How to choose headphones for games with a microphone: reviews and recommendations

Many fans of computer games like to participate in virtual battles in headphones with a microphone. These devices allow you to better hear different audio effects, as well as talk with friends who are present in the game. Which models of headphones with a microphone can be attributed to the most famous on the market? How to decide on the choice of the device from among those that are presented in Russian stores?

Choosing headphones with a microphone: basic criteria

Choosing earphones for games with a microphone, gamers usually examine the samples of devices for the following features:

- design;

- build quality and convenience of using the device;

- architecture (open or closed);

- type of earrings.

Regarding design - everything, as a rule, is very subjective. Some people like unusual bold decisions, someone prefers classical concepts. Build quality is a more objective criterion. Concerning it, it can be noted that the design of the headphones should ensure an even distribution of their weight, otherwise the user will quickly get tired of wearing the device. It is also undesirable that there are noticeable backlashes in the headphones and creaks of details were heard - this indicates the low quality of their assembly and limited service life.

The architecture of the device is also very subjective. For example, headphones with a microphone for playing World of Tanks in a team, many gamers prefer to buy an open type, as in the process of virtual battles it is important to determine the location of the sound source. If the gamer "shoots" from the tank - other players can determine this if the headphones are equipped with external speakers. But gadgets of a closed type, of course, are also very popular, as they allow game lovers to immerse themselves in a virtual atmosphere.

Earpieces (elements covering the ears) can be overhead or covering. The main advantage of the first is that a person, no matter how loud the sounds in the game, can usually hear what is happening around him. The latter assume significant sound insulation.

The role of the microphone

Concerning an element such as a microphone, gamers usually do not make any special demands: it is clear that it is difficult to install a component in a small device that is able to transmit voice at the level of the device of sound recording studios or those used by artists on stage. But it's not bad if the microphone, for example, has a noise reduction function, has good sensitivity, and is characterized by ease of use and reliability of the design.

Key Specifications

As for other objective criteria that can characterize headphones in terms of functions and ease of use, they can be identified in the following list:

- frequency range (most modern models can operate in the range from 10 Hz to 20 kHz);

- type of connection (there are headphones that support only a standard 3.5 mm jack, and there are those that can be connected to the PC wirelessly or via a USB cable);

- type of microphone (capacitor devices are now common).

Also, many users pay attention to such criteria as:

- Presence of the built in audio card (if it is, the headphones by definition will cope with their work better than those that involve a sound card built into the PC);

- the availability of additional software in the kit (if it is, it in most cases significantly expands the capabilities of devices).

Headphones for games with a microphone are produced by a large number of brands. Let's consider some successful models.

Sennheiser: description and reviews

This German company is among the world leaders in the audio equipment segment. Among the most famous models of headphones present on the Russian market are PC 150 and PC 350. The second type of model by many gamers and IT experts is characterized as one of the most optimal in terms of combining quality and price. These headphones are closed type, and they have excellent soundproofing, the quality of reproduced sounds. They include a microphone with the function of noise reduction.

How do users characterize German headphones for playing with a microphone? Reviews of gamers - positive. Many fans of computer games believe that the devices of the specified models from Sennheiser are equally adapted for any computer games, regardless of the specifics of the virtual gaming environment in them.


Another well-known brand that produces headphones for playing with a microphone is the American company Plantronics. Among the most successful solutions of this corporation is the DSP-500 device. It has an original design and built-in audio card. Also these headphones are noteworthy in that they can be connected to a PC via a USB cable.

Gamers very much praise the device for the build quality, characterize the headphones as especially comfortable when wearing: probably, the brand-manufacturer paid special attention to this aspect. Functionality is also evaluated by users as fully in line with the needs of modern computer games enthusiasts.


The Danish company SteelSeries also produces excellent headphones for playing with a microphone. Among the most successful models of devices, supplied by the brand - Siberia V2. They are also closed- type headphones , which have good sound insulation and excellent quality of reproduced audio effects.

Many gamers very much praise the device for the convenience of using a microphone. Gamers are impressed by a strict, but at the same time stylish design of headphones. Regarding the key functions of the device - judging by the opinions of gamers and IT experts, with this, these devices are all in perfect order.


Among the most famous brands in the market of equipment for fans of computer games is the American company Razer. Traditionally, it is perceived by gamers as a supplier of convenient and technological mice, but the headphones with a microphone for games produced by this brand also deserve attention. Among the most successful models of devices of the appropriate type - Razer Megalodon. It, as well as many competitive solutions, is equipped with a built-in audio card.

Razer devices in the segment of computer mice are characterized by an unusual, bold design. Can you say the same thing after studying the US headphones with a microphone for games? Photo of the device Razer Megalodon - below.

It can be concluded that the manufacturer remains faithful to its traditions in the aspect of the release of devices with an original, high-end design. And this, of course, impresses many gamers.

Gamers praise the device for ergonomics and comfort of use. Particularly enthusiastic reviews are expressed by those owners of the device who are accustomed to the brand Razer in the process of using game mice: they are pleased to feel that their favorite manufacturer supplies such remarkable devices in the other segment to the market.


Another well-known brand in the market of computer audio equipment is the Swiss company Logitech. Among the notable models of headphones for games produced by this corporation is G35. They are characterized by the support of the standard Dolby and high quality surround sound.

An interesting headphone option is a hardware voice change. Using it, you can successfully play your friends in the online gaming channel. This opportunity sympathizes very many users. The main functions and characteristics of the device are also estimated by gamers highly.


American company Kingston produces high-quality and stylish headphones with a microphone for games within the HyperX Cloud series. These devices are characterized by excellent sound quality, ease of use and ergonomics. Many IT experts consider HyperX Cloud headphones to be the best in their technological category.

Among the important advantages of the device, noted by users - the high sensitivity of the microphone and the purity of the transmitted speech - this is a particularly useful opportunity for fans to create videos on videohosting, or, for example, to record songs.


Singapore's Creative Corporation also produces excellent headphones with a microphone for computer games. Among the models that are worth paying attention to are Recon3D Omega. They are characterized, like other solutions we consider, with excellent sound quality.

The main feature of the headphones from the Singapore brand - the availability of a large number of opportunities for managing them - both with the help of buttons, and by using the special programs that come with the device. And this very much impresses users who leave feedback on the fact of acquiring the device.

Cooler Master

Taiwanese company Cooler Master has a subsidiary structure of CM Storm, which produces headphones of various series known in the gamers' environment. Among the most popular models - Sonuz. These headphones feature high build quality and excellent bass sound.

The microphone, which complements the device, many gamers praise for the excellent quality of sound transmission. Which of this can be inferred? Despite the fact that the leading manufacturers of devices of this type pay great attention to such a component as a microphone.


Among the well-known Russian brands that produce inexpensive and functional headphones for games with a microphone - Defender. Among the notable models, common in the Russian market - Warhead HN-G150. This device is characterized by a strict, but at the same time, stylish design, high ergonomics and comfort of use.

You can use these headphones with a microphone for games and "Skype", for recording clips on video hosting and other entertainment. Users believe that the device - great for working in the appropriate modes. The quality of playback and sound recording by the Russian device is characterized by gamers as high.


What other Russian brands that produce high-quality computer audio equipment can be noted? Among those that produce functional headphones with a microphone for games - DNS. Among the notable models of devices from the Russian company is S-983.

Many users are impressed by the fact that the headphones have a female type of ear cushion and are characterized by an ergonomic design. They also have a convenient volume control. They can be considered quite a successful budget solution - this is noted by many gamers.

Recommendations for the selection of headphones

Our next task is to determine which specific characteristics it is useful to pay attention to when choosing headphones with a microphone from among those that are on the market in a wide range. Let's now consider in more detail the characteristics of some devices, marked by us.

For example, the Kingston HyperX Cloud headphones regarding the criteria that we noted at the beginning of the article have the following indicators:

- frequency range: in the range from 10 Hz to 20 kHz (standard indicator, corresponding to competitive solutions);

- connection method: 3.5 mm connector;

- microphone: condenser.

Now consider, for comparison, the characteristics of Recon3D Omega headphones from Creative:

- frequency range: in the range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz;

- Connection method: wireless, as well as USB (for audio card);

- microphone: condenser.

Does the difference in the frequency of sound matter, which, as seen when comparing the characteristics of some models, is sometimes traced? Specialists in the field of computer audio technology believe that from a technological point of view, such a parameter as the frequency of sound reproduction is important. For example, professional headphones, which are used in recording studios, can operate at a range of 5 to 60,000 Hz.

At the same time, the average person is hardly able to recognize sounds in intervals below 18 Hz and above 20 thousand. Therefore, those ranges in which the headphones we are working with provide quite comfortable playback of audio effects.

Regarding the way of connecting devices - it all depends on the personal preferences of the user. Many gamers have become unaccustomed to using cables, for them wireless headphones are more comfortable. However, such devices can be exposed to various electromagnetic interference.

According to objective characteristics, in general, the headphones marked for playing games with a microphone are quite comparable. How to choose from them a suitable model - will depend, most likely, on the subjective preferences of the user in the aspect of design, the convenience of wearing the device. For many gamers, it also matters, as we noted at the beginning of the article, whether the headphones of the software and the built-in audio card are added. But you need to understand that the corresponding options significantly increase the price decisions, while the practical benefits from them will not always be obvious.

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