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LCD "Cowberry" in Yanino: description, reviews

The small village of Yanino lies just a couple of kilometers from St. Petersburg. Perhaps this is what attracts developers here, because in the past decade, with extraordinary scope and enviable activity, construction began in Yanino. LCD "Cowberry" - one of the new complexes being erected here. Two of his lines have already been handed over, now the builders are completing the third. According to the plan, by the summer of this year the LCD will be fully populated. This complex is declared as a housing of economy class, but the apartments here are not inferior to comfort-class. We offer detailed information, what other features are available in the "Cowberry" and whether it is worth investing money here.


There are two Yanino - 1 and 2. The first village is much larger, the second is a little quieter and cleaner, but located about 3 km further from the city. In the first there is a relatively developed infrastructure, and to the Ring Road from it only 1,300 meters along the highway, which promises the residents considerable convenience. LCD "Cowberry" is being built in Yanino-1. According to the mystery buyer who visited this complex, he would be squeezed into existing buildings, so there is no more than 50 meters to neighboring houses. Koltushskoe highway passes from "Brusnichnogo" only in 190 meters, but it will not interfere much with the residents of the complex under consideration, because between it and the highway, the Yaninsky LCD and a number of Khrushchev stood up as a shield. The address near "Brusnichnogo" is as follows: Novaya Street, section No. 14,

Transport accessibility

On the one hand, the LC "Cowberry" in Yanino is located in a convenient place from the transport position.

Car enthusiasts will certainly be regarded as a plus location of the complex next to the Koltushsky highway and three minutes from the Ring Road, just in the place of a large fork. The problem is that the Koltushskoe highway still has only two bands, and the private sector, stretching along the road, is hindering its expansion. Therefore, traffic jams are frequent here.

For those who are going to use public transport, the location of the complex seems to be quite good. At 7 km from it there are just three metro stations "Ladozhskaya", "Dybenko Street" and "Prospekt Bolshevikov". They can be reached by minibuses, which stop on the highway, two minutes from the "Brusnichnogo", but public transport during peak hours falls into the same traffic jams. Therefore, the path to the subway can take more than half an hour.

In the future, it is planned to open a new metro station "Yanino", but this will not happen until 2025.


People have the opinion that ecology is better at times than in the city, because there are no enterprises there, and around there are endless natural massifs. LCD "Cowberry" fits into this pastoral picture is not quite clear. He, as already mentioned, is located near the busy transport route, beyond which stretches Yaninskaya industrial zone. Here, just 200 meters from the complex, there is a plant of the North-Western concrete company, a little further from the Leningrad Concrete Plant, and 50 meters to the right of the company "Beton-Lux". In addition, in the industrial zone of only 350-400 meters from the "Brusnichnogo" operates the largest waste recycling plant in the region. It was built 6 years ago, but already daily takes waste of more than 500 tons. At the same time, some of them are processed by the plant into compost, and some are digging. While it is difficult to predict the further prospects of its development.

For residents of the LC «Brusnychny» indisputable plus are residential buildings that protect the complex, and from concrete plants, and from the MPBO-2.

Positive aspects of the location of the complex in relation to the environment can be called 800 meters Rzhev Forest Park and Korkinsky Lake, which can be reached by car in 15 minutes.

Who builds

"Nevskaya construction company" is a developer of LCD "Brusnychny". "NSC" is a whole group of organizations specializing in the erection and sale of real estate. Previously, the "NSC" acted as a contractor, but now everything is done on its own, from the development stage of LCD to the implementation stage. At the moment, there are 4 objects in her piggy bank. This is a complex "Cowberry", a town house "Smolny" and two multi-apartment houses, one of which has a beautiful name "Ladoga beach".

Infrastructure and design of the complex

Quite nice looks from the LCD "Cowberry" in Yanino. The investors' comments indicate that all three of its buildings are built according to modern design, have bright beautiful facades, which perfectly complement the balconies with panoramic glazing. The entire complex for the architectural design should include three eight-story buildings. The first is in the form of the letter "G". It has 4 sections. The second body also has an L-shaped shape, but it has 3 sections. The third building is the smallest, consists of only 1 section. In the project there is no point of fencing the complex and installation of security, the entrance to its territory will be free. In the yards here it is planned to make improvements, build playgrounds, create recreation areas. On the first floors of all three houses will be located various commercial offices. Already now it is known that a store and a private clinic will open here. In the buildings of the buildings there is one underground technical floor. Underground parking is not planned. It will be outdoor free, designed for 100 cars.

Infrastructure around

Yanino-1 is still a rural village, so there is no particularly developed infrastructure here. LCD "Cowberry" is being built near other modern LCD such as "Yaninsky", "Yanina Country", "Yaninsky Cascade", "New Yanino", the territory of which will be open, which will give an opportunity to use their infrastructure. This is certainly convenient. But, on the other hand, in the village there is only one school and two kindergartens, which are obviously not enough for all former and new residents. The same situation with medical care. 250 meters from the "Brusnichnogo" is the only medical facility in Yanino - a small outpatient clinic where only a few doctors are accepted.

Among other infrastructure facilities you can name a store, to which from the complex of 50 meters, mail and church located not far from the outpatient clinic, the Culture House and the Skummi store located behind the Koltushsky highway, the refueling point, the "Tire shop", the spare parts store, the supermarket "Dixie" "And the store" Norman ", to which 400 meters along the highway.


In the LCD "Cowberry" offers apartments the following options:

- studios with a total area, rounded - from 19 m 2 to 51 m 2 ;

- one-room - from 34 m 2 to 59 m 2 ;

- two-room - from 44 m 2 to 66 m 2 ;

- three-room - from 80 m 2 to 85 m 2 .

All apartments have a ceiling height of 2.8 meters, there are very spacious hallways and kitchens with an area of 10 m 2 . Balcony or loggia are not provided in each apartment. In the studios, according to the layout, the bathroom is combined with the bathroom. In "odnushkah" there are options with separate and combined bathroom and toilet. In "dvushkah" and "treshki" bathrooms and bathrooms are only separate.

Apartments are rented without finishing, but it can be negotiated with the builders individually.

Buildings of the complex are erected on technologies of monolithic structures, and walls and partitions are built with brick.

In the entrances, equipped with intercoms, will be located on 1 elevator firm OTIS, the concierge room is not provided.

Price list

The cost of apartments in LCD "Brusnychny" is considered very moderate, corresponding to the class of housing. At the stage of the pit, 1 m 2 cost 53 000 rubles. Now you can buy an apartment here at a price of 62,300 rubles per 1 m 2 .

"NSC" cooperates with:

  • Bank of Moscow.
  • "VTB 24".
  • Sberbank.
  • "Delta Credit".
  • "Bank "Saint-Petersburg".

The transaction can be formalized according to the following schemes:

- immediately paying 100% of the cost (there is no discount);

- in installments (only for housing in the 3 stages, and only with an initial contribution of 50%);

- Mortgage (the conditions for registration in banks are different, in addition, you can use the parent capital and military mortgages).

Terms of delivery

The course of the construction of LCD "Cowberry" is moving confidently. The company "NSC" is trying to perform works qualitatively and to hand over objects on time. Mostly it is obtained from her, but sometimes there are also small delays. The project "Brusnichnogo" included 3 stages. The delivery of the first was scheduled for the first quarter of the year 2016. Residents of the first building were safely received keys and already settled.

The second stage (second house) was expected to be delivered in the second quarter of the same year, 2016, but was moved to the fourth quarter. The state commission here already was, now in the house builders eliminate small remarks, and tenants start to receive keys.

The delivery of the third stage according to the plan should be in the first quarter of this year 2017. The developer plans to give out keys to tenants before the beginning of summer.

LCD "Cowberry": reviews

In general, the complex leaves a pleasant impression. Marked by interest holders his dignity:

- reasonable prices;

- good planning;

- location near transport stops;

- availability of infrastructure facilities on the ground floors.

Notable shortcomings:

- weak infrastructure in the village;

- small parking;

- many apartments on the site (12 units);

- congestion leading to the city route.

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