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Kostenko Anastasia: biography, private life

Kostenko Anastasia became a recognizable personality in 2014, when the charming girl took part in the contest "Miss Russia" and won a prestigious title. After the contest, the girl went to the "Miss World" to represent our country in an international competition. But the real popularity of Anastasia Kostenko was after a scandalous romance with football player Dmitry Tarasov.

early years

Anastasia was born in March 1994 in the Rostov region. The girl's family was far from famous. The pope of the future star was engaged in business, and my mother worked in the school. Their family did not last long. Little Nastya was only five years old when her parents decided to divorce. The girl was left to live with her mother.

Soon after the divorce the mother of the girl again marries, and in the family there are still children - a boy and two girls. Kostenko Anastasia has been distinguished from childhood by vivid natural data and ingenuity. In addition to beauty, the girl expressed her creative potential, which was difficult not to notice. Despite financial difficulties in the family, my mother decided to develop her daughter decisively.


At first, my mother gave Anastasia to a music school, and then she looked for a dance studio for her. The girl was so fond of dancing that she firmly decided to forever associate herself with the dances. She mastered all the basics of several kinds of dances and after the end of the nine classes she went to study at the College of Arts, where she continued her professional mastery of choreographic mastery.

In parallel with the training, Kostenko Anastasia took part in local competitions. Including beauty contests. Spectacular girl did not remain without attention. For her, it was just entertainment beyond the hour. But soon it is noticed by the Chinese model agency and offers cooperation.

Carier start

In 2013, Anastasia becomes the face of the Chinese company Lan Yu and demonstrates their handmade clothes. In parallel, the girl does not miss the opportunity to participate in beauty contests. After the termination of the contract with the Chinese company, the model decides to return home.

Feeling the taste of victory at the competitions, Anastasia Yaroslavovna Kostenko decides not to stop and submits an application for participation in the most important beauty contest of our country. The girl immediately receives an invitation to participate in the competition. As a result, Anastasia takes second place and becomes "Vice-Miss Russia". Then the girl had the honor to represent our country in London, where she entered the 25 most beautiful female representatives.

Personal life

The girl never advertised her private life and was known only in narrow circles. However, in "Instagram" Anastasia has a lot of subscribers. The most interesting thing is that the girl was very popular not because of her won titles, but for the novel with her husband, one of the famous TV presenters. In 2016 Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova were on the verge of divorce. They actively figured out relations in the network, and fans of the famous couple could not remain indifferent in this situation. The spouses themselves did not publicize the reason for the break, leaving the fans in the unknown.

Soon the Internet spread rumors that Kostenko Anastasia had been taken from the family of Dmitry Tarasov. The girl herself did not enter into a public squabble and did not give unambiguous comments. Dmitry Tarasov attributed novels to many of the fair sex, so everyone took it for the usual gossip, while Olga Buzova did not disclose all the cards in correspondence with Tarasov. The girl instantly fell crowds of angry fans of the TV host with unflattering comments, which "Miss Russia" Anastasia Kostenko successfully ignores. In 2017, at the birthday of Tarasov, lovers uncovered all the cards and officially announced their relationship.

Biography Anastasia Kostenko is full of unexpected twists of fate. A girl who dreams of becoming a famous choreographer and dedicating her life to a dance, suddenly becomes a model, then, after working in the modeling industry, she will go to beauty contests, where she achieves great success. She actively shares her plans with her fans and journalists with her life plans. As she tells Anastasia Kostenko, she dreams of a big family and children. But while the personal life of the famous beauty of Russia is shrouded in scandals, fans are eagerly awaiting the development of events.

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