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How to turn on the iPhone and start using it

So, you have become a happy owner of a brand-new product of the famous "apple" company. How do I turn on the iPhone and how do I start using it? IPhone of all generations are turned on standard - with the help of the Power button located on the right side of the phone. The same button is responsible for locking and unlocking the phone.

But even after turning on, you can not use an iPhone. In order for the device to fully function, it needs to be activated. If you bought a phone from one of the largest mobile operators such as MTS or Megafon, then it is likely to be activated already. But if not - then you can do this operation without problems.

Let's take a step-by-step look at how to turn on the iPhone and activate a new phone.

1. Get out of the box and iPhone cable for PC.

2. Download and install on your computer a special program iTunes.

3. Insert the SIM card into the phone, turn it on using the Power button, connect the phone to the computer via the cable that was included.

4. Most often iTunes starts automatically. If not - run the program manually. She herself will propose to activate the device. We confirm the request.

5. We leave the iPhone in peace and wait for the activation to take place. While there is no activation, the device displays a message about waiting. While the process is underway, you can familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the device, which do not require communication, for example, with the camera, importing photos, menus, etc.

6. When the activation is complete, try to call. If everything is in order, then the phone dials the number. This means that the full functionality of your iPhone is included.

How to enable iPhone 4s

For this generation of iPhones, the activation process was significantly simplified - it was not necessary to use a computer.

How to turn on the iPhone without using iTunes.

1. Insert the SIM, turn on the phone using the "Power" button.

2. We choose a familiar interface language: Russian-Russian

3. The phone asks if you allow him to determine the location or not (this will be needed later for using cards, check-ins on facebook, etc.). If these functions are needed, then we are allowed.

4. Next, the iPhone will ask for a WiFi connection. In principle, this step is not necessary. It can be done later, at any time. Internet we still need to send information to Apple on the successful activation of the device, as well as for the operation of various online services such as iCloud and iTunes Match. For the same purposes, you can successfully use the mobile Internet of a local operator (3G / GPRS).

5. Now the iPhone is registered in the network of the mobile operator, it will receive the necessary settings for MMS, SMS. If earlier you had another iPhone, then you will be offered to restore the saved old data from the backup copy. And if the iPhone is new, then you need to choose "Set up a new device". In general, after this phone can already be used fully. Further steps are in principle optional, but highly desirable.

6. Again, you need to connect to the Internet and sign in with your Apple ID (this is a personal account for all Apple services). If you do not have one, then you need to create a new account - it's free and easy.

7. An agreement appears that needs to be accepted (it's good to read it beforehand), then turn on (or do not turn on) the voice assistant.

8. We agree or disagree that Apple conducts diagnostic reports, click the "Start using" button. Here, in fact, that's all.

Do not forget also that you can activate iPhone 4s with iTunes.

How to turn on the iPhone, if the "On" button does not work

If you have held the power button long enough, but there is no response from the phone, then the problem is most likely in the upper loop where the button is located. Then there will be problems at the headphone jack, at the volume control buttons, and at the noiseless mode switch.

Perhaps the power button failed, equal in height to the body. It is necessary to check: the screws may have cracked or loosened.

In any case, if the button does not work, then the phone needs to be carried to the service. It is better not to open it independently.

How to turn on the iPhone if it hangs

To do this, you must use the forced reboot mode: at the same time, press and hold the "On" button (top) and the "Home" button (the only round button under the screen) for a long time. After that, the phone goes out. If you turn it back on, it will reboot for longer than usual, but the problems will automatically correct.

How to turn on iPhone 3G

On the main page of the screen you need to click "Settings" - "Basic" - "Network". In the next window, swipe along the slider. Tap the "Enabled" position in front of 3G.

When the 3G protocol is used, the information is loaded faster, but the battery is also consumed faster.

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