How to create the effect of wet hair yourself

Fashion is peculiar to return, bringing with each time something new in the departed trends. To create the effect of wet hair, do not necessarily go to a beauty salon specialist. This interesting hairstyle can be made and at home with no less success. But for this it is extremely important to find the right tools.

Now the stores offer a huge range of different products designed for hair styling - foams, varnishes, gels , etc. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you can find out from the seller about the differences between each proposed means for creating "wet" strands.

Gel / textureizer

Perhaps the most popular means with which you can create the effect of wet hair is a gel, or, as it is also called, a texturizer. Applying it to the hair, you need to distribute them on strands, emphasizing each separately. At the same time the gel adds shine, the curls look stylish and well-groomed. After applying the gel to the hair, you do not need to dry them. So the hairstyle looks natural and attractive.

Hair spray

As you know, quality gels are expensive. What if I can not get a good gel? In this case, a good alternative is hairspray. The effect of using it is almost the same as if using a good gel. If the hair does not obey, you can apply in addition to the varnish ordinary inexpensive gel.

The choice of the agent depends on factors such as the structure of the hair, their length and volume. If the curls slightly curl, then it makes no sense to use styling products that have a strong fixation. You can only fix the effect a little. If the hair is thick and naughty, then it is necessary to acquire the means of strong fixation.

How to create the effect of wet hair at home with folk remedies

Sometimes you really want to experiment without resorting to cosmetic means. As you know, everything natural is better. Below are the ideas for creating "wet" strands using home recipes.

Using gelatin

Gelatin must be mixed with warm water, wait until it finally dissolves, and apply to the hair. The effect of this procedure is the gloss and visibility of wet strands.

Using sugar

Sugar must be mixed with water to completely dissolve it, then the solution is applied to the hair. The effect of wet hair on the procedure is the same as when using gelatin.

When creating "wet" strands, it is important to consider also the structure and length of the head of hear.

Middle Hair Styling

Use the texturizer. Apply the product over the entire surface of the hair, then break them into strands. The process of combing and styling should take place simultaneously. After that, fix the hair with any accessory, for example, hair clips. The effect of wet hair with long curls is achieved in the same way.

Short haircut

First, use texturizer. Then give the hair the shape that you want. They can be tousled or broken into small strands.

Of course, a short haircut to give the effect of wet hair is much easier. Stacking medium and long hair requires more time and effort. But for this and there are new modern tools that allow you to achieve the desired result.

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