How to grow hyacinths and hydrangeas

One of the lily is hyacinth, which, like all the lily, has bulbous reproduction. His flower is like a bell, issuing a very delicate gentle smell. Hyacinths can grow both in the open ground and at home in pots. In order to have hyacinth at home, you need to know something about how to grow hyacinths.

The first and very important detail: the bulb should be sufficiently tight, without any damage, and in diameter it should be about five centimeters. The second condition is the correct preparation of the bulb for planting in the pot. This training includes several stages. Bulbs are dug in June, and then kept for about two weeks at a temperature of thirty degrees. The next two weeks the bulbs are kept at a plus temperature of twenty-five degrees. And before the planting, the bulbs are surrounded by a temperature of no more than seventeen degrees. Few know that the time of their flowering depends on how to grow hyacinths and at what time to plant them. Usually everyone wants to see this extraordinary miracle on the festive March days. For this you need to land them in October.

The next very serious step is how to grow hyacinths in properly prepared soil. In the mixture must be present compost, turf and sheet earth with the addition of sand and peat. The bottom of the pot must be equipped with drainage, and then the soil layer must go. The next layer should be sand, which is directly in contact with the base of the bulb. This is very important, as the sand protects the roots from decay.

Bulbs should be planted compactly, but never in contact with the pot and with each other. Their tops should protrude slightly above the soil layer.

Next, pots with bulbs should be allowed to rest with a surrounding positive temperature of about seven degrees. Under these conditions, they should last about two and a half months. Soil moisture must be fully ensured. Do not allow drying. During this period, hyacinth bulbs are rooted. On how to grow hyacinths after the appearance of the first shoots, we need to dwell in more detail, since now comes a very important and crucial moment. When the shoots are stretched to a height of two and a half centimeters, they need to be placed in a cool and well-lit place in the house. The temperature should not be above fifteen degrees. When buds appear hyacinth should be watered more often and you should not allow water to get on the bulb.

It is necessary from time to time to turn the hyacinth in relation to the light source. This is necessary in order for the flower to be even. If you surround hyacinths with sufficient attention , care and cultivation is carried out at the proper level, then this plant will respond with a lush two-week flowering.

Very many are fans of hydrangeas. But how to grow a hydrangea so that it justifies all the efforts and efforts invested in it? For this, one must have patience.

Hortense loves a sunny place. This is an ideal condition for its existence. But penury also does not frighten her. In spring it is better to plant a hydrangea in early May, and in autumn - in September, and the distance between them should be a meter and a half. The core should be at the soil level. First time hydrangeas should be hidden from the sun, until it takes root. During the first two years, it is necessary to remove the inflorescence to give the bush completely full of nutrients. This will significantly affect its development. The first fertilizing with mineral fertilizers should be made in the spring. Then, during the emergence of buds, a second feeding is performed. Well, further fertilization is carried out in the summer, when the plant is mature enough. Hortensia is in desperate need of very moist soil, so you need to water them every week for fifteen liters under each bush. In spring, hydrangeas are pruned, which each bush is made strictly individually, depending on the age. In autumn, the inflorescences are removed, which have already faded. For the winter, the roots must necessarily be covered, for example, with manure, or with dry leaves and peat, and stiff trunks will overwinter and without shelter.

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