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How to connect a washing machine hose

When buying a washing machine in the standard kit, the hose for the washing machine must go with the equipment itself. More precisely, there should be even two hoses, one intended for connecting the machine to the sewage system, the other to the water supply. The bottom line is that in order to understand all this, there is no need to call a master. You can connect hoses for washing machines yourself. Moreover, it is worth considering that this will save a certain amount of money. Also, the manufacturers of this equipment do not deprive you of a guarantee if you are self-installing.

So, the first thing we'll do is install a hose for the washing machine, which is designed to connect it to the sewer. Initially, it is worth noting that before buying a machine you need to choose a place for it. It is now accepted that she is standing in the kitchen or in the bathroom. In any scenario, it is desirable to have a separate sewer hole for it. If the last repair of an apartment / house has been carried out within the last ten years - such a hole is bound to be, because now plumbers provide this. In the event that it does not exist, there are two ways out of the situation. The first is to equip a place for stylalki. This can be done simply by calling plumbers. Such an operation will have the most insignificant effect on your wallet. Of course, if you want, you can equip yourself with equipment yourself - it's still not easy. But now it's not about that.

The second way out of this situation is to leave everything as is, attaching the drain hose to the toilet bowl or to the sink. There are no problems with this and should not be. The only thing that it will need to be extracted every time from the same shell and again lowered there, because otherwise it will interfere.

Also it should be noted that it is not uncommon for those cases when the given hose for connection of the washing machine is slightly short (and maybe even slightly). Do not panic - it's enough to just buy in the store. And the purchased hose can be used not instead of the standard, but with it, as its continuation.

Well, the last, but very important point. The hose for the washing machine should go to it from the sewer at an angle of 45 degrees. Otherwise, it is very possible that all the aromas that so saturated the sewer pipes will fall into the washing machine.

Now the hose for the washing machine, its purpose is to connect it to the water supply. In this case, the stylalka is connected using a special tee (fitting). One output of such a tee leads to a sink tap, the second one to the water supply system, and the third one - directly to the washing machine. And this last output must have a diameter of the connection ¾. But before you attach the hose to it, you need to first put a tap there, with which you can turn off the water supply to the machine if necessary. Also one more important feature, in this case, all the connections (in addition to connecting the hose with the washing machine) are carried out with the help of flax or a special sanitary thread.

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