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How to crop a sim card for an iPhone without damage

If you have a phone of a new model, for example, iPhone 5 from Apple, then it will require a sim card of a new standard. The cut-down micro-sim cards, which are used in iPhones, are smaller, and also thinner than the standard "sim cards" for ordinary phones. But, it turns out, it's not so difficult to make such a card yourself. And now I'll tell you how to make a SIM card for an iPhone from a regular card.

There are three ways to solve this problem. The first way is to seek help from qualified specialists, for example, in a telephone repair shop. But they will have to pay for their services. The second way is to purchase a specialized Nano SIM card from the mobile operator. Well, the third way is to do all the work yourself. But before you cut off the SIM card for iPhone, keep in mind that this method is the most dangerous.

If you are determined to get down to work, then we will start without delay. Before you cut off the map for iPhone, find at home the most ordinary scissors (manicure does not fit), but sharp. You also need a ruler.

The card must be cut evenly over the metal plates. The microchip inside is much smaller in size than these plates, so you can not damage it. Cut off from three sides exactly 1.5-2 mm of contact plates, the same metal parts are cut off and the fourth side, located on the opposite side of the oblique cut - by 0.5 mm. On the same side, you will have to make a key - the same cut as you did in the original version. That's all - you are the owner of the Nano SIM card, which you can safely use in the iPhone 5, if you, of course, did everything right.

As for the micro-sim card, its dimensions should be 12 by 15 mm, and the metal plate should be exactly in the middle. How to trim a sim card of this type? The same as in the first case. We need only accuracy and accuracy. Such a card will fit without any problems to the iPhone of the fourth model.

If you are not sure that you will succeed at the first try, then before you can trim the sim card, you can train on old unnecessary cards. And more: before you start working with the original card, save all contacts from it to your mobile phone or copy it to paper. Probably, there is no need to explain why this can be necessary.

The operator of MTS in 2012 launched the Nano SIM standard card 4FF. You can buy them or change them for free, giving up your old card. At the same time, your old number will remain with you. The new card in terms of memory size, as well as functions, is no different from the old one. And with this approach to business, the risk of losing SIM card with its number is zero.

You can also ask, for example, how to trim the "sim card" for Samsung. The answer is simple: the same as for an iPhone. The dimensions are the same, so you can make a regular micro-sim card for the Samsung Galaxy S4, for example. The manufacturing procedure is the same.

If you want to use your micro-sim card in standard SIM cards, you will have to purchase a special adapter. It will allow using one card for several devices without problems. This is quite convenient, because the size of the card you cut off now does not fit into regular phones.

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