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How to start the broadcast in "VC": detailed instructions

In 2017, the social network "VKontakte" has a new feature that allows you to access other users in real time. Live broadcasts "VC" are available to everyone. Moreover, they can be carried out not only from a computer, but also from mobile devices.

Live broadcasts "ВКонтакте"

Live broadcasts in the popular social network "VKontakte" officially appeared in April 2017, but the closed beta testing of the new function began long before that. Initially, the service was launched last fall. The ability to first test it fell to users of gaming stymers operating in Russia and CIS countries. After the testing showed positive results, social network developers created a special application for mobile devices called VK live.

VK Live app

VK Live is an official program from social network developers "VKontakte", which allows users to conduct live broadcasts from mobile devices and tablets. The app is suitable for absolutely all gadgets running on Android OS and iOS. You can download software to your device in Google.Play and App.Store.

The VK Live application allows you to tell thousands of users about yourself in real time and gain popularity with a wide audience. With its help, you can start broadcasting in the "VC", watch the "live" of your friends, idols or just interesting people, share stickers and gifts with other users and even earn votes (the local currency is VKontakte).

Earnings in Live Broadcasts in VK Live

Service VK Live allows you not only to tell about yourself in real time to a large audience, but also to earn money. This happens through the receipt of revenue from advertising, which can be activated on the record, formed after the end of the broadcast. In this case, the profit earned by viewing the advertisement is divided equally between the administration of the social network and the author of the video.

In addition, with the help of live broadcasts "VKontakte" you can earn votes. They arrive at the virtual account of the author along with gifts from other users. The more gifts, the higher the earnings. For the received votes you can buy different stickers and "masks" used inside the application.

How to start the broadcast in "VC"

Let's understand. First, we'll look at how to start broadcasting in "VK" from the computer. It's simple. Start a broadcast in the "VC" will be able to even a new user of the social network. You need to go to the "Videos" section on the main page of your account. Select "Create Broadcast" here. After that, a menu opens, in which you will need to fill in several fields: select the cover artwork, enter a title and description, specify who can view and comment on the entry, and check the boxes of the required option fields at the bottom of the page.

How to start the broadcast in "VK" from the phone

In order to start broadcasting from your smartphone or tablet, you need to download and install the VK Live application on your device. After that, you need to log in through your "VKontakte" page and allow the program to access all necessary sections of the account. Successfully doing this, you will get to the start page of VK Lite, which shows the current broadcasts of other users.

To start your own broadcast, click on the camera icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Next, choose from which name will be broadcast (in case you have several accounts in the social network). After that, in the opened window there will be buttons for enabling / disabling geolocation, opening / closing the ability to comment the video, as well as determining who this broadcast will be available to only friends or all users of VKontakte.

Broadcasting in the "VK" group

If you are the owner of a community in the social network "VKontakte", then you can conduct live broadcasts directly from his face. To do this, after clicking on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen, select the name of your group in the opened menu and click the "Start broadcast" button.

Now you know how to start a live broadcast in the "VC" group.

Shooting information

You can find out all the details about your broadcast right in the broadcast window. For example, in the upper left corner you can see the duration of the broadcast, find out how many users are watching it, and see the current balance. At the top right are the buttons for switching to the front / main camera and completing the broadcast. At the very bottom of the screen there will be an area for comments, where viewers can conduct a dialogue between themselves and with yourself.

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