"Gavkamen" ointment: instruction manual, description, reviews

Pain with neuralgia, arthralgia, myalgia and other diseases can occur suddenly, and continue for quite a long time. To get rid of these sensations, many people take oral nonsteroid drugs. However, such tablets often cause a large number of side effects. Therefore, experts recommend using local anesthetics. One of them is "Gavkamen". The instructions for use, contraindications, indications, form of manufacture and composition of this medication will be presented below.

Description, shape, composition and packaging

Local preparation "Gekvamen", the instruction for which is enclosed in a package of cardboard, is an ointment intended for outdoor use. It has a white or yellowish color with a characteristic aroma.

Active substances of this remedy are levomenthol, eucalyptus oil and synthetic racemic camphor. As auxiliary substances for the preparation of this medicine, clove oil, paraffin oil and vaseline are used. It is produced in orange jars made of glass or aluminum tubes, which are placed in cardboard packs.


How does the "Gavkamen" ointment work? Instruction for use informs that this preparation has an easy local anesthetic and local irritant effect.

The agent in question is of vegetable origin. It is intended for external use. The effect of this combined remedy is due to reflex reactions associated with irritation of sensitive nerve endings on the skin and in the subcutaneous formations.

Indications for use of a local remedy

Now you know how the drug "Gavkamen" (ointment) works. What is this remedy used for?

According to the instruction, this medication is recommended to be used as a local anesthetic and distracting external medicine in the presence of such diseases as:

  • arthralgia;
  • neuralgia;
  • Myositis;
  • Myalgia.

Contraindications for use

At what conditions is the "Gavkamen" ointment contra-indicated for use? Instructions for use indicate that this tool is not recommended for appointing at:

  • Dermatological diseases;
  • Hypersensitivity to the substances of the drug;
  • Violation of the integrity of the skin in those places where it is planned to apply the medicine.

One can not help saying that this medication is not used in childhood, or rather, up to 12 years.

The preparation "Gevkamen" (ointment): instructions for use

Photo of an anesthetic used for neuralgia, myalgia and other diseases, you can find in this article.

According to the instructions, the medication in question is used only externally. In the process of using the drug, a small amount of ointment is applied to the painful area, and then gently rubbed into the skin with light massage movements.

The described procedure is desirable to be performed every day, depending on the intensity of pain, but on average 2 or 3 times.

Apply local irritating ointment should be for two weeks. After this time, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Side effects

What side effects should you know before using the drug "Gavkamen"? Instruction for use informs that this medication can cause the development of various allergic reactions, which are manifested in the form of tingling, burning sensation and a feeling of cold at the site of application. As a rule, such effects disappear and do not require removal of the ointment.

When observing other side effects, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Overdose and drug interaction

What will happen when using increased doses of the "Gavkamen" medication? Instruction for use informs that at the present time cases of overdose have not been established. The same applies to drug interactions. However, experts warn that from the simultaneous use of other drugs intended for external application, it is better to refrain.

Special Recommendations

What does the patient need to know before using the local "Gekkamen" remedy? Instructions for use say that after applying this ointment on the affected area of the body should be thoroughly washed with warm water and soap. In this case, do not allow the drug to get into the eyes or other mucous membranes. In the event that this can not be avoided, it is required to rinse well with clean water and consult a doctor.

Storage, sales and shelf life

How should I store the drug "Gevkamen" (ointment)? The instruction says that the product must be placed in a cool and protected place from the light and children.

This medicine is dispensed without a doctor's prescription. Use it preferably for three years. After this time, the ointment should be disposed of.

Similar drugs and cost

How can you replace such a tool as "Gevkamen" (ointment)? Instructions for use will not give an answer to this question. To select a similar drug, you should consult your doctor.

According to specialists, such medicines as "Nikofleks", "Bishofit", "Okopnik" and "Rumalon" possess similar actions.

You can buy the drug in the form of an ointment at a price of 40 rubles.

Feedback from consumers and experienced professionals

Now you know how to apply the drug "Gavkamen" (ointment). What this remedy is prescribed by doctors, we also told above.

This drug is very popular among patients. It is used in a variety of cases, when an analgesic or distracting effect is needed.

Reviews about this tool are mostly positive. Many people note its quick and good effect, as well as its relatively low cost.

Those who have not yet used this drug are interested in what helps it best and whether it is worth keeping it in the home medicine cabinet. Consumers who regularly use this medicine, say that it helps to eliminate various pain sensations.

But, despite the large number of positive reviews, experts do not recommend abusing this medication. This is due to the fact that prolonged analgesia with the help of this drug can worsen the course of the disease. Therefore, before using the ointment, the patient should always consult with his doctor.

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