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Gorilla: photo, weight. Where do gorillas live?

What is the largest monkey in the world? Today the genus of gorillas belongs to the family of hominids, which includes a man. The largest monkey weighs 270 kilograms, and the growth of 2 meters. And despite its horrendous appearance, it has a fairly peace-loving disposition.

In this article we will talk about this monkey. Where does a gorilla live in nature? Than eats?

Separation of monkeys by habitat

Biologists divided monkeys into 2 large groups - these are the monkeys of the Old and New Worlds. In general, they differ in their habitat and some physiological characteristics.

Thus, the first group of monkeys has narrower noses, while the second has surprisingly tenacious tails. In addition, the species of the Old World monkeys live in Africa and Asia, and the New World monkeys live only in South and Central America. In Europe, in southern Spain, the only species of monkeys is the Barbarian one.

Gorilla: photo, description

Gorillas are a kind of monkey, which is the largest in the order of primates. The very first description of this animal was given in 1847 by missionary Thomas Savagezimiz from America.

The growth of male males can range from 1.65 to 2 meters. But, there is the statement of the famous Soviet zoologist I. Akimushkin that the growth of one of the largest males of a mountain gorilla, which was killed by hunters in the early 20th century, was 2.32 meters.

Shoulders of the male in width can reach one meter. The weight of a male gorilla varies on average from 130 to 250 kg or more. And females have a body weight approximately 2 times smaller.

The body of gorillas, possessing enormous strength, is massive, with developed muscles. They possess both strong brushes, and powerful feet. Their wool has a dark color, and in the adult males, a silver strip is distinguished on the back. The superciliary appears forward, the ratio of the length of the forelimbs to the length of the hind limbs is 6 to 5.

Gorilla is an animal that can get up and move on its hind legs, but mostly it goes on all fours. Gorillas, like chimpanzees, rely on walking not on the pads of the fingers and on the palms of the forelimbs, like many other animals, but on the bent fingers (on the back side). Thanks to this, they keep on the inside of the brush intact the very sensitive skin. A large head with a low forehead and a rather massive jaw protruding forward and a huge roller above the eyes has a gorilla (photo below). The brain is about 600 cm 3 in volume and consists of 48 chromosomes.


The main food of gorillas is vegetable food: wild celery, nettle, bedstraw, bamboo shoots and pigeum fruits. Supplement to the main diet - fruits and nuts. Animal food (mostly insects) represents a small part of the menu.

As a variety of mineral additives, they use some varieties of clay, and compensate for the lack of salt in the food. These monkeys can do without water, since juicy greens contain a sufficient amount of moisture. They avoid water and dislike the rains.

Where do gorillas live?

Gorillas in nature live mainly in central and western Africa, in forests. There are also mountain gorillas inhabiting the slopes of Virung (a mountain of volcanic origin), covered with forest.

And they keep, as a rule, in small groups, consisting of 5-30 individuals: a male leader and several females with cubs.

Features of behavior

  • In the places where gorillas live, groups are formed in which the leader dominates, determining the daily routine: the search for food, the choice of a place to sleep, etc.
  • The life of these monkeys lasts long enough - up to 50 years.
  • Usually females give birth to one cub, which remains with the mother until the birth of the next baby.
  • In connection with deforestation, which is the residence of these animals, the number of gorillas is greatly reduced. In addition, poachers often hunt for them. There are few places left in the world where the gorilla lives.
  • Gorillas well tolerate bondage, so they can be seen in many zoos in the world.
  • Monkeys are listed as dangerous animals on Earth.
  • Leader for the approval of authority performs an awesome dance, which is only a threat. Even a very raging male often refrains from attacking. When attacking a person, which happens rarely, gorillas are limited to only small bites.

Aggression of gorillas

Usually quarrels in gorilla families occur between females. Whenever a group attacks, the protection is usually provided by males. At the same time, aggression boils down mainly to demonstrating one's strength and intimidation: the gorilla, rushing at the enemy, stops and beats before him in the chest.

Some tribes in Africa (where gorillas live) are considered to be the most shameful wounds from the bites of these monkeys: this indicates that the person was running away and he is a coward. It often happened that hunters from Europe, seeing the monkey rushing at them and killing it with a shot from a rifle, told their compatriots then telling a fascinating story about a terrible and terrible animal.

Until the early 20th century, this idea of the gorilla was quite widespread. But do not underestimate the importance of the power of this species of monkey - the male gorilla. There is a fact that even leopards try to avoid fights with him.

In conclusion about breeding and relation to offspring

Where gorillas live, you can see a touching picture: a female mother cares for her baby. She acts as a loving and caring mother. The male represents a patient and quiet father.

Up to 8.5 months duration of pregnancy in gorillas. After the birth of a cub, whose weight is about 2 kilograms, my mother wears it, feeds and protects him. His life completely depends on the mother's cares almost to the age of three, after which he becomes an independent representative of the group.

Sexual maturity in females occurs in the period from 10 to 12 years, and males ripen to 11-13 years (in captivity it occurs earlier). The female gives birth every 3 to 5 years.

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