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How to install games on iPhone?

The revolutionary smartphone iPhone has won the favor of millions of people around the world! What is so special about it? In fact of the matter is that this phone is all unusual, but very convenient. Starting with the menu interface and ending with the simplicity of all possible settings. It is in this phone that you can sort menu items not only in alphabetical order, but on your own. But sooner or later to admire the standard features tired and there will be a dilemma: how to install games on the iPhone?

There are two possible further ways: the first one is official and very easy, the second one is workaround using third-party programs.

Let's analyze the official version. The first thing to do is register an account in iTunes. This can be done directly on the phone or sitting at the computer. Search for a long time this function is not necessary, because any action on downloading games, music, books, movies and other things, will require you to log into your account. To install the game, after completing registration, you need to go to the AppStore, determine the search category and click on the game that you liked most. Choose very simply, after clicking on its name, a game card opens, which has all the necessary information: screenshots, a short summary, reviews, rating and cost. If it is paid, then your bank account should have the necessary amount to write-off, and if it's free, then simply click "download", enter your login and password from your account and wait for the game to be downloaded and installed. After that, the game icon will appear on the desktop at the very end.

But followers of the unofficial way offer another method, how to install games on the iPhone, regardless of their cost. To disassemble the details, you need to get acquainted with such a concept as jailbreak. The essence of this term is to extend the functionality of the device using vulnerabilities in iOS that open up the software to unlimited access to the file system. Such an operation can be carried out independently or entrust this business to a professional. It's worth noting that it's not at all difficult to do this, but if at least one step is missed or mis-implemented, the device may no longer turn on.

After you jailbreak, you need to find an icon on the desktop called Cydia. The first thing we do is install Installous. It is with the help of this program that installation of iPhone programs will continue in the future.


  1. Add a source in the Cydia program. At the bottom of the screen there should be a button "Manage".
  2. Find the icon called "Source" and click on it.
  3. After that, the Edit function should appear.
  4. A new button will appear - "Add", click on it and in the line that opens, we write the address of the new source:
  5. Checking the correctness of writing the address, click "Add Source", and then, with any message that appears, select "Add anyway".
  6. After correctly executing the first five points, a source called "" should appear in Cydia. We go in it.
  7. Find the Install program in the accessible list and install it. The installation process may take several minutes.

Now it's almost clear how to install games on the iPhone. The Installous program is an unofficial analogue of AppStore, which has an intuitive interface and is similar to its official version from Apple.

So, every user of "apple products" sooner or later faces the problem of installing additional programs on his device. There are several options, so each person can choose the method that he finds most convenient. The official path that Apple has created is suitable for those who do not want to amend the software of their phone. The main thing in this method is that the user is willing to pay for the applications he likes. For those who are not ready to do this, there is a JetBrake method. Its only drawback is that the device will be removed from warranty service, because third-party programs can affect its operation. Now you know how to install games on the iPhone!

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