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Halogen lamp HB4: description and benefits

Life and safety of the driver, his passengers and pedestrians, as is known, depends on the experience and skills of driving. Of no small importance is the serviceability of the machine, as well as its competent equipment with special automotive lighting devices. The ideal tool that is equipped with a machine headlight is a halogen lamp HB4.

Lamp device

The manufacturer produces a halogen lamp HB4 in the form of a long quartz tube, similar to a bulb, which is equipped with a glow tube and powerful tungsten spirals that are attached to the axes of the bulb with the help of tungsten holders. This ensures its durability before vibrations and jolting while driving, preventing blotting and eversion from the bulb. Sometimes instead of strong spirals and springs in the production process, cartridges containing special clamps are used. They are also effective - the lamp of a machine with such a lamp is characterized by its security and strength. A similar result is achieved through the use of quartz glass, which is characterized by increased resistance to ultraviolet radiation, to vibrations and temperature changes, which can not be said for refractory glass. A convenient lamp design allows it to be easily adjusted, dismantled or replaced if necessary. Halogen lamp HB4 has the appearance of a curved vessel with a cap and consists of three petals. The production of such lamps is carried out by the firms: Osram, Philips, Koito and Narva.

Than halogen lamps are better than usual?

Advantages of flanged products consist in a time-stable light flux and a long service life. Halogen lamps HB4 due to the presence in the construction of a filament made by special technology, and quartz glass is much brighter than standard automotive. In addition, halogen lamps are compact and characterized by increased heat resistance and mechanical strength. Bright light is provided by the presence of a filament, which reaches very high temperatures: from 2650 to 4200 degrees. This temperature can withstand quartz glass.

What is it for?

The halogen lamp HB4 is predominantly single-stranded and is available with a voltage of 12 watts and a power of 55 volts. In its performance it is similar to xenon and LED. This makes it possible to use it in the arrangement of engine dipped beam headlights. Its advantage is that it does not blind other road users, which is very important from a security point of view.

Based on the conducted studies of the human visual system, automobile lamp manufacturers have chosen a soft yellowish ray light, which, unlike red and blue, does not so tire the eyes. The yellow shade proved to be an ideal option, since this color is as close to natural sunlight as possible. In addition, getting powerful yellow sources is much easier than red.

Principle of action HB4

Halogen lamp belongs to the flange type. These products are characterized by a special focus of the optics reflector, which is located at a certain distance. Reflection occurs due to the availability of such lamps rigid admission of the spiral to the flange. The lamp works by the appearance of a flask of tungsten halides on the glass, a volatile compound that subsequently evaporates from the walls, decomposes on the body of incandescence and gives it the evaporated tungsten atoms. In the event that the lighting device is intended for the main light, the lamp is produced with a coiled or stretched spiral along the axis of the reflector.

The disadvantage of HB4 is low light output (1000 lumens).

World standards of lighting devices for machines

Since safety on the road depends on skillfully selected lighting, the production of halogen lamps in each country is carried out in accordance with the designated standards. In the event that the products meet the standards, it is marked with the "E" sign and the number indicating the country that has established compliance with the standards. For Russia - 22, France - 2, Sweden - 5. For each country there is a number behind which the halogen lamp HB4 is fixed. 9006 is the number of halogen lighting devices used by Japan, Canada and the United States of America.

Since 1957, European countries have been authorized to equip machines with lamps with asymmetric light distribution, creating a cut-off line and enhanced roadside illumination. In the United States of America, such lamps have been distributed only since 1997. Until then, in American cars, the headlights were distributed symmetrically, blindly facing the oncoming drivers.

Lighting halogen automobile lamps of German manufacture

Very often the owner is faced with the need to replace the standard factory lamp with fog lamps, and also to install a lamp for the dipped beam headlights. The ideal option for this purpose will be a German lamp - HB4. Halogen lamp Osram Original has proven itself as a quality, durable and reliable product. Its advantages include economy: it works at low voltage, consumes much less energy, and at the same time it shines much brighter than the standard factory.

Technical indicators of German HB4

Halogen lamp Osram Original belongs to the type HB4 and operates on the principle of flanged car lamps with a voltage of 12V:

  • The lamp power is 51 W;
  • Color temperature - 3200K;
  • Type of socle - P22d;
  • Manufacturer - Osram;
  • Country of origin - Germany.

The package includes a branded packaging.

Philips: Automotive lamps with improved performance

In addition to the standard advantages that conventional halogen lamps have, manufacturers are trying to produce lamps with improved performance. One such manufacturer is Philips. Its product is HB4:

  • The halogen lamp Philips is designed for a long life and is designated Long Life. The product contains a special mixture - filler and filament, made by special technology. This lamp is characterized by increased vibration resistance.

  • Lamps with a specific blue glow. This is a Blue Vision Ultra lamp. They emit a blue hue with a white spectrum of luminescence. Used at night and in the afternoon. A blue tint is achieved by special blue spraying, which cuts off the light output from the lamp in other (red or yellow) spectra. Thanks to this, the light emitted from the lamp is white with a blue tint. Such lighting is very popular when traveling over long distances, as the eyes from it almost do not get tired. Also effective is the lighting and night trips, because the blue shade allows the human eye to keep the light spot during the ride and perceive all the illuminated objects with flashlights in yellow light. Lamps are suitable for conventional headlights. The resulting white rays are perceived as blue xenon light and give the car an individual and stylish look. The production of these lamps uses a unique technology Gradient Coating, which enhances the bright xenon light, especially in the field of headlights. The lamp is designed for 12V and is used for long and low light. It can also be placed in the field of the front fog lamps, on the side direction indicators, both front and rear, on the reversing lights. HB4 Blue Vision Ultra is also installed for interior lighting.

Japanese manufacturer

Japanese company since 1915 Koito is considered the world leader in the production of rail, shipping, aviation and automotive products - any kind of light bulbs intended for both main light and for lighting salons and appliances. All motorcycles and cars in Japan are equipped with the products of this company.

Halogen lamps Koito HB4 took part in the rally "Paris - Dakar" and 24-hour racing "Le Mann", which demonstrated their high quality and reliability, which deserve the confidence of the world's automotive manufacturers.


  • Plinth - halogen lamp HB4 (9006);
  • Color temperature - 4200K;
  • Power 55 W;
  • The voltage is 12 volts.

Halogen lamp koito hb4 (9006) is similar to the model in 110 watts. When selling the kit, there are two lamps, an instruction that contains information about the safety rules and recommendations for installation.

Japanese whitebeam halogen lamp series

The company Koito is not limited to the production of standard halogen lamps HB4. The assortment of the Japanese manufacturer includes high-temperature products, to which the halogen lamp Koito HB4 (9006) Whitebeam belongs. 4200k is the limit of the color temperature that it reaches during operation.

Halogen lamps Koito HB4 (9006) Whitebeam were tested with respect to the formation of the correct light beam. During the testing, it was noted that when the light is distributed in the roadside zone (far and near), the intensity of the light beam is higher than in the roadway zone. This indicates the presence of good geometry. So, the light from these lamps will not blind drivers of oncoming and passing cars.

Description HB4 (9006) Whitebeam

  • This product belongs to the halogen type of lamps.
  • In the manufacture of the lamp, the base HB4 (9006) is used.
  • The power is 55 watts.
  • The voltage is 12V.
  • The lamp weighs 125 grams.
  • The color temperature from 3100 to 4200 Kelvin creates twice the brightness at standard power.
  • Manufacturer - Japan.
  • Production number PO757W.

Manufacture of automobile lamps HB4 (9006) whitebeam is carried out in accordance with established standards and norms.

Company Narva

One of the best and popular among the drivers of products of this manufacturer is the car lamp - halogen HB4 51w Range Power White.

This name she received thanks to a characteristic white, very bright light, creating the effect of xenon. The color temperature reaches 4500 Kelvin, resembling bright sunlight. A similar effect is possible when compared with the effect of xenon lamps. But unlike xenon, halogen lamps are characterized by a time-stable light intensity. And when using xenon, it is often observed a tiring flicker for the eyes (in case the lamps are connected to a circuit designed for halogen). This leads to a mandatory replacement of the transformer of such a lamp, since under this mode it will quickly become unusable. Range Power White lamps are recommended for cars with low glass transparency and a slight gloss of reflectors. Owners of old cars face similar problems. And halogen lamps HB4 51w will be an ideal solution in this matter.

Buying a xenon car lamp, the buyer counts on the high power of this product, giving the driver the advantage of maneuvering and providing safety in bad weather conditions with low visibility. At the same time, the light from the halogen lamp of the same size as the xenon lamp, is three times less. A similar feature of "halogen" can be regarded as both their disadvantage and as an advantage: the light from halogen lamps does not tire the eyes, does not create a powerful light wall, which prevents accidents on the roads.

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