Intel Core i7-3770 processor: specifications and reviews

Phenomenally high level of performance Intel Core i7 3770 Allows you to solve any problem with difficulty without any problems. It's about his hardware specifications that will go further.

CPU niche

Products of the Intel Corporation of the Ivy Bridge family can be divided into two classes: solutions for enthusiasts (socket 2011) and "for all other cases" (socket 1155). It is to the second class that the hero of this review belongs. It is the most productive processor solution of this socket, except for the more advanced version of the same chip, but with the "K" index, which is assigned to solutions with an unlocked multiplier. That is, in the regular mode, these two CPUs operate in the same mode, but here at "Kor i7 3770K" it is possible by means of removing the restriction on increasing the frequency to further increase the performance during overclocking. In the rest it is a solution of the premium segment, which even now can cope with any task.

Contents of delivery

Processor Intel Core i7 3770 OEM is completed as follows :

  • Chip.

  • Established air cooling system.

  • Sticker for the system unit (for its front panel).

  • Warranty card from the manufacturer.

  • User guide.

There was also a version of the CPU with the BOX prefix, which was supplied in a proprietary box of blue color. Otherwise, these two versions of the same CPU model could boast of an identical bundle.

Processor Connector

As noted earlier, this is the most productive LGA1155 processor. Intel Core i7 3770, of course, is the top-end solution of this processor socket. The platform itself by computer standards has become obsolete. It was replaced by more advanced and more productive sockets 1150 and 1151. But the difference in performance between the flagships of these two processor connectors and the hero of our review in the normal mode is not so noticeable. In the best case, it is 10-15 percent, which is not so easy to notice in most existing software.

Technological features

Intel Core i7 3770 is already out of production. Yes, and it is already quite difficult to acquire: its inventory is almost sold out. But a very serious plus of Intel's products is that its solutions, unlike most competitors, are manufactured according to advanced technological standards. So in this case - the tolerance level of 22nm remains still relevant. For comparison, the CPU of Intel's direct competitor, AMD, is still mostly manufactured at 28 nm or 32 nm.


As expected, the three-level cache is equipped with an Intel Core i7 3770. Its characteristics are really impressive. The first level of fast volatile memory is divided into 4 parts of 64 KB (each of them is tied to a specific computing module). Also, each of these parts is still divided into 2 equal parts. The first of these is used to store only data, and the second is used for instructions. As a result, the total size of the first level cache is 256 KB. The second level, like the first one, is divided into 4 parts, each of which is assigned to certain computational modules. The size of an individual part is 256 KB. Its total size is 1 MB. However, in this case there is no such hard division into two parts, in contrast to the first level of fast memory. The third level of the cache is common for all computational modules, and its size is equal to an impressive 8 MB.

Supported RAM Types

Intel Core i7 3770 is focused on the use of the most common RAM modules at the moment - DDR3. Of course, the most advanced solutions already support DDR4, which is already on sale.

But it is only used in the most productive computer systems, which only enthusiasts can afford. As a result, DDR3 is still the de facto standard and the most common type of RAM in new PCs.

Temperature and heat release

The maximum permissible operating temperature for a given semiconductor crystal is 67.4 degrees. In reality, it is recommended to use this chip in the operating temperature range from 30 to 50 degrees. Moreover, such a temperature mode of operation is provided even by a regular cooling system without overclocking. Well, for fans of the latter it is recommended to replace the regular cooling system with an improved one, which without special problems will cope with enhanced heat release. The processor Intel Core i7 3770 boasts a thermal package of 77W. For comparison: its direct predecessor "Cor i7 2600" was with a TDP of 95W. That is, the difference between the second and third generation of the CPU of the Intel Cor family is almost 20 percent.

Frequency formula

Depending on the level of complexity of the problem being solved, the frequency of the Intel R Core ™ i7 3770 dynamically changes. When using 3-4 computational modules, it is 3.5 GHz. In this case, the chip simply flawlessly solves multithreaded tasks. If only one computational block participates in the work, the frequency of the semiconductor crystal increases to 3.9 GHz. This mode of operation of the CPU is ideal for single-threaded applications.


An interesting situation is obtained in this CPU with the number of cores and computational flows. As mentioned earlier, real computing modules in this chip 4. But at the software level, their number doubles in the Intel Core i7 3770 - 8 cores. Again, this option, which allows you to work this chip in 8 computational threads, can be disabled in the "BIOS" of the motherboard.

Integrated graphics

Intel strives to make its processor solutions as universal as possible. The hero of our today's review is no exception in this regard. It has a built-in graphics core - "HD Graphics 4000". This accelerator operates at a frequency of 650 MHz. For some serious tasks it is clearly not enough. But for office applications and other undemanding programs, it is perfect.

Overclocking potential

The nominal frequency, as noted earlier, is 3.4 GHz for the Intel Core i7 3770. This value is valid for the case when 3 or 4 computational modules are simultaneously in operation. If only one module remains in operation, this value will increase to 3.9 GHz. It would seem that this chip with a locked multiplier and it can not be overclocked and the previously stated values limit the frequency formula of this semiconductor crystal. But here you can increase the frequency of the system bus and thereby increase the overall system performance. To do this, you need to do this:

  • We check the power of the power unit (it should be more than 700 W).

  • Also, the motherboard should be with advanced parameters.

  • The regular system must necessarily be replaced by an improved one, which would ensure a better heat dissipation.

  • When PC startup starts, it is necessary to enter the BIOS.

  • We lower the frequency of system memory.

  • We leave the CPU voltage unchanged.

  • Increase the frequency of the system bus step by step.

  • After each increase, we start the PC and check the stability of its work with the help of specialized software (it needs to be installed beforehand).

  • And so on, until we reach the extreme limit of the computer system's efficiency. As a rule, in most cases, the actual operating values are limited to 4.1-4.2 GHz. But there are cases when the maximum allowable 4.5 GHz is reached.


The Intel Core i7 3770 processor can still be purchased from stock for $ 330. Of course, the new computer on its base at the moment is not quite justified to collect: there are interesting proposals based on more productive chips of 4 and 5 generations. But the owners of older systems based on the 1155 socket with less productive processors, it's time to upgrade and get the highest possible level of performance from its far from new PC.


There is only one drawback in the Intel Core i7 3770. Reviews highlight the low quality of thermal grease under the metal casing in comparison with earlier versions of the chips of the same manufacturer. This nuance significantly worsens the heat sink as the temperature of the semiconductor crystal rises during the acceleration process. But this deficiency manifests itself only with increasing frequency. If you plan to use the CPU in the normal mode, then there will be no problems with its use. Otherwise, this chip has only advantages: high level of performance, excellent architecture and advanced technological process - and this is not a complete list of advantages, which are indicated by satisfied owners.


An excellent processor for its time was the Intel Core i7 3770. Even now he is doing an excellent job of any task, including the most demanding. To some extent, this chip has lost its relevance: there are more recent solutions of this class. But at the same time, its stock is of great interest for those who want to improve the performance of the PC based on this platform to the maximum level. In this case, it is uncontested.

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