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What is vacuum massage at home?

Recently, vacuum massage at home and in other rooms around the world is recognized as an extremely effective method for combating various manifestations of problems with cellulite in women. The curative action of the vacuum helps to perfectly soften the tight fat folds and formations, and thereby improve the overall circulation of blood and lymph in the problem areas of patients. In addition, vacuum massage at home is not only effective, but also very convenient means, since any person can easily master his technique.

Vacuum massage at home is a special procedure that not only tones muscles, but also provides a tightening effect. Also, doctors note the special effect of this method, as it helps to restore the elasticity of the skin and quickly adjust the contours of the female body.

In addition, the effect of vacuum massage can significantly increase if during the whole session it will be carried out using special modern oil products, which will alternate with the use of a manual brush type massage.

How to do vacuum massage at home?

1. Vacuum massage at home, like any other massage, helps to improve blood flow, which is why it must always be produced from the bottom up.

2. In conjunction with this procedure, it is best to pre-apply a special complex of oils on the skin, which have an anti-cellulite effect and allow the body to warm up during massage.

3. The masseuse should not especially massage the groin area of women, but also severely touch the zones of the popliteal cavity and the entire upper part of the thighs. When massage of these zones, the process of lymph flow can be seriously disturbed.

The main technique when conducting vacuum massage at home.

1. Before you start vacuum massage, it is best to take a bath, as well as make a complete set of various physical exercises that will increase body temperature. This is necessary so that while the body and muscles are warmed up to carry out this procedure. The effect of such a procedure will be much greater.

2. Before proceeding directly to massaging the areas of the woman's body, it is necessary to apply a special oil to the skin, and then to rub their hands well.

3. The very process of vacuum massage is to move your hands smoothly and evenly. In addition, try to conduct on the body in circular motions, preferably clockwise.

4. It is also necessary to be prepared for the patient to develop a feeling of obvious discomfort, if you press hard with your hands or do not impregnate your hands with oil. So, if the patient begins to feel pain, then gradually loosen the grip and once again lubricate your hands and massage area. Also it is necessary to remember that the zones that are affected by cellulite do not like when they are subjected to excessive compression.

It is worth noting that vacuum massage at home, like other types of massages, has a certain list of contraindications. In general, all side effects are reduced to features in the patient's skin, as well as the presence of large birthmarks on the body in the patient's massage area, various inflammatory skin diseases, and poor blood coagulation in the patient. So, before you start the procedure of vacuum massage, you need to check that the person is sick with serious illnesses and feels well. If these requirements are not met, then this procedure of vacuum massage at home should immediately be postponed.

I wish you good luck in carrying out this procedure, as well as success and improving the health of all your patients!

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