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Have you ever heard of the Iberotel il Mercato 5 *? Sharm el-Sheikh If you visit, you can see it. You will get to the resort city of Egypt, located in the Sinai Peninsula, in its southern part. The hotel is located on the Red Sea coast. He's great! It was built in the Governorate of South Sinai, where Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the regional centers. The resort existed during the Ottoman times. When Sinai was occupied by the Israelis in 1967-1982, the city was called Ophira. Back in the 1970s it was a small village. It has gained immense popularity among tourists due to its convenient location, good climate, rich natural world, fast and high-quality development. It must be added that this metropolis is quite unlike the typical Egyptian cities. It differs from the beloved by tourists Luxor, and from the capital Cairo. There is no similarity in it with the Alexandria, founded by the Greeks. And the second main Egyptian city - Hurghada - is its complete opposite. Sharm el-Sheikh reminds, rather, European resorts of the Mediterranean.

Tourism and rest

The resort of the European level is Sharm el-Sheikh. Hotels, 5-star and not only, beaches, places for recreation of tourists are placed on its coast in an incredible amount. There are more than two hundred hotels of different type and price level. Almost all institutions are equipped with swimming pools. People get to the beach by bus. On the beach they not only sunbathe and bathe. They are offered services for diving, snorkeling, scootering and water skiing. There are also bathyscaphes and boats with a glass bottom, on which tourists travel with pleasure to the sea.

By the way, at this resort is very well developed construction of residential buildings. From different countries attract investors an excellent climate and modern infrastructure. In the free areas of the city, hotels, entertainment centers and new residential complexes continue to grow.

Reviews of tourists

How do citizens of Ukraine, Russia, the European Union and a number of other states organize their vacation in hotels like Iberotel il Mercato 5 *? Sharm el-Sheikh always gives unforgettable impressions to its guests. They like this resort very much, and they gladly give their feedback to the hotel administration. Tourists point out that Sharm el-Sheikh brings them more impressions than Hurghada, that it is more modern. They say, they are delighted with shopping centers and wonderful discos that there are more bars and restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh than in Hurghada, and less Arabic color. Holidaymakers are delighted that all of their money was thrown by the Egyptians on the development of the metropolis: Hurghada loses from this point of view. Tourists say that the sea is more suitable for diving than for beach people. They say that the shallow water with coral deposits sharply turns into a deep sea, and note that it is dangerous for children to swim in this resort.

Visa-free regime

Please note: Sharm el-Sheikh can boast of a visa-free regime. Let us consider this point in more detail. This regime was introduced on the other lands of the Sinai Peninsula. A free stamp allows you to stay at the resort for up to fifteen days. It is used for visiting Sinai, for traveling to Jordan and Israel. A tourist visa worth $ 25 allows you to live in Egypt for up to thirty days. It is mandatory if a trip to Luxor and to the pyramids is planned. The tourist chooses and draws up all the documents at the airport.

It should be noted that in 2007 a new terminal started operating at the international airport. He is able to receive and release up to fifty aircraft per day.

Local population and tourists

The fabulous city of Sharm-el-Sheikh! The testimonies of tourists indicate that his life revolves around the tourism industry. Most of the people here come from Russia and the CIS countries. A lot of vacationers from Poland and Italy. Come, of course, guests from other countries, but they are very few.

Local people working in the Egyptian tourist business, as a rule, can speak some European languages. Greatly communicates in English most of the staff of shops, hotels and other institutions. Taxi drivers are no exception. Many of them perfectly express themselves in Russian. Here most of the signs are duplicated in Russian. This nuance applies to the inscriptions at the airport, and to some road signs. In small shops and markets for Russian rubles, you can buy inexpensive goods. Tours are organized in the city. They are very popular with visitors. A bus or plane will take you to the sights of Egypt. This is the pyramids of Giza, and Luxor, and Alexandria, and Cairo. You will be able to visit the monastery of St. Catherine, climb the mountain of Moses, see Israeli Jerusalem, other cities. A trip to the Jordanian Petra, the Palestinian Bethlehem, to the Dead Sea is not ruled out.

At night, Sharm el-Sheikh shines. Vacationers tend to get to noisy discos, nightclubs or casinos. They are happy to attend various shows. A favorite place for tourists is the promenade. This is the pedestrian road to Naama Bay. Numerous cafes and shopping centers are open for a long time, so visitors can even try Japanese, Arab and European food, smoking a hookah even at a late hour.

The local population is very kind to tourists. The local residents cherish their work in hotels similar to the Iberotel il Mercato 5 *. Sharm el-Sheikh compared to other cities of the state has a high standard of living. Staff, employers and government agencies constantly instruct, improving the quality of service. In the city there is not only the usual police, but also police for tourists. Her staff received special training. Their task is to prevent any difficulties for the guests of the metropolis.

By the way, the residents of the nearby Israel travel all over Sinai without visas. This nuance contributes to higher prices for resort hotels, and to other tourist services, too.


Arrived in Sharm el-Sheikh, people get acquainted with local and surrounding attractions.

  • Everyone wants to visit the monastery of St. Catherine and see the Burning Bush, contemplate the Sinai mountains.
  • Many people want to see the island of Tiran and its coral reefs.
  • A lot of guests come to the national reserve of Ras Mohammed and the Nabq reserve.
  • Tourists are introduced to the Ancient City and its bazaar Old Market. In the same area, they can see the panoramic rock of the Naama Bay area, the shopping and entertainment district and the artificial waterfall, the pedestrian promenade and Panorama Sharm.
  • The 1001 night entertainment complex and the shopping gallery in Hadaba are also visited by many.
  • Visit the Khadab Dolphinarium.
  • Visit the water park in Hadaba.
  • Have a look at Naama Bay in Cleo Park.

By the way, the city has the Medical International Center. Saint Helena Karabetz. A new Orthodox church was built in the High Nur area. Here in 2007 a large mosque was opened. A little later in the Old City was built a mosque even larger.

One of the best hotels in Egypt

Let's return to our beautiful Iberotel il Mercato 5 *! Sharm el-Sheikh presents to your attention the amazing creation of the hands of men. This hotel was built in the Ras Um El Sid area. The airport is eighteen kilometers from the hotel, Naama Bay is ten kilometers away, and the Old Town is four kilometers from the building. The shore of the Red Sea is located quite near - five hundred meters you need to master, in general, a stone's throw.

Hotel Iberotel el Mercato 5 * guests Prepared a Network Jaz Hotels. It is hosted on Hadabet Om El Seed. This is an exclusive five-star establishment. Thanks to him, guests can be in the heart of the dynamic life of the metropolis, near numerous cafes, restaurants and shops.

So, the hotel Iberotel il Mercato 5 * Has placed the apartments at the Red sea. Guests have access to rich rooms with plush beds and elegant interiors. The hotel has all the amenities. In addition, he owns impressive indoor and outdoor swimming pools. All rooms are provided with satellite TV and air conditioning. Each room is equipped with a balcony.

Iberotel el Mercato 5 * is open 24 hours a day. Free private parking is also available. International and regional dishes are served in the restaurant of the establishment, where an amazing buffet is always organized. The local bar offers an impressive range of cocktails and drinks.

Ah, hot Egypt! Iberotel il Mercato 5 * welcomes its guests in all languages of the world! There are 224 rooms in the hotel. Travelers from Russia, who chose this option of residence, often believe that they have visited this eastern fairy tale! They like attentive smiling staff, elegant building, cozy rooms, delicious food. Many people celebrate bartenders separately. After all, they are preparing such mouth-watering cocktails! Some travelers are sure that they will definitely return to this hotel again.

Assortment of services

  • Rest in the open air. For travelers equipped with an outdoor swimming pool, open all year round, prepared as a garden and a terrace.
  • Sports rest. The hotel offers guests tennis, fitness center, billiards, massage services, darts, a private beach area, animation staff and an indoor pool that is open all year round.
  • Food and drinks. Guests are happy to eat at the restaurant, bar and snack bar. In the restaurant, a meal is ordered on the menu or a buffet is organized.
  • The Internet. Wi-Fi can be connected in any corner of the hotel at an additional cost.
  • Iberotel il Mercato 5 * offers free private parking. Photographed here very often the family on the background of their cars.
  • Services. In this hotel, tourists can bring food and drinks to the room. There is a car rental, transfer to the airport and back, both paid and free. The institution has a laundry, a 24-hour front desk, and an ATM. Here for babies you can hire a nanny, pat your clothes and take the help of a concierge.
  • Are common. Here you can use the safe and non-smoking rooms.


How can I forget the Iberotel il Mercato 5 *? Sharmelsheikh Is known as a unique metropolis. And this hotel is his pride. Arrival of tourists is from 14:00 to 23:00, and departure - from 12:00 to 13:00.

  • The prepayment and the cancellation policy depend on the room category.
  • Here can live kids of any age. If the family has one child under the age of twelve, it is free of charge.
  • Pets are not allowed in the rooms.


We will study the rules in Iberotel il Mercato 5 *. Sharm is visited for a reason. They go here with a visa. And the rules need to be studied before the journey begins. There is a special rate . It works only for Egyptians and permanent residents. When check-in is taking place, guests are required to present passports, valid Egyptian citizenship cards or a residence permit in Egypt. Otherwise, an additional amount is paid. On the day of booking, the hotel administration can personally communicate with tourists. She can also ask them in advance to authorize a credit card.

Hotel in Shark Bay

And now consider the hotel "Rogjana". Sharm el-Sheikh also has such a pearl, belonging to the network of Dessole Resorts & Hotels. This hotel is a hotel complex. It is located in the beach area, on the first line. The distance from the sea is only two hundred meters. The airport is located nearby - in twenty kilometers. Tourists, as a rule, enjoy a regular flight "Moscow-Sharm-el-Sheikh-Moscow".

In 2000, the Royal Rojana Resort was built. Near it is a sandy beach, famous for its amazing coral reefs and rich underwater world. The institution covers an area of 165,000 square meters. Its snow-white buildings are thought out to the smallest detail, the halls and rooms have an excellent design. There are green and flowering gardens. Throughout the complex skillfully laid out stone paths.

How can tourists find the hotel "Rogjana"? Sharm el-Sheikh is a big metropolis. The hotel is located twelve kilometers from the Bay of Naama Bay and five from the airport. In fact, it was built on the shore of Shark Bay.

Description of the complex

The hotel "Rogjan" has 599 rooms. All are equipped with a shower, balcony or terrace, air conditioning and a minibar. In the premises there is a refrigerator, hairdryer, telephone, safe, cable TV. Guests are served tea or coffee. Once upon arrival guests are given shampoo and hair conditioner.

The hotel owns its own SPA center, which tourists pay extra, an amphitheater and parking for cars. On the grounds of the institution there are souvenir shops, an open recreation area Green Land and a clinic. The hotel also has a reception.

And where do the tourists have fun and go in for sports? The hotel has a free gym, six impressive swimming pools, two tennis courts, which can only be visited for an additional fee, and a volleyball court. There is also a field for playing tennis and mini football. Those who wish can always play boccia, dance, or do yoga, aqua or step aerobics. There is a magnificent open-air cinema. The hotel also offers guests darts, billiards, water polo, backgammon and live music. A playground and a swimming pool are prepared specially for toddlers. For children from four to twelve years there is a small club and a mini disco.

Bars and restaurants of the hotel "Rogjana"

  • Capitol Restaurant is the main restaurant of the complex. From its windows you can admire the sea coast. The restaurant staff feeds visitors with local and international dishes. Each week, guests are offered four dinners of a certain theme. Men can not attend an institution in shorts.
  • And Lounge Restaurant feeds its customers with early breakfast, late breakfast and late dinner. 24-hour snacks are offered.
  • In the Bay Watch Restaurant, visitors can always eat food cooked on the grill. There is a buffet, during which salads and dessert are served.
  • Italian Restaurant treats visitors to Italian cuisine. Preliminary recording is required here. In the institution, men are forbidden to eat in shorts.
  • Chinese Restaurant prepares Chinese dishes for tourists. Here visitors are pre-recorded.
  • French Restaurant prepares appetizing dishes of France. It also requires pre-registration and adherence to the dress code.
  • Seafood Restaurant specializes in seafood dishes. From the windows of the building you can look at the sea surface.
  • And Istanbul Bar offers guests a wide range of drinks. Every night they organize a show. You can take a look at the performance of the Istanbul group on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The institution is located in the coastal zone.
  • Beach Bar and Pool Bar offer their customers snacks, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.
  • And Lobby Bar treats its visitors with various drinks and cocktails around the clock.
  • UFO Disco is the most popular disco in the resort. It is decorated under the planet Mars. It organizes game shows and cabaret.
  • Sultans Corner is hookah. Her visit is free.

Hotel "Rogjana" owns three beaches, two of which are sandy. They are equipped with sun loungers, umbrellas. There are towels. The first beach is used for outdoor activities, which can not do without music and animation program. And on the second and third people serenely spend time. And yet, this amazing country is Egypt! Hotels Iberotel il Mercato and "Rogjana" are her pride. Of course, sometimes sharks and jellyfish appear on the coast, but this is very rare.

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