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How to attract customers to a beauty salon: a practical guide

How to attract customers? On this issue, not only beginners are being racked up by the businessmen, but also the representatives of business who have already tasted great profit. For example, beauty salons. How many of them are in each provincial city, and what can we say about megacities? How not to get lost in the general mass, how to properly present yourself, how to attract new clients to the beauty salon and keep them, and also how to succeed in this difficult business sector? Let's try to figure it out together.


Before opening a beauty salon, you need to evaluate all the pros and cons regarding its future location. First of all, pay attention to the following conditions:

  • area;
  • Transport accessibility;
  • Well-being;
  • Absence of nearby competitors.

When it comes to choosing a district, it does not mean its prestige, but first of all the need of people living in it in the opening of this type of institution. There must be real plans for attracting clients to the beauty salon. For example, a sleeping area of the city may be a better place than an elite country village. Why? Very simple. Living in a sleeping area girl does not want to spend on the road to working in the center of the beauty salon half of his day off, and in the nearby she will certainly look (and if you like, then the next time she will bring girlfriends). Residents of the same elite countryside, of course, can visit the beauty salon, which is located right in their territory, but, as practice shows, they do it only in emergency cases (a broken nail), and even then not always. More often they visit the largest and most fashionable salons, and if there is a need, a specialist is summoned to the house.

The opportunity to get to the hairdresser is an important condition. Nearby there must be parking, on which customers can leave the car, and those who do not have personal transport, will not have to spend a lot of time on the road from the stop. Well-being of the adjacent territory is also important for those who are interested in how to attract clients to the beauty salon, but this, probably, should not be explained. It's much nicer to see a beautiful view through the window, and not a dump. If suddenly the circumstances change for some reason, for example, the view from the window to the park will be replaced by a building, you can use such popular nowadays photo-blinds.

The last point is clear, and he refers first of all to beginners. If the beauty salon has regular customers, and you just open another branch in the neighboring area, it is quite possible that you will not need to think about how to attract clients to the beauty salon, but to competitors.

Conducting advertising campaigns and promotions

No matter how beautiful the institution, it needs advertising. You can order a video on TV or an article in the media, but this is not an expensive pleasure, which does not guarantee the appearance of a sudden flow of customers. Before you conduct an advertising campaign, you need to really assess your own financial capabilities. Not always expensive projects bring profit. For example, a promotion can attract tens of times more customers than advertising on TV. For example, this option shares. "Family Weekend." Adult hairstyle X rubles, children's - as a gift. If you promise your mother to take her child for a while, which she will spend on haircuts, styling and other procedures (at full cost), then this can be a decisive factor for her when choosing a salon.

Own website

The Internet is the engine of progress. Creating your own website, which will not only constantly update data on the services provided and their cost, but also interesting articles on beauty, photos of finished works, information about promotions and discounts, will help attract additional customers. It is not necessary to create your own site, you can open a group in social networks, but you are thinking about how to attract customers to a beauty salon, it's worth knowing that your own website looks much more effective than social networking sites.

Referral system and a system of cumulative discounts

The best incentive for visitors is the opportunity to save without losing as a service itself. No man will refuse a pleasant discount, and if it is a question of additional bonuses, it is several times more pleasant. A proven method of attracting new customers is the referral system. Anyone who brings new clients with them becomes an interested person, since the discount will depend on how much the referral ordered for.

Creating a customer database

The database of visitors is a powerful tool for their retention. Using the opportunities provided by modern technology, you can regularly remind customers about yourself. The main thing is that it should be unobtrusive and competent. Regularly receiving the same type of messages, the client simply refuses the mailing. You can influence the client with a message like "Dear (client's name), we are glad to please you! You are on the list of those who, having addressed to our salon this week, will take part in drawing five tickets for the premiere of the film "The Martian", or "The action in the beauty salon ..." or "Everyone who visited our salon on the weekend will take part in the A lottery of prizes from the company "Oriflame". And before such precisely nobody will stand: "On the eve of your birthday you get a 50% discount on all services of our beauty salon."

Gifts for customers

Love your customers and pamper them. "Every fifth client who has applied to us for the day, a face mask is absolutely free" - a trifle, but nice. On the day when the salon turns a month, six months, a year, reward your visitors, celebrate with them. And be sure to cover such events in social networks and on your website. This is the best advertisement.

Partnership programs

An excellent and quite effective method is partner programs in business aimed at attracting additional customers. It is not necessary that the partners are from the same industry. For example, the action "Make a hairdo in the salon and get a coupon for a discount of up to 50% in a restaurant". A great option, is not it? And most importantly, it will suit not only those who are interested in how to attract more customers to the beauty salon, but also to partners in other industries. Mutually beneficial cooperation is the way to success for both sides.

Interior of beauty salon. How to attract customers

The design of the interior is of great importance in attracting and retaining clients in the beauty salon. There are general principles, but basically you need to build on the preferences of the target group, which will focus on the salon. If you visit it will be people up to 35 years old, do not be afraid of experiments. Bright colors, extraordinary solutions in the layout and popular styles perfectly complement the mini-bar with fresh or low-alcohol beverages. It is also possible to create common service areas. Often clients of this age group come in groups, so it will not hurt to provide them with communication during the procedures.

If the beauty salon is designed for a more senior audience, the style should be chosen more calm and restrained. There will be inappropriate bright photos of models with incredible hairstyles and make-up, and a mini-bar can be replaced by a rest corner and serve coffee and cakes. It is also worth considering the theory of how to attract customers to the beauty salon by Feng Shui.

It is interesting

If you believe this theory, every business has its own color. For example, made in shades of red and steel design design will look very stylish, but for the beauty salon this combination is absolutely not suitable. At a subconscious level, a person who was served at the highest level in such a salon, still does not want to come back here. Feng Shui experts recommend starting to plan still at the design stage of the room and planning zones, but even if the salon is already decorated and even works for a long time, you can correct the situation and thereby increase the flow of customers.

To those who believe in magic

There is another option, how to attract customers to a beauty salon. Conspiracies and special rites can help in this. Many hang a bell at the entrance to the room, but do not know that a few words a day, and it will turn from a conventional decoration into a tool to increase the attendance of the beauty salon. To do this, you need to wait for the new moon and late at night, looking at the moon, rubbing the bell, saying: "Fly around the planet, adults and children will come to me." The next day, hang the bell so that it rings every time the door is opened, but it must be reflected in the mirror. If everything is done correctly, this will double the flow of customers and once and for all solve the issue of how to attract customers to the beauty salon. Magic, of course, will not help solve all the problems, but support in business will.

High service

Each of these methods will help attract customers. But here you can keep them only by providing quality services and high service. Whatever gifts the girl has promised, she will not even go for free to where her hair was damaged or her skin was damaged during a manicure. And most importantly - negative information is distributed among potential customers much faster than positive. This is the strict law of business.

The conclusion is that only those who love their work and clients, strive for development and constantly learn, will succeed, as well as remember using the means of marketing to attract new visitors and expand the client base. It is necessary to use all available opportunities, attend seminars, study the experience of successful businessmen (for example, S. Petrova's book "How to Attract Clients to the Beauty Salon, Practical Guide"), to develop not only in the field of its business, but also in other industries.

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