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How will a good housewife get rid of moths in the kitchen? A few tips!

Even in the cleanest kitchen can start a food moth. Her favorite place of her dwelling is dry cereals and other products. This pale butterfly multiplies very quickly and can poison a person's life for a long time. How to get rid of moths in the kitchen skillful hostess?

Pale mole

It is a small butterfly (up to 10 mm in length) of an unobtrusive gray or brownish speckled color. It flies, but it does it chaotically and very quickly, so it's almost impossible to kill it. The insect is active at night, but at the sight of the person tries to hide. The moth lives no more than three weeks, however, and over these days it is capable of bringing great offspring.

How to get rid of moths in the kitchen, any mistress?

The destruction of an insect is complicated by the fact that not only the adult itself needs to be killed, but the entire colony, all of its offspring. You can not use chemistry in the kitchen, and all the products will just have to be thrown away.

How to get rid of moths in the kitchen skillful hostess? Folk remedies do not give a 100% guarantee. After all, the insect adapts, gets used to corrosive substances and chemical preparations. There comes a time when the insect ceases to react to smells, poisons, traps and continues to multiply in manga and rice.

Start with the inspection

You need to start with a thorough inspection of loose products. If a larva is found, do not go over the croup, you need to discard it. Unspoiled by the parasite, grains should be poured into well-closed jars.


A good remedy for moths in the kitchen is garlic. Let the garlic lie on the shelves and just smell. A sharp garlic smell drives an insect out of the house. However, there are exceptions. It is possible that the colony of moths living in your kitchen is not afraid of garlic. Do not be surprised if you see that in a couple of days they are eating garlic!


How to take the moth in the kitchen with vinegar? To begin with, it is necessary to rinse all kitchen surfaces with soap, then leave the kitchen for an hour to ventilate, then abundantly apply all the moth habitats, all shelves and crevices with vinegar. Close all windows, doors, seal ventilation, holes near the pipes. Mole will breathe from such a smell. After the end of the procedure, the kitchen should be ventilated again.

Herbs for help

How will a housewife using herbs get rid of moths in the kitchen? The method does not require costs and will not harm the owners. After complete disinfection of the kitchen and after all the contaminated products are in the garbage chute, you need to spread out bunches of herbs (mint, wormwood, lavender) on the shelves of the cabinets. The smell of this insect does not tolerate, so will start looking for another home.


There are also special moth traps that are sold in stores. For example, "Rapter", "Aeroxon". The traps do not destroy the larvae, but they entice the flying individuals and kill them. Gradually, the entire clan is killed. There are also chemical preparations that completely destroy insects, but they can only be used according to instructions.


To moth did not appear in the kitchen, you need to keep clean in every corner of it. All bulk products should be kept in a special container, pre-checked for pest. That the butterfly does not arrive from neighbors on ventilation, seal it with a frequent grid. You can prevent lavender or mint.

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