How to buy silver bullion in Sberbank of Russia

Investing in ingots is one way of investing temporarily available funds. At the same time, banking metals are more valued. More details on how and under what conditions you can buy silver bars in the Savings Bank of Russia, read on.


Investors who want to save their money can pierce an ingot of silver. This investment is characterized by a high level of liquidity and profitability, but only in the long term. Allocate standard and dimensional bars of silver. They are made by casting, stamping or electrolysis.

Before investing funds, you need to take into account this specific investment:

  1. A silver ingot that conforms to state standards should contain a metal without impurities. The highest quality metals have the Good Delivery mark.
  2. Investing in precious metals helps protect savings from depreciation as a result of inflation.
  3. A purchase and sale transaction can be concluded in any country of the world. The investor does not depend on the results of the bank's activities, because precious metals are valued everywhere.

Acquisition of

The procedure for buying precious metals is simple and non-standard.

Documents are made in the presence of the client. Absentee registration of the transaction is not allowed. For the execution of documents the client needs only a passport.

The sale procedure includes the mandatory weighing of the metal on the scales. In this case, the buyer must see the result with his own eyes. The weight is determined with an accuracy of 0.1 gram (silver) and 0.01 gram (gold).

You can only buy a measured ingot through the Savings Bank. Silver with obvious traces of pollution to transactions is not allowed. Preliminary it must be cleaned.

The contract of sale of metal must be supported by the manufacturer's quality certificate. It is also important to compare the received weighing data with the information entered in the certificate.

The whole operation is carried out through the cashier. The calculation documents clearly record the weight, number, sample and number of ingots. Also, the receipt indicates the date of the transaction and the amount of the transaction. The purchase and sale transaction of metal is issued by an act of acceptance-transfer.

Price list

Different metals can be purchased through Sberbank. Silver, like gold, is constantly changing in price. That is, you can make money on investments by fluctuating market value. The current price of silver in Sberbank is presented in the table below.

Weight, gram

The price of the ingot in standard packaging, thousand rubles.

The price of the ingot in the package, rub.

Acquisition of metal in a "satisfactory" state, rub.

Acquisition of metal in "excellent" condition, rub.


























In some institutions, very small ingots weighing 1, 5, 10 and 20 grams are sold. The price of metal depends on the weight of the ingot itself. The more it is, the less the cost of one gram. The price of precious metals is also affected by the exchange rate of the national currency and the official quotation of the Central Bank. Quotations in a specific financial institution also depend on the price at which the bank acquired metal. Very often there is a situation where, against the background of a market decline in prices, the financial institution continues to hold a high quotation, not wanting to fix losses from the sale of metal at low prices.


Do not forget that all operations with precious metals are subject to VAT at a rate of 18%. Investing in silver, the price of which is indicated in the table above, allows you to make a profit, but on condition of a correct calculation of profitability. It is necessary to wait until the market rate rises by 20% to justify the investment. To break the contract ahead of schedule follows only with a very urgent need.

Keep the house bought a bar of silver is not worth it. Especially for such purposes, banks offer the opportunity to store metal in a special cell. For her rent will also have to pay money. But it's better to be safe after all. In the presence of slightest damage, the price of a silver ingot will decrease.

Strange metal

Distinctive features of credit institutions in dealing with silver is the division of ingots into "their" and "foreign" silver. The price of metal, in particular, depends on where it was bought. Actively with silver, 30 out of 70 credit institutions are currently working, which received a license for this operation. Only 20 of them really study the metal market. But in Russia, "foreign" metal is still acquired, albeit with a discount and only after examination. But in Ukraine, banks refuse to purchase ingots of other credit institutions. Four large institutions are engaged exclusively in the sale of ingots without the possibility of its reverse realization.

Demand for metal

The most popular commodity on the market is an ingot of silver weighing 100 grams. The larger the piece of metal, the less the price of one gram. Accordingly, the most expensive is an ingot of 1 gram, and the cheapest is a kilogram ingot. The price starts to fall from the mark of 250 grams. But such an ingot is inconvenient to operate in view of the big difference between the prices of buying and selling. Another important point: when buying a metal weighing more than 100 grams, the bank must identify the customer. Small ingots can be purchased without identification as a gift to their relatives.

Demand is higher the less weight. It is usually 10%. That is, if immediately after the purchase there is a need to sell the ingot, then the market price will already be reduced by 10%. And if you add to this the mandatory VAT, the amount of expenses will increase even more.

The price of a silver bar also depends on the way it is manufactured. Stamped metal is more expensive. To sell an ingot of silver is better to the same bank in which it was bought. On the "native" metal is usually set a large price, and expertise, mandatory when buying third-party metal, is not carried out. And the question is not even in the cost of the service, but in the time spent on it.


Bank ingots (especially those with a small weight) must be packed in a solid, non-closing plastic or polyethylene fully or partially transparent case. Sometimes even there are gift wraps of different types. It is also important to clarify in the bank whether the type of case affects the redemption of metal in any credit institution. The fact is that some banks buy ingots only in a certain package or in their own corporate case.

Just as damage to the ingot affects its price, so the damage to the case affects its liquidity. According to bankers, the ingot loses its appeal. A credit institution can generally refuse to buy it or reduce the price to 20% of the market. If the bank buys such an ingot, it will in any case need to find an opportunity to implement it. Some credit institutions in general in such cases offer to buy metal at the price of scrap. At best, the client will be offered to carry out the examination at his own expense, and only after that the price will be formed.

Metal alternative

Less often in the banking market of metal there are palladium and platinum. You can not buy them in every bank. The market price is about twice as high as gold, and the spread exceeds 50%. The payback period of such investments is at least 5 years.

Another metal alternative in the market are precious coins. Their main advantage lies in the collector's value. Silver and gold coins of small weight with a unique design are appreciated in the metal market. They are much better protected from falsification, so there are practically no counterfeits on the market. The cost of coins depends on the value and coinage. When they are manufactured, jewelery stones are sometimes used in addition to metal. You can buy these products not only in a commercial bank, but also the "Central Bank".

Investing in coins is the privilege of collectors. To earn on the operation, have to wait more than three years. A tangible profit from the sale of coins can be obtained in 5-10 years after purchase. In the first two years, the bank buys coins with a discount from the sale price. Another important point: when selling coins, you must provide a contract for their sale.

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