the tag from the maternity home, for locks of hair or casts of hands and feet of the boy.

The idea of the third. Development mat

Of course, many may object that such a gift to a newborn boy does not quite fit. But, having shown imagination, and also having read necessary literature, it is possible to create independently such variant which is useful to parents already in the first month of a life of their child.

To create such a rug you can use a minimal set of materials: one hoop, fleece cloth of different tones and colors, hypoallergenic filler, orthopedic pillow. Sew the rug, based on the shape of industrial designs, using a pillow as the top on which the baby's head will be located. On the arc, you can use the special clothespins to fix the toys from the mobile. On such a rug the boy will be pleased not only to spend his waking hours, but also to sleep soundly, being in a comfortable position under the supervision of his parents.

In conclusion, you can say that to make a pleasant, and most importantly, a useful gift for a kid is easy. It is enough just to show imagination.

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