How to sew a sling-scarf with your own hands

Modern moms love to improve and are open to everything new. Therefore, the sling culture in our society is quiet, but gets accustomed. Now I want to talk about how you can sew a sling-scarf with your own hands.

A few words about sling culture

First of all, I want to say that the sling culture is much older than it might seem at first glance. Using different ways of winding and pieces of cloth, even ancient women used to wear their children for convenience. It is worth noting that at that time, even the concept of wheelchairs was not yet. Today, many doctors, including pediatricians, speak about the benefits of slings in comparison with backpacks for children.

Types of sling

Today there are not so many varieties of slings. The most common of these are sling rings and a sling scarf. It is worth noting that the second option by its nature is more universal, because it is suitable for wearing even a newborn. In addition, from such a sling you can safely make a sling with rings. Often women, without understanding the question, look for options on how to make a sling from a scarf. It's just impossible. This device has received such a name only due to the fact that, like the scarf, this sling is quite long and has many different windings.

Fabric selection

So, if a woman decided to figure out how to sew a sling-scarf with her own hands, you need to start with the choice of fabric. It is worth noting that this is a very important point. From the choice of the mother will be much to depend on, but most importantly - the comfortable position of the baby and his comfort during wearing. The best choice is jersey. It stretches in the measure, you can choose either tight or lighter (depending on the time of year when it will be used). Practicing sewing sling from coarse calico or fleece. However, these fabrics are best used for decor or when combining several pieces of fabric.

What is important to remember

If a woman decides to sew a sling-scarf with her own hands, she should remember that it will be ideal if it is sewn from a single piece of fabric. After all, the child grows and changes, and at some point the seam can be in a very uncomfortable place and rub the baby's skin.


Also, to sew a sling-scarf yourself, you need to decide on the size. If the fabric stretches well, it will be sufficient to have a width of half a meter. If it is strong enough, it is better to take 70 cm. The length of the sling depends on the parameters of the mother herself. If you take a woman of medium size (height 160-165 and weight about 55-60 kg), it will be enough for her to have a length of 4-4,5 meters. If a woman is tall, you need to take a margin of width (more by 10-15 centimeters).

How to sew

Sewing a sling-scarf with your own hands will not be difficult even for a woman who is not closely acquainted with the sewing business. To do this, you need to cut a single piece of cloth of the required size (this will be a rectangle). If there is a desire, you can make elongated ends, the essence of this will not change, but here in a knotted scarf will look more beautiful. Next, you need to process the edges. You can, of course, overturn them (if there is no overlock, the zigzag on the sewing machine will do), but it is better to sew the article with a double fold. For the first time, the fabric is wrapped (for convenience, it can be ironed or swept), after the second door, it is stitched on the machine (it can be a double needle for the reliability of the seams). That's it, the product is ready! Every woman can make sure that sewing a sling-scarf is absolutely not difficult!


It's also good to decorate your sling. To do this, you can make various applications, you can provide the edge for the winter period or a rain cover for the summer (they can be attached using a few buttons, which can even look like decoration in themselves).

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