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January 21 around the world celebrate a rather unusual holiday - the International Day of Embrace.

January 21 marked a rather peculiar holiday - the International Day of Embrace. It was founded in the year 86 in the USA, but it was then called "National Day of Embrace". Then the holiday quickly gained popularity around the globe. The main tradition of this holiday is the conclusion in the friendly embrace of all familiar and unfamiliar people.

Despite the fact that the world embrace day appeared relatively recently, it was not possible to find its author. Who exactly came up with the idea of such a close congratulation, it is unknown. But it is still believed that the initiators of this holiday are students. On an international day of embraces, guys and girls encased each other in friendly embrace for no reason or intimate background. There is an opinion that with friendly embraces, people exchange human heat. Psychologists say that people who want to enclose someone in their arms unconsciously want to feel security, love and comfort. Embrace accompanies us almost all life, we gladly enter into them friends and relatives at a meeting and in order to show our gratitude or joy not only on the Day of Embrace. Greetings at all do not require any expenses, it is enough just to give generously the warmth of everyone you just want. Remind your close people of your warm and sincere attitude towards them, just hugging them and giving them a piece of your heat.

Why is hugging useful?

So, why did the whole world take up the tradition of celebrating the International Day of Embrace? Precisely because embraces are extremely useful for human health! According to psychologists, there are two main reasons for embracing without any claims. First, embraces give a person a sense of security. In my childhood, when we cried, we immediately ran to my mother, and she hugged us. Then we had a certain sense of security and we were very calm, and the event no longer upset us. Between the child and the adult there is absolutely no difference when we are ill and we are embraced by a close person, we immediately get a little better. Secondly, the satisfaction of tactile needs is inextricably linked with the mental health of man, since scientists have long proven that a person, as well as other living beings, needs touch. Tactile hunger will equally satisfy the touch of a cat, dog, or person, so single people start pets and are very fond of hugging them.
From the physical point of view, in the human body, when touched, the following occurs:
The activity of the nervous system is actively stimulated and the hormone oxytocin is released into the blood , which produces the hypothalamus of the brain. This hormone determines the psycho-emotional state of a person, improves well-being and develops a good attitude towards others.
Children's psychologists and doctors strongly advise parents to hug their children more often, as they will actively develop mentally and physically. It is also believed that a child who has not received affection and tenderness, can acquire mental and mental disabilities.

It is worth noting that an adult needs embracing no less than a child. In everyday life it is believed that this will simply improve the mood and relieve tension, but embraces also play a very important role in strengthening good relations between loved ones. Family psychologists insist that it is necessary to hug the second half at least eight times a day absolutely without any reason. On the International Day of Embrace, you can embrace absolutely everyone, both acquaintances and strangers. Improve the mood for yourself and the people around you, because hugging is so useful!

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