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How to hide a friend in "Contact": the features of hiding friends in a social network

Each user of social network "VKontakte" can not only add and delete friends, but also edit their list. If a person does not put any restrictions on viewing his page, any user can find out with whom he communicates, what common friends are available for two different people. How to hide a friend in "Contact" is a question everyone should know the answer to. Simple precautions and a little time spent will keep your personal information secret. Unfortunately, now you can "hide" from prying eyes only 15 friends, if their total number is less than a hundred, and 20, if more.

How to hide a friend in "Contact" is an interesting topic, because Pavel Durov, the founder of the network, is gradually preparing the ground for the introduction of paid services. If the user does not want to pay for additional services, his information will be available to a wide range of people. If you buy a package that allows you to set restrictions, it can easily hide all that is superfluous. In no case can you trust advertising, which promises to "teach to hide all friends." Most likely, such messages will lead to a phishing site, the creators of which want to receive from the user his logins and passwords, and if it comes to paid SMS messages, then money.

To understand the principle of the social network, we need to remember that VKontakte is appreciated by users for the opportunity to stay informed about other people's affairs, often unfamiliar. How to hide a friend in "Contact" is an actual topic, discussing which, it is necessary to know that it is simply impossible to "hide" all friends at once. In fact, the only way to hide some people added to the user as a friend can be in the settings. Limit 15 and 20 people should be enough to hide some people from the sight of other users.

To quickly remove some friends from the main list, just go to the "My Settings" section, then go to the "Privacy" tab and the "Who is visible in the list" item. Opposite each friend a "plus" sign will appear, pressing which you can transfer a person from the general to a private, closed list. Beforehand, you can find a person's photo to make sure that you are hiding the right friend.

How to hide a friend in "Contact" - a topic on the basis of which arose a lot of controversy. Some users and sites offer to use special scripts that in fact not only can not help hide more people, but also send a person to third-party resources, put viruses on the computer.

You do not need to overpay extra money for help that scammers can not provide. The opportunities provided by the VKontakte administration are unchanged, which means that the user can remove only 15-20 friends from the general list. Perhaps in the future Pavel Durov will introduce paid services to increase the number of hidden friends, but for the time being there is no official information on this issue. If a person does not want his friends to see someone specifically, you can just put this person on the black list or put him in a constraint so that he simply could not see the list of friends of the user.

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