Hydroponic installation - what are its advantages?

Since time immemorial, mankind has been forced to deal with problems of increasing the yield of life-supporting crops. Gradually, the method of plant cultivation without using soil was developed, but exclusively on nutrients dissolved in water . This method is called hydroponic. Competent use of hydroponics significantly increases the yield of agricultural crops.

Hydroponic installation

The principle of growing plants without soil is quite simple. To do this, it is necessary to anchor the root system in a barren substrate and to supply air and nutrient solutions to the roots. The simplest hydroponic plant can look like a plastic bottle filled with nutrient medium. A universal solution is a hydroponic installation, created independently, with your own hands.

How to make hydroponic installations to your hands

For growing plants at home, you need to get a waterproof container, planting pots, appropriate fertilizers, an air pump and a heater, an air diffuser. For a precise dosage of the fertilizer mixture, a syringe can be used.
You will also need a sharp knife, a pencil, in this case the compasses will not interfere.

Hydroponic installations with their own hands are created in several stages. At the initial it is necessary to build a convenient container for pots, arrange ventilation holes in the container. The number of holes and the location of their location does not play a special role. It is important to provide aeration of plants in this process.

It is necessary to use a special instruction for installing hydroponics at home to skillfully organize the spraying of air using an air hose and an aquarium pump.

Plants need to hedge against infection by harmful bacteria. For this purpose, a certain amount of chloramine is added to the water tank. Sterilization is carried out in this way. Pots are placed in a container, after about half an hour the water is drained and the container is kept for weathering chlorine. And only after these procedures you can start preparing the nutrient medium.

Hydroponic plant is refueled following the instructions on the package or bottle with fertilizers. You can create a device for plants from a beer bottle, cut into two parts. In it, holes are made in large quantities, through which the roots of the plant will be ventilated. Through the bottom row of holes will feed to the roots. Then this plant is filled with nutrient mixture, and plants can be transplanted.

For a better survival of seedlings it is expedient to grow from the ground in the ground. When transplanting it is necessary to work extremely carefully, so as not to damage the root system of plants. The transplant is carried out in a certain order. First, you need to carefully take out the seedlings from the ground, then gently rinse the roots of the plant with water. In an empty hydroponic plant, you need to place the plant and fill it with vermiculite.

When watering the nutrient solution, the excess must be accumulated in the lower part of the plant.

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