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How to obtain Israeli citizenship: Step-by-step instruction. Emigration to Israel

Such a topic, like the citizenship of Israel and the receipt of residence permit in this state, excites many people. In particular, Jews and those who simply would like to move there. As practice shows, many people can do it. Since today Israel, according to statistics, is the leader in terms of the number of immigrants and returnees. Well, it is worthwhile to list the ways that you can use to become a citizen of this country.


This word means returning home. The authorities are interested in repatriation. The return of ethnic Jews to their historical homeland is strongly supported. But, nevertheless, no one will confer citizenship on Israel only because he will call himself a Jew. The repatriation procedure is rather complicated.

It should be noted that this person can only be "appropriated" to himself by the person whose mother is Jewish. But the right to the citizenship of Israel is transferred, so to speak, along the male line, too. And also by marriage. And in general, residence permit can get a lot of people. Children, grandchildren, widowers, widows, spouses of Jews. Also people who were adopted by them. Widowers and widows of Jewish grandchildren also have the right to apply to the Israeli embassy on this matter. But it should be noted that all this refers to repatriation. That is to return home. And so, in fact, Russian can move to Israel. But more on that later.


Emigration to Israel under the repatriation program is possible upon presentation of a weighty folder with documents. They must confirm the nationality of the person. As a rule, they present official papers, on which the nationality of the ancestor is indicated, on the line of which he wants to repatriate.

A suitable document is a Soviet passport or an old-style military ticket - they had a "nationality" count. His own birth certificate is also suitable, if it says "Jew". Archival extracts from house books and any other old documents are also suitable.

You will also need a certificate of marriage between parents and grandparents (preferably). If a person who wishes to return to his homeland appeals with the name of a Jewish relative who has already passed away, he can present his death certificate. In general, the more official papers confirming the nationality of blood relatives - the higher the probability of leaving for permanent residence in Israel.

Religious question

It is well known to all people that Judaism is accepted in this state. And the religious question plays a huge role, if we talk about repatriation. Everyone who wants to return to his homeland, passes through the Israeli embassy. Where he will be interviewed, during which questions about religion will be asked. Some people, brought up in traditions that are far from belief, are often confused. And they can say that they have something to do with Christianity. So, this is a cross on a possible move to permanent residence. Since the Law on Return does not allow the repatriation of a Jew who has changed religion. Failure to challenge is almost impossible. Therefore, you need to declare yourself as a Jew.

Other Features

However, a potential citizen of Israel should remember not only about Judaism. It is worth returning to the topic of Jewry. In the consulate everyone knows perfectly well that in the era of persecution and persecution of people of a given nationality, many people hid it. And for this reason, the previously mentioned documents-confirmations are difficult to obtain. But there are other ways to prove your nationality. And these are photographs. For example, a photograph from the Jewish cemetery of a relative's tombstone.

Many people who want to repatriate turn to "Sokhnut". This is an organization that helps Jews to return to their homeland. Employees of "Sokhnut" will consult someone better than anyone else on all issues related to moving to Israel, documents, proof of nationality, interviews, etc. Assistance in choosing a city, work is also their responsibility. Sometimes representatives of the "Sohnut", in certain cases, even get a free flight to Israel.

General documents

Above were listed papers, which should provide a person hoping for repatriation. But the main list of documents is also attached to them. They are presented by all people who intend to obtain Israeli citizenship.

So, the citizen will need not only his birth certificate, but also the same document belonging to the person who was going to leave together with him. It is necessary. Still need passports, military tickets, certificates of marriage / divorce / death of the spouse (if any of the above is available). Naturally, you will need to provide "locked". And photos (format 3x4). They will be needed when completing the questionnaire.

Still it is necessary not to forget copies of labor books (although the original is better), passports and birth certificates. Of course, there are a lot of papers, but it is better to collect them all. Then emigration to Israel will seem more likely.

The process of emigration

If a person was given a "good", and he realized that to get Israeli citizenship for him now is a reality, then it's time to prepare for the adaptation period.

Upon arrival at the Ben Gurion airport, he is met, escorted to a special room, where he is given a lift, an internal passport, a medical check-in card and a SIM card for the phone. During the first three months a person will not be able to vote in elections. And he will not be "stolen" - he will be given out later, after a year without residence in Israel.

If there is a need, the person will be issued a permit to enter Russia in the local Ministry of Internal Affairs. But in Israel, a person will have the right to work, receive medical care and pension.

In general, you can not go anywhere. After all, within 6 months a person will be given an absorbent basket. This is a certain amount of money, due to which you can pay for studying Hebrew, partially compensate for rent / purchase of housing, and just live. Also in the program of absorption is the provision of customs privileges, discounts on the purchase of housing and machinery and assistance with the employment.

Conditions for non-Jews

Anyone can get a passport of an Israeli citizen, in principle. But only for people who have no Jewish nationality, absolutely different conditions are established. They can obtain citizenship if they live in Israel for three years, they will know Hebrew and have material income. And in order to stay in the country for the specified period, you will need a visa.

The first step is to talk about the B / 1 form. It is issued to people going to Israel to work. Registration of this document is handled by an employer who is interested in a foreign specialist. When his extradition is approved, a person comes to Israel. And then he must get a work visa in 30 days (so many B / 1 apply). He submits to the consulate a receipt for the payment of the service ($ 47), a certificate of criminal record and medical examination (a person should not have AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis), an application for dactyloscopy (it is taken on the spot), and two more photos.

After submitting the application - an interview with the consul. If there are no questions, the working visa is issued within 24 hours.

What's next?

A coveted Israeli passport can be obtained by living in the country for 3 years and having a residence permit. Which, in turn, is given to people with financial wealth. The authorities should know that they are taking in their ranks a full-fledged personality, capable of providing and being useful to society. But this is self-evident, because a person in any case will be in Israel for work.

If he is not Jewish, then he will need to provide a lot of other arguments to representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who will be able to convince them of making the right decision. Knowledge of Hebrew, the availability of real estate - it's all an advantage. There are relatives in Israel? Do not talk about it! And even better is to accept Judaism. That's something, and it certainly will play an important role.

By the way, it is worthwhile to know that after receiving a long working visa a person still has to undergo a course of language training, and also to confirm the validity of his diploma, to obtain a license.


Finally - a couple of words about another common method of obtaining Israeli citizenship by a Russian person. Naturally, it will be about getting a passport through marriage.

It must be said that in 1999 some amendments were made to the law, according to which a person who married a citizen of Israel can not immediately receive a national passport. He, like everyone else, must undergo naturalization.

The first thing he does is a work visa. And a permit for temporary residence. Then he must file an application with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in which the person will ask for recognition as an Israeli. Naturally, each of the periods takes a certain time. About 3-4 years, usually. Also, one must be prepared for the fact that the Interior Ministry will very seriously ask the spouses about their joint life (yes, they will need to come to the bodies both). In Israel, a strict attitude to fictitious marriages. So questions about the date of birth, the first gifts, dating and favorite shades can not be avoided. Another couple should be morally ready for the fact that representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs can suddenly come to them to check if they live together. However, all this is not terrible, if the marriage is sincere. Otherwise, if there is evidence of the opposite, the Israeli faces a fine, and his "other half" - deportation.

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