'Lactobacterin' preparation: reviews and recommendations for use

Dysbacteriosis is a fairly common disorder in adults and children. It often occurs when taking antibiotics and can lead to other, more serious diseases. Therefore, it is not necessary to dismiss the symptoms that indicate the appearance of this condition. Currently, there is a wide range of drugs that help to get rid of this problem. Among them, you can note the drug "Lactobacterin", reviews of which are left in large numbers from consumers, while they note its high efficiency.

This drug represents living cells of lactobacilli, which are either compressed in the form of tablets, or made in powder form in ampoules. This drug is relatively harmless, because it has few contraindications. In addition to hypersensitivity, do not recommend giving children under 3 years of pills (it is necessary to choose a drug in ampoules), as well as if the patient has a history of candidiasis (thrush).

Side effects of the drug "Lactobacterin" reviews are very rare. There may be allergic reactions, when the appearance of which the reception is canceled, and the patient is better to consult a doctor.

Assign the agent usually after undergoing a course of therapy with bacteriophages. Before using it, it is better to consult a doctor, as well as to undergo laboratory tests, which he will appoint. In most cases, one tablet (ampoule) is a single dose. The duration of the course depends on the course of the disease. So, with intestinal dysfunction and colitis, it can be from three to six weeks. At a dysbacteriosis it is enough to apply a medicine within 2 weeks.

Sometimes a doctor can prescribe the drug "Lactobacterin" for newborns, the reviews mark its effectiveness in such cases. Indications for this can be colitis, the use of antibiotics. Adults and older children are prescribed this drug at conditions that occur after acute intestinal infections, with bowel dysfunction. The agent can also be used in gynecology, in the treatment of inflammatory processes in the genitals, as well as in the sanation of the birth canal, if the pregnant woman has a violation of the purity of the vaginal secretions.

In pediatrics, to use the drug "Lactobacterin", the newborn and older children should be examined by a doctor and pass the necessary tests to identify pathogenic microflora. Under no circumstances should you engage in self-medication, and use this drug is only necessary for the appointment of a specialist.

No negative effects were found with the application of the drug at the same time as other drugs. It can be used during pregnancy and during lactation. When the genitalia is inflamed, the drug is administered intermittently. If the doctor has not prescribed otherwise, the instruction recommends 2-3 doses in the morning and in the evening. The drug "Lactobacterin" reviews in this case are noted as an effective remedy, as well as in the process of sanation before childbirth. Duration of treatment is up to two weeks. This is agreed in each individual case with the doctor.

No cases of overdose have been reported at this time. Do not use the product during the period of taking antibiotics. In addition to the normalization of microflora, the drug Lactobacterin, the reviews also report this, has an immunomodulating and antibacterial effect. It is possible to simultaneously use such means as "Bifidumbacterin" and "Normase". Store the drug at a temperature that does not exceed 8 degrees. Affordable price and high efficiency make this tool quite popular among consumers, as evidenced by the numerous reviews left on a variety of thematic forums.

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