How to measure basal temperature

The question of how to measure basal temperature is of interest to many women. This is necessary in those cases when it does not work to become pregnant for about a year and there are thoughts of infertility, or when the gynecologist says that you may have some violations related to the hormonal background. Also, some women use this method in order to try to plan the sex of the unborn child, get pregnant quickly and just watch the state of their body.

So, how to measure basal temperature? Basal temperature is the temperature that is measured in the vagina, in the rectum and in the mouth, always in the morning after sleep, and the sleep should last at least five hours. This procedure should be carried out every day under the same conditions. To do this, you need to use the most common mercury thermometer. Modern electronic do not fit, because with this use of their indicators are not entirely accurate. Naturally, the thermometer should be placed next to you in the evening, so you do not have to get up and go after it. It is also recommended to bring down the temperature from the evening.

Knowing how to measure basal temperature, it is necessary accurately. This procedure is carried out absolutely every day, regardless of whether there is menstruation. There are certain rules, the implementation of which is mandatory. Here are some of them:

1. The temperature should be measured only from the morning. You can not move or get up.

2. You need to do this always at about the same time.

3. Begin to record the readings you need from the first day of the cycle.

4. Before the procedure, you need to sleep at least five to six hours.

5. All indications are recommended to be recorded as a special schedule.

When answering the question "How to determine the basal temperature?" Also remember that the thermometer can be influenced by factors such as taking a lot of alcohol, flights, crossings, various trips. The results will be invalid if you take medications, for example, sleeping pills or sedatives. During an illness in which the temperature can rise, the measurement can even be stopped. If you take oral contraceptives during these procedures , the testimony may be incorrect.

Now it is clear how to measure basal temperature. But how to use these indicators, and why?

A woman who wants to get pregnant without problems, you need to know exactly the day of your ovulation. The fact is that the most favorable days are five days, in the middle of which there is ovulation. Measurement of basal temperature and allows to reliably determine these days.

The temperature varies on different days of the menstrual cycle. In the beginning, it is usually a little higher, more than 37.0 degrees. In the following days, it is low, and persists until ovulation. It is just before her, the temperature drops slightly, and after the ovulation it gets a little higher. Such indicators are kept until the next cycle. It is these temperature jumps that make it possible to determine the most favorable days.

If it turns out that a woman is pregnant, then in this case the temperature should not vary. During the entire pregnancy, it should be slightly elevated. You can continue to measure it further. With a decrease in temperature, you can start to worry, because this can indicate a threat of miscarriage, termination of pregnancy.

Many women sincerely wonder why it is impossible to measure the usual body temperature, namely basal? The thing is that the temperature of a person's body during the whole day is not constant. It always changes, depends on many external factors. It can be affected by climatic conditions, and stress, and physical stress, as well as various food and drinks. The basal temperature is constant and does not depend on external conditions, so all women need to know how to measure basal temperature.

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