Lomeniz Hotel 3 * (Greece / Rhodes): description, photos and reviews

Inveterate tourists increasingly prefer to travel to Greece. This country is one of the most popular in the tourism industry. And this is not surprising, because there is a pleasant climate, beautiful nature, a lot of attractions. One of the favorite places of tourists is the Greek island of Rhodes. Every year it is visited by a huge number of holidaymakers. And for each traveler the actual issue is the place of residence. Lomeniz Hotel 3 * (Rhodes) is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday. There are all the necessary conditions for a complete immersion in relaxation, rest and comfort.

Short description

The proposed hotel is located in one of the quietest areas of the island, so you can relax in complete silence and at least for a time forget about the city bustle. The administration is suitable individually for each guest, trying to provide an atmosphere of comfort and carefree. All rooms are equipped with new furniture, furnishings pleases and does not bother the eye. And the main highlight is the sandy beach, which is within walking distance. Pleases the universal location of the hotel: although it is in a quiet corner of the city, but it takes only 20 minutes to reach all the necessary sights and shops.

Hotel Lomeniz Hotel 3 * (Rhodes Town) - small but very cozy. It is better to stop here, who likes a quiet and quiet rest. Especially comfortable here will be families who have come to rest with their children. Relatively recently, the hotel was reconstructed. All rooms have been updated and now comply with European standards.

Number of rooms

Hotel Lomeniz Blue Hotel 3 * (Rhodes Island) provides quality services and constantly improves them. Before you check into this hotel, you must first book your apartment. The rooms here are not so much, and the location of the hotel is very advantageous, so the guests are always there.
Lomeniz Hotel 3 * (Rhodes) has rooms of various categories.

1. Standard single. In the room there is:

  • All the necessary furniture.
  • Single bed.
  • Bathroom with all accessories and set
  • TV.
  • Fridge.
  • Exit to the private balcony.

2. Standard double room. At the request of the guest, he may be given a room with a double bed or two single beds. Room facilities:

  • TV.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Phone.
  • The private bathroom includes a hairdryer, free cosmetics, bathrobes and towels.

3. Standard triple room. At the request of the guest, the room can have one single bed and one double bed or all three single beds. The rooms have everything you need, as in the previous versions. There is also a spacious balcony with a beautiful view.


The hotel administration takes care of all its guests, especially children. When you settle with a child of an age category of 2-12 years, a bed is delivered to the room free of charge. If the child does not fall under this age category, the parents will have to pay 30% of the cost of living for an extra bed.


Rooms are cleaned daily. On the territory there is a free luggage room. For guests who do not smoke or come with children, special non-smoking rooms are provided. This service is very convenient for those who suffer from tobacco smoke intolerance. On the territory there is a restaurant, a bar, a small shop with fresh food, there is a tour desk, you can rent a car. Pools for children and adults are equipped. There are playgrounds, as well as all the equipment for sports.
As entertainment, guests are offered sporting events, a gym, water attractions. Also there is a billiards room, massage services are provided. In addition, you can have a wonderful time on the beach, where all the conditions for a comfortable stay are created.

For guests with a private car provides parking, which is around the clock security.

Pleases that the staff knows several languages, namely: English, Italian, German and Greek. Therefore, it is quite possible to find a common language.

In general, the rest at this hotel is pleasant and comfortable, the staff has created all the conditions for everyone to feel at home here. It is better to find out about the hotel Lomeniz Hotel 3 * reviews of tourists.

Guest comments

For those who do not like to spend all the time on the beach or in the hotel walls, the Lomeniz Hotel 3 * (Greece, Rhodes Island) is ideal. Rhodes is famous for its sights. Having arrived here, it is worthwhile to visit at least some of them. And with comfort to spend the night and a little lie on the beach you can even in the budget hotel. But the Lomeniz Hotel 3 * is more than an inexpensive hotel.

The main advantages that make this placement so popular among tourists:

  1. The hotel can afford even a budget tourist, but the quality of the services is at a decent level.
  2. The complex is located in the very city of Rhodes, so you can easily visit many local attractions.
  3. The beach is within walking distance. There are practically no waves.
  4. Excellent food.
  5. Ideal for a relaxing holiday.

This is not all the advantages that the hotel Lomeniz Hotel 3 * (Rhodes) can boast.

Reviews about accommodation

Check in at the hotel after cleaning the rooms. As a rule, if the number is not ready, then you have to wait a few hours. But most of the time I settle the guests immediately upon arrival.


Almost all rooms have a picturesque view of the sea or the pool. The bathroom is quite spacious. The furniture is new, the bed linen is clean, the towels are white. The walls need repair, but this eye quickly gets used to this shortcoming. From toiletries only soap and paper are available. All the rest must be brought with you.

Clean in rooms quality and quickly. Towels are changed daily. Bed linen - every three days. Balcony guests must clean their own.


Breakfast is included in the price. The food is monotonous, but you will not have to starve. In the morning on the table you can see several types of sausage, cheese, olives, vegetable sliced, eggs in several variations, beans in tomato sauce, cottage cheese with fillers, muffins, croissants, cookies, pies, flakes. Drinks are presented by tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Of fruits, only pineapples and oranges.

According to tourists, for three stars the menu is good.

Guests can book dinner at the hotel. It is worth such a pleasure 12 euros per person. But for such money you can eat in the neighboring taverns, where the food is more diverse.

Beach holidays

The sea is very close. It's enough just to cross the road - and you will find yourself on a wonderful beach. Machines here practically do not go, and there is a traffic light. The beach is equipped with sun beds, umbrellas, locker rooms and showers. You can have a snack and quench your thirst in the beach tent.

Sunset at sea comfortable. There are stones, but they do not interfere if you swim near the shore. After the ridge of stones again the sand, so you can just swim across it. The sea is amazing color, very warm and clean. No waves, no storm in this area does not happen. But on the opposite coast the sea rages constantly.

From the inconvenience is worth noting the fact that by the evening the coast rises the wind and carries sand. On the shore it is almost impossible.

the Internet

Communication in the hotel is not always. The Internet sometimes does not catch at all, and sometimes they can be used even in the room. The speed is low. But in all nearby cafes you can get free Wi-Fi access.

Car rental

In Greece, you must rent a car. This will greatly simplify and reduce the cost of sightseeing trips. The cost of the car is about 30 euros a day, along with insurance, and do not worry that you somehow damage the car. Local people do not follow the rules of the road. You need to be ready for this. But the intense movement is only in Rhodes. You need to drive calmly and carefully.

Places near the hotel

Along the waterfront there are wonderful taverns. The prices are different, but they are always very tasty, except for a pizzeria. Here and pizza is not impressive, and the service, according to tourists, is bad.

In the other side are also located cafes, but more expensive and crowded.

The best choice is a tavern located at the crossroads, if you walk along the pool. Here the lowest prices and the largest portions. For 15 euros you can take salad, garnish, sweet and drinks. One serving is enough for two adults.

Almost all taverns bring bread, which is not in the order, but then it is included in the bill. If you do not eat it, it's better to refuse immediately. At the same time, you can bring a dessert, which you also did not order, but this is in most cases a gift from the establishment.

Near the hotel there is a supermarket and a large shop with low prices. On the contrary - the fruit market.

Interesting places

Renting a car, you can travel almost all the sights of the island. The road takes only 20 minutes to the old town. It's an incredibly atmospheric place. There are a lot of shops here, there is an aquarium, an embankment. Greek cuisine is very hearty, so evening walks along the sea are simply necessary.

The old city is a real fairy tale. Here you can stay forever and feel new emotions every time. Shopping, dining in taverns, coffee, sunset - all this fascinates and makes you come back again and again.

Interesting places on the island are not very many. Be sure to visit 7 sources. The Butterfly Park is a tourist attraction for an amateur. It is better to come here at the end of summer.

There are a lot of temple buildings in Rhodes. Special attention should be paid to such places as Lindos, the ancient city of Kamiros, the Kalimes termites. Along the way, there are many picturesque bays where you can swim and sunbathe, taking an umbrella with you. The sun in Greece is just ruthless.

Filerimos is famous for its observation platform, church and peacocks, which can be fed from the hands.

Experienced tourists say that at least once you need to meet the sunset in the castles of Monolithos and Critini. It's completely free, and the kinds that open up leave an indelible impression.

On the ferry you can go to Simi Island. The ticket in the port is much cheaper than the tour operators. Even you can go to Turkey for a day. By the way, in Marmaris there is an opportunity to acquire new things.

You should definitely visit Rhodes. Here live the most benevolent Greeks. And the hotel Lomeniz Hotel 3 * allows you to spend your holidays quality and inexpensive.

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