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"Koktebel" (cognac): reviews, prices

Favorable climatic conditions in the Crimea allow growing unique grape varieties to create wines and cognacs. Crimean wineries are recognized as one of the best in the world and are not inferior to French or Spanish. From this article you will learn about the factory of vintage wines "Koktebel" and how to choose the best Crimean cognac.

Factory of vintage wines and cognacs "Koktebel"

The history of the plant began in 1930, when a state farm-plant "Koktebel" was established near Yalta. At that time he was part of the world-famous winery "Massandra". At the very beginning of its journey, the plant specialized in producing wines from the Saperavi, Muscat and Shabash varieties. But already in 1958 it began to actively develop cognac production, which is now known all over the world.

The first trial batch of brandy brandy "Koktebel" was prepared in 1967. The test was successful and it was decided to start mass production. Already since 1975, the brand assortment officially included cognac "Koktebel", "Kutuzov" and "Crimea". To date, the plant annually produces 100 decalitres of wine and cognac products, which are successfully exported to the countries of near and far abroad.

Plant Assortment

A wide range of products allows satisfying the tastes of even the most skeptical gourmet. Winemakers of "Koktebel" use unique technologies for creating dessert, strong and dry wines, brandy brandy and cognac alcohol. Favorable climatic conditions allow to conduct an orderly production all year round.

To date, the ranks of the Koktebel collection are supplemented by such famous names as:

  • Pinot Franc "Koktebel" is a table dry red wine made from the grape variety of Pinot Franc.
  • Madera "Koktebel" - vintage white wine, produced from the varieties Albilo and Sabbat.
  • Port "Old Nectar" - dessert vintage wine with tart honey hints.
  • Muscat "Kara-Dag" is a pink wine based on muscat grapes.
  • Cognac "Koktebel" is a visiting card of the wine-cognac factory.

The famous Koktebel cognac

After the success in 1967, Koktebel brandy became not only the visiting card of the plant, but also one of the most popular such beverages in the USSR. It includes the best grades of Crimean grapes and high-quality cognac spirits. This unique combination gives the drink a soft fruit and berry flavor with notes of vanilla. The sophisticated technology and long cognac aging make it truly valuable and unique.

Varieties of brandy "Koktebel"

The factory produces several varieties of the drink "Koktebel". Cognac extracts more than 10 years has the abbreviation "COP". Collectible cognac, as a rule, is stored in cellars for more than 30 years and is much more expensive than ordinary cognac .

The number of stars in the name of different kinds of Koktebel cognac indicates the period of its aging in the cellar. Cognac "Koktebel" 3 stars is considered to be the youngest and is made no more than three years, while a five-star is stored for at least five years before it reaches the store shelves.

Production technology

For the production of Koktebel brandy, only Crimean grapes are used. Technologists argue that if you use grapes that are taken from another location, the taste of cognac will be completely different. For this reason, Spanish and French wines are famous all over the world, the raw materials for which are grown on the most picturesque plantations.

The juice obtained after pressing the grapes goes to distillation, as a result of which alcohol is produced by a fortress of about 26 percent. Repeated distillation allows selecting the most pure raw materials, which will be used for aging at the Koktebel plant. Cognac has a maximum aging time, which is 70 years. At the same time, the most intense taste has a cognac of 30 years of aging, as the experienced winemakers say.

When storing, only barrels made from the core of oak are used. This tree has long been loved by winemakers because of its porous structure, which allows you to "breathe" cognac in the process of aging. The first few years are the most important in the production of ordinary wines and cognacs. It is in the first years of the drink that it changes color and is saturated with the aroma of oak barrels, due to which a unique and unique taste is formed.

Ready cognac is bottled in 500 or 1000 ml bottles. In this case, the shape of the bottles is limited only by the manufacturer's imagination. For today it is possible to meet various souvenir containers of the most bizarre forms. According to GOST, the storage period of cognac is exactly two years. However, if there is no sediment or cloudiness in the bottle, then the cognac can be stored longer. This will mean that all production was carried out in accordance with the norms.

How to drink brandy "Koktebel"?

Such an alcoholic drink, like cognac, is not recommended to be cooled or heated before use. Room temperature is optimal for revealing the taste and prolonging the pleasure of drinking a bottle of refined beverage. While ordinary wine before serving requires cooling to 10 degrees, otherwise its taste can be very disappointing.

For the supply of cognac it is customary to use special glasses, called sniffers. They can be purchased in alcoholic or souvenir shops. These glasses are made of thin transparent glass, which allows you to enjoy the color of cognac. And their form is made in such a way that it was possible to evaluate the rich aroma of a perennial strong drink. But do not fill the glass to the brim. It is enough to pour 50-100 grams and stretch them a few sips. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the delicate aftertaste and aroma of this unique beverage. After all, it is not customary to drink cognac with a volley, as, for example, vodka. It should be held in your mouth and evaluated taste.

Snacks also play an important role in tasting the products of the Koktebel plant. Cognac is not a drink for a lavish feast. That is why as a snack good for bitter chocolate, fruit or cheese. Do not serve cognac for heavy meat dishes. In this case, it is better to give preference to ordinary wine.

Where to buy cognac "Koktebel"?

It's easy to answer this question. For today practically in any Russian shop of wines it is possible to get cognac "Koktebel" (5 stars). The price for a bottle of ordinary cognac in 0.5 liters will be about 650 rubles, and for 1 liter - about 800 rubles. This democratic value makes cognac available for almost any connoisseur of elite alcohol.

Collector's copies will cost at least 12,000 rubles. However, you can evaluate the taste of this brandy on wine tasting, which is held annually in the Crimean resort cities. The cost of tasting with a lecture by an experienced winemaker will cost no more than 300 rubbles. For this sum you will be offered to try the most famous varieties of wines and cognacs directly from the cellar of the famous plant.

Reviews of brandy "Koktebel" (5 stars)

Cognac as a strong drink with a fairly tart taste has its admirers all over the world. Vintage and collection alcohol, above all, is a man's drink, which will be an elegant addition to a friendly conversation. Therefore, if you decide to purchase an inexpensive but high-quality product, safely give preference to the brand "Koktebel".

Cognac, reviews about which are very numerous, really has all the necessary flavoring qualities. In addition, the form of the brandy "Koktebel" allows to present it as a gift.

Reviews in the network prove that, over the long history of production at the Koktebel factory, brandy still has the same rich flavor and astringent aroma as it was in the 70s. At the same time, many note the expansion of the assortment of alcohol products of the plant, which allows you to taste new varieties of wines and cognacs.

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