Lermontovo village: reviews recommended

Not far from the village of Tenginka in Tuapse district is located the village of Lermontovo. It is interesting that the poet was never in these places, although his regiment stood here in the fortification. The village of Lermontovo (in common parlance - Lermontovka) is located in a very picturesque place: the Shapsuho River valley. The river is unique because the only one that flows into the Black Sea, it never "closes". Neither sea storms, nor winds on land, nor severe frosts (which are rare in these parts) never overlap the mouth of Shapsuho. The river carries its waters all year round in the sea. What is the village of Lermontovo? Reviews about it there are very different. For Krasnodar and Rostov, it is attractive only because you can come here for the weekend: both cities are relatively nearby, and the road to the sea takes only a few hours. The inhabitants of these and other nearby towns dislike Lermontovo. Their testimonies testify that it is always crowded and, as a consequence, noisy.

However, this does not prevent the Rostovites from coming here often for 2-3 days: the settlement has an excellent infrastructure, many shops, cafes, and canteens. Special entertainment for holidaymakers who have come only to plunge into warm sea water is not required. Therefore, many tourists do not pay attention to the unique location of Lermontovo. Reviews of the northerners, Muscovites, residents of other remote regions are more accurate and fair.

Unaffected geography

If for some time to leave the sea beaches and climb the river bed, you can see pictures of nature, amazing imagination. The fact is that civilization here spread only to the village of Tenginka. Everything that is above is a territory untouched by man. If Lermontovo (reviews of all tourists confirm this) - the territory filled with music, the sound of waves, fun, beating over the edge, the Shapsuho Valley is a quiet and peaceful kingdom of nature, wild grasses and flowers.

Holidays in Lermontovo 2013

The reviews of tourists who visited the village this year show the attention that the district leadership devotes to its territories. Beaches have become much cleaner. Despite the fact that there are not more tourists, the cafe is not so crowded anymore, but the stores do not accumulate at all. All this happens because many new shops and recreation areas have been opened in the village, which have made it possible to unload the crowded town. In general, the village of Lermontovo (Tuapse district) - the reviews of tourists in this regard are unanimous - has become more attractive. Perhaps it's all about the upcoming Olympics, and maybe the tourist service has become better. Therefore, those who are going to spend the summer in Russia, you can go without fear to Lermontovo. Testimonials visited there testify: time will not be wasted. From the village you can easily get to any place on the Black Sea coast, go on any excursion. Housing is designed for a variety of categories of holidaymakers. If you want, you can stay in an economy class hotel, choose a luxury apartment or find private accommodation for only 300-400 rubles per day. Naturally, the level of amenities will be different.

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