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Gaziki and colic in newborns - what to do? Causes, treatment

Often the first months of life of an infant are complicated by various unpleasant phenomena. Discovering gaziky and colic in newborns, what to do to inexperienced mothers? First of all, you need to calm down, as most often not clear symptoms are due to natural causes. To facilitate the state of the baby in this case it is possible, without seeking professional help.

Gaziki in newborns: the reasons for the appearance

You can not begin to fight against negative phenomena without having established the sources that caused them. Such a symptom, as a ghazik in a newborn, can have very different reasons. Often the problem is the wrong feeding of the baby, in which he receives less of the necessary substances. Do not exclude the reaction to the mother's diet, if the baby is fed breast milk.

Another possible explanation is antibiotics. At the same time, the threat posed both by the drugs that are given to the crumbs, and the remedies that were treated during pregnancy or treated by a woman. Finally, colic in the tummy of a newborn can be generated by increased excitability, stress hormones contained in breast milk, an unhealthy psychological situation.

Should parents independently solve the problem or contact the pediatrician? To show the baby to the doctor is definitely worth it, since harmless at first glance the manifestations can be a symptom of the disease. Self-medication is possible only after consulting a specialist.

What are the symptoms?

How can mother find out what the babies of a newborn baby are torturing? There can be several signals, however, one of them is always present - crying. It is characterized by a sudden onset, intensity, duration. Crying is often accompanied by the escape of gases, which indicates discomfort in the intestine. After that, crying should temporarily subside.

It is necessary to touch the tummy, one of the signs is its bloatedness, density. Pay attention to the restless behavior of the child, in which he constantly turns around, presses his legs, bends. Anxious signal - refusal of food, the baby does not take a bottle or breast, quickly stops eating.

The above signs indicate not only the ghazik and colic in newborns. What if the child has a liquid stool, a sharp weight loss? As soon as possible, consult a doctor, because such symptoms often occur in serious illnesses. You also need to worry if colic is observed more than four times a week, lasting more than three hours.

How to feed the baby correctly?

If the above symptoms do not indicate a disease, their elimination begins with a review of the baby's feeding system. It is useful to consider the following recommendations.

  • The best remedy for gazik in newborns is sustained feeding. Rapid deprivation of the breast in a baby is fraught with the fact that it gets exclusively front milk, rich in substances that activate the gassing. The rear milk, in which the immunoglobulins necessary for the child are concentrated, practically does not enter into its organism.
  • Penetration of air at the time of infant engagement of the nipple is a possible source of the problem. The correct method of feeding is to press the baby into your body in such a way that the head remains above the breast. It is important that the sponges grab almost the entire areola.
  • If crumbs on artificial feeding, excessive gas formation can cause the wrong bottle nipple. In such a situation, the remedy for colic in newborns is the replacement of feeding devices. Optimal recognition of the nipple, which has a small opening, which contributes to the slow intake of food.

Special diet for lactation

Products entering the maternal organism penetrate into the blood, are found in breast milk. It is especially important to monitor the diet the first months, giving up food, which is a threat. First of all, legumes, cabbage, apples, bananas are excluded from the menu. Caution is required when adding almost all varieties of fruits and vegetables to the daily ration, if they are raw. It is forbidden to drink carbonated drinks.

How to fight with gazikami in newborns with the help of proper nutrition? Inexperienced mothers are often convinced that milk is necessary for high-quality lactation. In fact, this product has no effect on the process, abuse of it can lead to allergies, problems with stool in the baby.

The amount of sweet in the diet at the beginning of the lactation period is also required to be significantly reduced. Under the ban is not only chocolate, sweets, but harmful flour (cakes, cakes).

If you are practicing artificial feeding

Not all infants in the first months of life receive breast milk. If artificial feeding causes babies and colic in newborns, what should I do? It is possible that the source of the problem is an incorrect mixture provoking a negative reaction of a weak body. Often eliminate anxiety symptoms allows you to switch to another product.

Another possible option - the mixture is suitable, but prepared by the parents incorrectly. It is worthwhile to carefully study the instruction, to observe it exactly.

Massage will help

Changes affecting the diet of mother and baby, unfortunately, do not provide quick results. The way out can be correct massage with colic in newborns, which is easy to do at home. The procedure produces a strengthening effect on the abdominal cavity, normalizes the work of the intestine, eliminates excessive tension.

Massage is indicated to infants before meals, in no case should they be taken directly after feeding. The procedure implies circular motions made in accordance with the movement of the clock hands. The duration of massage of the tummy is about three minutes, it is important to start with warm hands, having paid attention to their thorough cleansing. Stroking should be cautious, but palpable.

If babies and colic in newborns, what to do after a massage? The legs of the child gently bend at the knees, are pulled to the body, briefly held in this position. This simple action contributes to the escape of gases, the optimal number of repetitions is three.

Doing gymnastics

Exercises can not be performed immediately after feeding the crumbs. Be sure to wait time. An excellent result is provided by the exercise "bicycle", if you address it regularly. To perform the action, you need to put the child on the back, gently move his legs, imitating the ride on this vehicle.

How to lower the gazikah in newborns through gymnastics? It is necessary to turn the child to the abdomen, leave it in such position for a while, producing stroking the back.

To massage and exercise there are certain contraindications, so do not practice without consulting a child's doctor.

How to use dry heat?

If the above-described actions do not eliminate ghazik and colic in newborns, what should I do? A multi-layer diaper is heated with an iron, laid out on a sore spot. The national means - the flax seed, enclosed in a linen bag - contributes to the retention of heat. When heated, it does not cool down for a long time. There is also an alternative option - warm potatoes.

A full relaxation of a strained baby makes his immersion in a warm bath. Bathing can be combined with massage, easy gymnastics, this will strengthen the effect. Finally, contact with the skin for which the child without clothes is laid out on the naked belly of the mother is useful. Simple action contributes to the elimination of tension, soothes. Deployment is useful for preventive purposes.

Opportunities of traditional medicine

Dill water for babies from colic is a treatment tool that has been tested for years. Its pharmacy analogue can be called tea from fennel, also contributing to the reduction of gases in the intestines, the elimination of spasms. It is allowed to use other herbs for medicinal purposes: cumin, anise. A pharmacy chamomile is recognized as an effective antispasmodic.

The above products are brewed as tea. Start using them better than nursing mothers, this will help to make sure the baby is not allergic. If a negative reaction to a medicinal drink is not observed, the dill water for babies from colic can be given directly to the baby. However, it is still worthwhile to consult a specialist beforehand.

Another remedy, which often appears in the recommendations of traditional medicine, is freshly squeezed carrot juice. One glass a day should be drunk by a woman breastfeeding. As with other unofficial recipes, it is important to make sure there is no allergy.

Whether it is necessary to grasp for preparations?

What else helps with colic in newborns? There are drugs useful in eliminating this problem:

  • The medicine "Plantex" is based on plant elements, it can be used from birth. The advantage of the product is a convenient packaged form, it simply dissolves in water before intake.
  • The drug "Espumizan" shows excellent results in flatulence. If it is administered to a child, it can be diluted with water. The medicine is taken several times a day.
  • Means "Bobotik" is not suitable, if the baby is not yet a month old, for children older than 28 days it is suitable.
  • Probiotics are products that provide the children's body with useful bacteria. Appoint if the baby does not extract the necessary substances from breast milk.

Any of the drugs listed above, you should not prescribe the baby yourself, without consulting a doctor.

How to handle the gas pipe?

How to lower the gazik in newborns? A gas outlet tube is a device designed specifically for solving similar problems. Before use, the tool must be boiled, cooled. To simplify the input, it is necessary to lubricate the rounded part using vaseline or its analogues.

Too deep to insert a gas pipe it is impossible, as well as to hold it for a long time. The best position of the child when injected - lying on his stomach, legs at the same time are bent to the body. Before using the device it is necessary to put a diaper under the baby, the action actively promotes the allocation of stool.

How else to help with gazikah and colic?

Unpleasant symptoms, according to statistics, most often appear in restless children, which is largely due to the emotional climate in the house. Care should be taken to eliminate negative situations. In order for a child to gain a sense of security, realize the love of parents, mom and dad should be more often in his arms. Relaxation is facilitated by lullabies, performed in a gentle soft voice, conversations with a crumb.

If discomforts provoke crying, be sure to take the child in your arms, rock, wear, supporting in a vertical position. Close contact effectively contributes to calming, getting rid of stress.

Regardless of what exactly provoked gazik and colic, getting a specialist consultation before treatment is very important. Some remedies can pose a real threat to a fragile organism.

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